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  1. I have not yet run into any issues with storage, I remove the inserts, sleeve all the cards and then rubber band each deck together, use a different bag for each type of token, and still have plenty of room (it seems). For Lord of the Rings: I have the Core and 3 Adventure Packs in there, for Netrunner: Core and 5 Data Packs, and for Star Wars: Core and 4 Force Packs.
  2. Saw an advertisement for it in the GAMA paperwork, and Todd Rowland just gave a quick rundown of some information on the Doomtown CCG facebook group. So excited!!!
  3. I am excited to see the new game cards have similar format to the original so we can use our original cards.
  4. Yep - they mentioned a Base Set coming August 2014. Also this "Doomtown: Reloaded will feature exciting events at your local store for you and your posse! Will your Law Dogs maintain order in Gomorra, or will the Sloane Gang terrorize the citizens? Can the Morgan Cattle Company continue to expand, or will the machinations of the Fourth Ring throw everyone into chaos?"
  5. http://www.alderac.com/doomtown/ Just found about this - looks like our wish for a Doomtown LCG-style game may be coming true with a Base Set releasing August 2014. Hope to find out more when Alderac presents at GAMA on Tuesday.
  6. Just found out about this - might be getting my wish for a Doomtown LCG-style game - Base Set coming August 2014 - expect details on Tuesday when Alderac presents at GAMA. http://www.alderac.com/doomtown/
  7. The first thing I do as a Runner is Run where the Ice isn't. If he is building up Ice in a remote server and advancing it to make it stronger, hit his R&D (Deck) and HQ (Hand) forcing him to at least spend some of his 3 clicks per turn protecting them instead of just building up one or two Ice before putting an Agenda in that server. This can also cause them to rez some of the other ice, so they have less credits to advance Ice (the ones that can be advanced that is). Another thing to remember is you can always get more Credits then the Corp as the Runner (barring cards either side plays), you have 4 clicks, they have 3, just build up your economy so that when he does place the Agenda you have enough to make a run. But it definitely can be disheartening when you think you have figured a server out, and they change the equation by advancing Ice Welcome to Netrunner!
  8. Love VS system! (I'm on the current Players Council at vssystem.org) - still playing events, and would really dig a Superhero Themed LCG designed by FFG.
  9. And just like in the Spin Cycle, the Anarchs could get another ID in the cycle following Honor and Profit, putting them only 1 ID behind Shapers and Criminals then.
  10. I would say if you cannot break a subroutine on Wotan, it happens as it is written. So if you don't have 2 clicks to spend the first subroutine ends the run. If you only had 1 you can't pay 2, so I believe the same would hold true for the pay Credits and trash Program subroutines.
  11. I would love an old-west mechanic game, be it based on alternate reality like Doomtown or more historically based. The Old West is my #1 Genre, and as much fun as I have playing Lord of the Rings, Netrunner, Star Wars and Call of Cthulhu LCGs, I would LOVE to see what FFG could do with the Old West.
  12. ThatVerum Guy: If you like to play solo or cooperative, we enjoy Lord of the Rings If competitive, we have been having loads of fun with Netrunner and Star Wars.
  13. Femme Fatale is a Killer Program, meaning she can beat Sentry Ice. Like her partner in Faction, Ninja, she can spend credits to increase her strength, and spend credits to beat Sentry subroutines. But she has another special part of her, the one that occurs when she is installed. She gets to choose one installed piece of Ice and can spend 1 credit to bypass each of its subroutines, but that only applies to the ice she chose when she was installed regardless of what type it is (Sentry, Code Gate, Barrier, Trap, Mythic, etc). Hope that helps.
  14. Wild West: Doomtown or Boot Hill Car Wars Espionage: Top Secret or James Bond Any of those I would gobble up greedily.
  15. There is also the Time X mechanic they discussed in the Voice of Isengard being introduced. I could see Ents with a Time 3 or 4 where you have to pay to bring them into play, but they stay exhausted until the Time is up.
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