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  1. Greetings everyone, Hopefully I will soon GM my first Only War adventure (and my first as a GM) and to start things slowly, I've decided to do the "Against the Savages" adventure that's in the Core Rulebook. Now, I have read it at least 2 times and compared the stats of the Orks and their gear, and there's something that's honestly boggling my mind: What the heck can an Ork do against a simple Chimera? From what I see, if the players manage to get a Chimera as they are supposed, except for the big mek and it's accompanying vehicles, I haven't seen a single weapon that scratch the Front and Side hulls. Ok, maybe flamers or psychic powers can work too. I have read the combat rules but I don't see anything like "boarding the enemy vehicle", so I really don't see what's stopping the players from conquering the Refinery by parking their Chimera, get the orks attention and laugh as they mow down the charging Orks. 50 meters between the gate and the start of the jungle is a lot of terrain to cross and the Orks being Orks, I can imagine them running and shooting their Sluggas just because they can and make cool BANG noises. I have thought about arming 1 or 2 of them with Rokkit Launcha like in the 40k miniature game, but there's no stats for it in the OW.
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