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  1. Sure, that could happen. I guess we'll wait and see but I think people will still be able pool money and split sets to keep costs down.
  2. I guess that's the one LCG I have the least experience with. I played it some in the early days. I haven't heard about balance issue from local players. That said, Android is fairly high on the complexity scale as far as mechanics go (IMO) so I could see that happening.
  3. I don't think it being LCG will change people going in on sets and splitting it by the clan they play. You and a couple buddies could go in on 3 core sets and split it up by clans you each want to play, no different.than in the CCG. There might be a little less of it due to the fact the expansions are $15 and you get a full playset.
  4. You must have had a unique situation then because L5R CCG was not cheaper than any of FFGs LCGs when I played it. Not even close.
  5. I think that FFG has done very well balancing their other LCGs to this point so I'm not worried a out that yet. We use play with the designers of AGOT and I assume they will be the designers for L5R. According to them the entire reason for the rotation schedule was to allow a good sized card pool so there would be variety in decks and factions and also so that the barrier to entry is so huge it turns off new players. The shorter the rotation the smaller the card pool and then you end up with MTG standard which is currently awful.
  6. Sorry, I have not been following all the news on this over the last two years.
  7. I like the confirmation that FFG plans to continue with fan driven story lines.
  8. I don't have the same connection to L5R that some do but I have that connection to other games and I think I can relate. Part of it is the community and the friends you make playing the game. Some of it is the love of the game. Some of it is the love of the setting. Mostly, I think it's feeling like you are a part of something. I remember back in the Golden Years of our AGOT meta in Minneapolis when we had 5 tournaments running in a week, we had as many as 20 people coming to our weekly events on regular basis. Many of the regulars would hang out, go out for beer and pizza afterwords. We'd travel to other areas to play and meet up with other AGOT metas that we befriended on the forums. We were a Brotherhood in many ways. Not just our meta but ALL AGOT players. I did play L5R around Diamond Edition but I was coming in as our local L5R meta was dying and soon I had nobody to play the game with. So, I never had the chance to build the same brotherhood with the L5R players as I did in AGOT. However, from listening to the L5R players I could tell they once had that brotherhood in the L5R community, like the AGOT players had. So, in the end I think people look back at the great times and the game and everything they loved about the game and community and don't want anything the change. They want FFG to put something out that recreates everything from their "Golden Years". Now this is an impossibility. The game cannot be the same. The community cannot be the same. However, I think that we can build a new brotherhood together that is as good as it ever was but certainly not the same. Most of that is up to us, the players. FFG can put out a game but there's little they can do to to build a great community like games have had in the past and that's because it starts with the players. We need to get out there and demo the game, get our friends into, call up those L5R players and get the game in front of them and make a real effort to make sure everyone that walks in to play feels like they're part of the group.
  9. I'm really looking forward to this game. If there was every a Card Game that was made for the LCG format....L5R is it. I've really come to love the LCG format. Very economical compared to traditional booster pack models, seems to be working for FFG as well. Hopefully we'll get a good group going here in my area. Also, never understood the people who cry about having to buy three core sets. I play magic as well and if I bought boosters until I get 3 of every card for a set I'd probably have to spend $500+. In FFG's LCG it's about $120 for a core set, $15 for expansions, $29 for each Deluxe. You can buy 3 of every card in AGOT2 for $300 or so and for under $350 have a play mat or two and sleeves. There is no better value in card games right now.
  10. I will be at TG around 6-6:30 tonight if anyone is up for some SW.
  11. Sorry guys, I will be out for the week. If things pan out I'll be at TG next Monday.
  12. Wish I could have made it, sounds like an excellent turn out and event.
  13. jonmierow said: I'll be at Tower for a bit tonight then if people want to play. Since I've only played 3 games total I'm still looking to get in some playing experience. My decks aren't anything that special either since I haven't had a lot of time to actually sit down and figure out all the cards and combos I'd like. I'll be there around 5. Sounds good. I'll get there around 6 give or take a little. I have a Han/Jedi deck to try out , and pretty basic rebel and navy decks. Hopefully will have a S&V Control deck to try out on Monday.
  14. jonmierow said: I wasn't able to make it last night due to work obligations, but I can make it to Tower Wed or Thur if there may be anyone looking to play. I still need to pick up the Skywalker pack, so if there's no interest I'll probably just wait till next Monday to be there. I might be up for a few games tonight. If you reply here I will show up around 6 or so otherwise I might just stop in to pick a few things up and then leave.
