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  1. Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the RIGHT call to make, but I noticed in the blog post that Palp had to be dropped to upgrade to the Grand Inq. I tried to figure out a way to have both (which required the missiles to be lost from Inq and downgraded on the other two).
  2. I loved watching the inquisitors play. Very nice list! You can still fit the Palp in the list, if you drop the missiles from Grand Inq, and drop Concs to Homings on the other two Inquisitors.
  3. I think it would be great to try out at store events. Say there's a Mynock Infestation in a California store, and all the games that day use that environment. It'd be interesting to see how it affects list building. If people do it, and report it to FFG as being a great fun thing, maybe you'll see OP take it up.
  4. That's all fair. Also, telling your opponent they don't get to Navigate the first three turns while you do, oh, and their flagship had to set up in the middle of their side before any of your ships, sounds like a big pit to dig out of. I suspect we'll see a lot of this one for a while after release. I could be super wrong about the yellows. Maybe you can optimize your fleet for them, then pick Surprise Attack and the best blue for your list. But a lot of them look like the first player can avoid their effects without too much effort. And I think we agree on the blues.
  5. I'm not too excited about the objectives. The blue ones might be playable, but the red and yellow ones are mostly meh, with a lot of words. Reds: Marked for Destruction is too even. I just stay at speed 2+ and near obstacles and Rift Assault is blank. Ion Storm forces the first player to spend an eng token tax as he enters combat to be blank. Surprise Attack can be relevant with 3 raid tokens on all enemy ships, and forcing the flagship to deploy first at a specific spot is a real opportunity cost. It's the only one I'd consider, but I'd have to weigh it against the great reds people already use. Yellows: Abandoned Mining Facility: so you place your dust cloud first as close as possible, and hang out on it getting 1 VP per activation of a ship with 2-3 engineering, and it never goes away. If you can farm more tokens than your opponent, they have to charge at you. Otherwise, you have to charge them. I guess you can make a list optimized for it, but that doesn't sound fun. Rift Ambush doesn't do much? Second player places obstacles and pushes a ship, then the first player avoids the rift and the objective is blank. Asteroid Tactics is interesting, in that the second player gets to pretend the asteroids are mini-stations, but the first player should keep away (since rocks hurt their ships still and exogorths are under 2nd player's complete control) to blank it. Fleet in Being gives the second player a few cool bonuses, but those points aren't getting scored: you only spend your last token if it's a difference between life and death, and dead ships with no token give no points. I'm not seeing these as being better than the common yellows in play now. Basically, they don't DO enough, IMO. Blues: Volatile Deposits is interesting, but I'd have to play it to see how good the AOE effect is compared to a points-driven objective like Superior Positions. Infested Fields is a slightly better Dangerous Territory, since the second player gets to move obstacles around the entire game. Doomed Station is a blue Contested Outpost. For Hyperspace Migration, I just put the tokens touching my 6' edge of the board and farm purrgil tokens, forcing you to charge over to my board edge? The blue ones aren't bad: I wouldn't be surprised to see people run them if they previously were using the Solar Corona placeholder objective, or upgrading Dangerous Territory, or if they had Contested Outpost already as a yellow and wanted a second. That's my take on the objectives. I'm no Armada expert, but I think a lot of them are mediocre.
  6. The best way to check out X-Wing is to find your local X-Wing scene, tell them you want to try out the game, and borrow components to test drive it at a league night or a kit event or something. Play a few games, probably lose them, but see if you have fun. If you want to buy in, you can make a good republic list by buying the normal starter for the tokens and damage deck and dice, then get an Aethersprite and a Republic starter pack (containing one Aether and 2 Torrents). You then don't HAVE to buy anything else. Fly two jedi and two cheap Torrents and enjoy! If you then want to get into casual Epic play, that'll obviously require more purchases, but you can decide that later.
  7. I'm just happy Iain and I agreed pretty much completely, even using the same sections of the FFG rules to back up our decisions.
