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  1. I've come across the same problem. They were probably all snatched up on release, so I think we're going to have to wait for a reprint for any reasonable prices, though by the sounds of it they're going to go quickly as well.
  2. I have also felt the same frustration. And the same as you, I came to Descent at the second edition. I think the point about expectations is spot on. This, I have found, is a very finely balanced game, and if your not 'on it' your gonna get your proverbials handed to you. I got landed as the OL on the basis that I bought the game and had read the rules, other than that none of us had played Descent before. I think experiencing the game for the first time as the OL can be frustrating as the slightest error and you can get steamrollered . We are just coming up to play the finale and I have won only two quests. I think fudamentally I am a rubish OL, however looking back we made some minor rules mistakes which might have led to me winning a couple more quests. I still love the game and while I'm not at all expecting to win the finale, I can't wait to play again as a hero. I guess my advice would be, if you find it that frustrating, stop playing. Or find someone else who wouldn't mind being OL. Or brush up on your OL skills, there's loads of advice on these forums and on BGG that could help.
  3. Cards 'removed form play' will get shuffled back in at the start of the next quest. Each quest starts with the same search deck.
  4. I'm pretty sure that if the nearest possible space is behind the monster, then the knight is legally alowed to 'teleport' there. We came across the same situation in our gaming group and decided to house rule that you can't 'teleport' through monsters, as the 'teleport' is sort of a move action, and heroes cannot move through monster figures. I'm sure you'll now get lots of replys saying that is not a legal way of interpreting that power, but it seems to make sense our group and doesn't appear to unbalance anything.
  5. There's a movement example on page 9 of the rule book that shows that you can move across corners. It's the same as moving diagonally between figures or obstacles. I'll admit me and my gaming group were also a little thrown at first.
  6. OK. Fair Enough. The reason I posted the question was because I always assumed you stopped your movement when you get Immobilized, so the clarification of reducing your movement to 0 served only to confuse me.
  7. Ok. I think I might be getting it now. They put the 'movement is reduced to 0' because people were arguing they could finish there remaining movement action before they are immobilized? In which case, I would say "Whats' wrong with common sense?". If your IMMOBILIZED, you cannot move because, you know, your IMMOBILIZED. Putting that point aside. Another question. How long does your movement remain at 0. Till you lose Immobilized? Or does it just refer to you being Immobilized during your move action?
  8. I might be being a bit stupid, but I don't get the web trap example. If you fail you your test, your immobilized so cannot move. Surely it doesn't matter whether your speed is 0 or not.
  9. This question has been ammended on page 2. Q: What happens when a figure is Immobilized during a move action A: That figure's move action immediatly ends, and that figure's remaining movement points are reduced to 0. My question is: Why did they feel the need to add 'and that figure's remaining movement poits are reduced to 0.' when you cannot move anyway when your immobilized? Or is this in reference to the next FAQ they have newly published? Q: When Immobilized, can a figure use skills and abilities that allow movement not related to a move action? A: Yes. Any skill or ability that does not refer to performing a move action may be used while a figure is Immobilized. This includes skills or abilities that remove a figure from the map and place it in another space, skills or abilities that allow a figure to move an amount of spaces based upon its Speed, and skills and abilities by which a figure can gain movement points. Rather than clear anything up, I have just found these new 'rules' have muddied the waters.
  10. Cool. I get that way of using the prayer of healing. But if your using it to buff people up, doesn't it stop becoming a prayer of healing and just a way of making heroes stronger. My thinking is that the additional benefits are extras to being healed. You wouldn't use the prayer of healing on someone if those additional benefits weren't there. I know that thinking is a little bit meta game.
  11. OK. Hopefully a simple question with a simple answer. Can you use the prayer of healing on someone who hasn't taken any damage?
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