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  1. It's no longer easy to find out what's going on at the store.
  2. So you get to cycle through all of the great art on them! Seriously, the Weakness cards have the best artwork in the game. Rotate them.
  3. Yes, fire pits are your friend in a BIG way. A lot of the weapons become amazing when you get the first upgrade as well - especially the Great Bow (easy access to Cleave, which makes those otherwise annoying groups of 3 enemies evaporate) and the Staff (Stun is probably the single best modifier to an attack you can get). Rage is MOST of the time terrible, but both Beravor and Legolas are well-suited to using it to their advantage. In my one completed campaign, the final boss went down fairly quickly to a flurry of blows using Rage, Emboldened, and a fully upgraded Torch (I forget the level III name as I didn't get to use it for long, but Pierce + Smite + Stun is ridiculous).
  4. It does result in some truly bizarre things, though, like when Farmer Dugan asks you to recover his animals, it costs an action to say you'll do it, but none to make no promises.
  5. I ran into what appears to, one way or another, be a bug in the app last night. I got through a multi-step interaction and was awarded a title and a trinket, and then a SECOND title as well (Luckwearer). That second title, though, did not appear in the Chronicle or, after the scenario, in the card selection screen where all titles are normally displayed. I'm assuming that means I shouldn't have gotten it at all, since the rules say titles are persistent through the campaign, but obviously SOMETHING went wrong here. This was version 1.04 (Android).
  6. There are those of us who think the interaction action continues until you're dropped out of the option tree. I don't see what would be considered "not making any sense" about that; it's an app-driven game, so presumably we should let it drive for multi-step interactions. The rules say that you can't choose a choice with an arrow OUTSIDE of an interaction, not that choosing a choice with an arrow COSTS an action.
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