  8. I've been summoned! Yeah, the short form is: no one at this event did anything wrong. Your marshal was cool with it, your opponent was cool with it, everything's cool. I'm just saying, at events that *I* marshal (currently just the one), it would not be cool. I understand other people might not read the rules document the same way I do, since we're interpreting FFG's tea leaves, so I'm not blaming or armchair marshalling.
  9. I would love a simple objective system! My best idea so far: After placing obstacles, player one places an objective token beyond range 3 of any board edge. Player two then moves the token to a location at range 1 of its current location. (This way, it is roughly in the center of the board, since presumably player one sets it up close to himself, and player two moves it away from player one) At the end of a turn, if one player has at least one ship at range 0-1 of the objective token (maybe 0-2?), and the other player has none, they get a victory token. If time is called, square the number of tokens you have and add that to your points destroyed to determine a winner. If the game ends before time is called, ignore victory tokens. So, a player isn't punished much for taking a turn or three to get into a good position at the start of the game, but durdle in your corner for too long, and you'll hand your opponent the win.
  10. Yes, an objective system would force you to engage, but I can only judge the situation I have. And there is definitely a difference in "this game was called at time with 250 points of dead ships" and "this game was called on time with 1 round of combat." Again, this is subjective, and where the leaders have to make hard decisions. Without watching the game again, I would have stepped in when it became clear that neither of you were leaving your corners, probably about the time your opponent did his first K-turn. At that point, remind both players that stalling the game for time is unsporting conduct, and they need to attempt to engage their opponent. This does not mean, for example, that you need to make a beeline straight into the swarm, nor does he have to run into the middle to get flanked by starvipers everywhere. It does mean that both players need to leave their corners. If one player changed his strategy to work towards engagement, while the other player continued to durdle in his corner, even past my warning, then I would be forced to recommend to the organizer that the durdle-player be removed due to unsporting conduct.
  11. ...yes? To preface this, none of what I'm about to say is accusing you of any shady shenanigans. Your marshal was cool with it, so that's fine. I recognize this is a bit of an edge case. I'm just saying, that in events that *I* marshal, I would warn the players in a similar situation that they are here to play the game, not play the clock. Planning your strategy to get only a single round of attacks in as time is called is "stalling a game for time", in my book. We are definitely getting into subjective territory here. That's the job of the marshal in an event: to interpret the rules documents and make judgements.
  12. If anyone's curious about "totally-not-fortressing" at NOVA, don't do that. Unsporting Conduct: "This prohibits intentionally stalling a game for time". The "such as..." parenthetical part is, read by me, a non-exhaustive list of common examples of what stalling a game for time is. If your game plan is "I'll just wait until the last 5 minutes of the game and engage and kill one ship", that's stalling a game for time. If your game plan is "I'll just wait until he tries to engage at the last 5 minutes of time and fly a ship off the board", that's just hilarious. Basically, I expect players to at least start the game without planning on abusing the time mechanics. If y'all get into a scrum and you end up ahead, and now Soontir is racing around avoiding shots for the last 15 minutes, that's fine. If two players decide they want to just final salvo instead of playing a game, that's also fine. If I was the marshall in this particular case, I'd tell the players in question to either skip ahead to final salvo, or make some effort to engage their opponent.
  13. Deflectors won't fit in a good rebel beef list. Naked Wedge, Selfless Braylen, Leia Cassian, and Biggs in a list requires Deflectors to be 1 point. And that's without Swarm Tactics on Wedge, which is a big deal. If you drop Braylen to a Blade, that gives you the most points I can see to try to squeeze in Deflectors while running a Wedge, Cassian, Biggs, and a selfless buddy (5). But then you aren't running Braylen, which is a mistake. And either way, the points change in a few weeks will make this even more impossible.
  14. Why am I shooting at reinforced Biggs with a Selfless buddy instead of shooting at the Selfless buddy directly? Biggs already has -1 shield from RD, so go ahead and Biggs my shots into your B-Wing.
  15. As per https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/5/2019-system-open-prizes/ you have to win to get the invite to Coruscant. The cards are just for show: it's not like they check them at the door. They gather the information for the winner at the event and will check it when you show up. If you want to verify this, you should e-mail OP at organizedplay@asmodeena.com for confirmation.
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