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  1. She may not look like much but shes got it where it counts.
  2. Need a time machine to go back to the late 70s and make all Star Wars films then. It is the only way.
  3. If the intention is to cheat by target locking something "clearly" out of range I would call the TO to measure it himself and his ruling stands. Both players turn around and don't get to see it happen.
  4. More continuity errors added. They stuffed up.
  5. Maybe it would cost less for the turret ships as the cost would of already been factored in on turret upgrades and factory 360 arcs. Was just thinking about all the complaints about them and how easy they are to fly. Would make it more challenging if it was an action.
  6. Wonder if it would be make it be better for the game if turrets required an action to allow them to fire outside of the front arc. Would mean you'd have to either position your ship for front firing or lose an evade/focus to fire outside the front arc. Same would be for Firespray using the rear arc. I don't think it would break the turreted ships. Might be more exciting to play having to make a decision.
  7. To use a turret and shoot outside of the front arc should be an action. That I think would 'fix' turret complaints.
  8. Wait, you seriously don't understand it?! The political maneuvering was almost insultingly shallow. Basically: Members of the Trade Federation get a better deal on taxes when dealing with certain governments than others. Naboo is "others". The Trade Federation blockades Naboo in order to strangle their economy, and force a more favorable trade deal. The Chancellor sends a couple Jedi to Naboo to straighten things out: when member states blockade one another, it's a major government weakness. The Trade Federation knows they're doing something massively illegal, and that the Jedi will call them on it. So they panic and try to kill the Jedi. The Jedi escape to Naboo. The Trade Federation panics even more hardcore: they've just tried to murder Jedi who are also representatives of the Chancellor. This is an act of war against the entire Republic. So they invade Naboo hoping to a) find the Jedi and b) force the Naboo government to quickly capitulate. If the Naboo government had signed the treaty the Trade Federation had wanted, the Trade Federation would have basically owned Naboo. At that point, the Republic just sort of shrugs and decides that they've sorted out their own problems. By militarily defeating the trade Federation, the Naboo are able to get a treaty signed where the Trade Federation owes damages, and admits war guilt. Because Valorum is weak enough to have allowed an invasion of one state by another, his Chancellorship is at an end. Because Palpentine is was the Stalwart Defender of the Naboo, his prestige rises. That, combined with what is no-doubt a legendary intra-Senatorial campaign, allows him to take the Chancellorship. Because the Republic government is shown to be unable to defend its members against the predation of the strong, the climate is ripe for Count Dooku to agitate for either succession or revolution. I hope I don't sound condescending by saying that this is all Highschool level World History stuff. Bold and underlined text is not true. One of the Nemoidians says in the movie "You know this blockade is perfectly legal." The point is not argued by Amidala. Thanks for trying to explain it. I get real world issues but that whole thing you just explained does not 'feel' Star Wars.
  9. The prequel were financial success's and that's where their success ends. I still to this day do not understand the initial plot of The Phantom Menace with trade routes and taxes and why they need a treaty signed, why blockade a planet, then invade anyway. Its the movie that is supposed to setup the prequel trilogy but makes no sense.
  10. Turrets to fire in 360 degrees should be an action. Alternatively they can lock it forward and pick a different action and only fire in their forward arc.
  11. Filthy Pierre

    cutp Re-Paints

    Those Z-95s have inspired me to get more just for scum!
  12. Maybe the Defender has better inertial dampers so the organic pilot can fly high stress turns.
  13. I meant this ability for an attacker not a defender.
  14. I thought of this one today thought I would share it. If you get a critical hit you may change it to a normal hit and then roll one additional attack dice. You may only change one critical hit per attack. Thought it would be an ability of a pilot. I can't see what upgrade card it would be.
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