  15. Magni said: Bounty does look like it will be hard on Jedi. I think we will see more counter cards, maybe even counter objectives come into play for jedi (damage this objective to cancel an event card). Right now we have a rock paper scissors setup which is kinda in flux because of the sweet new cards in Search fo skywalker. Smuggler and Bounty hunters are wild cards right now the previewed cards seem really tough on Jedi but i think they will be = at capturing rebel stuff, there are some famous Pirate ship Thieves working for the empire in the Thrawn Trilligy who i think will pop up and put some ship capture into decks. I mean in Utini can steal Wedge off a speeder, or take your echo base. I think a cards like Blockade runner, and stinging insult will be game changing i mean forcing there charecter that is commited to the force to defend or even their duty officers or Motti, or Tarkin! i mean its insane! Magni Does FFG have a licensem to all of the SW stuff (movies+expanded universe)? There's a ton of material still to work with only the movies but if they have access to the books..ect, there could be almost unlimited material to work with.
  16. Ranji said: When can this card be used? Does immediately have to be used after their turn, or any time within their turn? I ask this because of Get me Solo (Search for Skywalker), I was wondering if it could widdle around it? For example drawing before force phase ends to that they hopfully used there resource. Also when are you too late to grab it? The Mission Briefing effect (draw a card at the beginning of the opponent's turn) happens immediately when the other person starts (balance phase) so you have to draw that card right away if you want it. Get me solo can be used whenever you want on your turn but the you must pull the card you want to discard (if you guess right) immediately.
  17. Hida77 said: Interesting set. The objective appears to be the scariest part, althought the 2xJawa looks really hilarious too. Free tactics icons with a "drawback", yea alright. Not a huge fan of the Sandcrawler yet, unless there is a way for DS to kill their own vehicles somehow. Its still pretty efficient at 3/3/shielding and 2 black guns, but that drawback is hard for DS to turn positive right now as far as I can see. The event is pretty meh, 2 cost for an enhance capture seems pretty boring imo. More Twists are always nice though . Thoughts? I think the objective is very powerul, good card. Jawa is going to be good as well. I like the Sandcrawler as it only targets charcters and droids., it's a great meat shield that does a number on Jedi decks when it finally is killed. If you build an S&V control deck you'll use the Sandcrawler to stall LS attacks while you sit and capture cards, discard cards, choke units…ect. If you can stall LS a few turns with a Sandcrawler you can really grind down a Jedi deck. Every turn, capture a card with the new objective, if you get two out…lol. Toss in 2x Take them prisoner…ouch.
  18. Seems to me with SoSW and Edge of Darkeness added there is going to be a shift. S&V control is going to hammer Jedi decks. This is assuming that Jedi don't get help in the new sets. You Boba out, all the capturing objectives and now they're going to get enhancement hate…ect. Should be pertty interesting shift in most metas.
  19. I often attack with Luke the first turn he's out then slap the "committed to the force" on him and then he dumps the focus token at the beginning of the opponent's turn and can either be used to defend or to win the force that turn.
  20. I will at TG around 6pm or so. I have a rebel deck to try out and I will probably have S &V deck to try out .
  21. Magni said: What im thinking with Rebels ill be testing this out tomorrow and report back 2x Renegade Squadron 2x Preparation for Battle 2x Hoth Operations 2x Sensors are Placed 2x Leah/Yavin4 i cant decide or 1x leah 1x Echo Base Defence I like the amount of Control units this brings for rebel, plus it has a ton more defence then the old VHL zerg. Leah is in their because she combos well with the squadron, who knows ill prolly fall on my face. Magni Was looking at something like that for my LS deck. Thinking of going Fleeing Empire in the somewhere. Also Benesh(sorry, sure how to spell it) had a nice S&V deck with the new stuff in it. Deck could be a huge problem for Jedi based decks.
  22. Looks like a nice combo: Use LWW on Chewy, deal 1 damage to enemy unit from LWW and another 2 with Chewy's ability. So LWW +Chewy= 3 damage hit. Imagine if Chewy also gets to strike and has been damaged as well. Crunch pretty well any unit in the game easily in one turn unless the have a Ben.
  23. Will be heading up to TG and will be there somewhere just before 6 if anyone wants to play. Will hang out for about half an hour messing with cards but will leave around 6:30 if nobody shows. Feel free to PM me and I can give you my cell # if you want to text me to set up a game. I will be able to play most places in the metro (outside of the east metro) on Mondays/Thursdays. TG is my primary store but I'm open to other places on Thursdays.
  24. FiendishDevil said: So the moving damage adds another layer to the question. If a unit has Protect Character and Cannot be damaged, can that unit redirect damage dealt to a character to itself? Does the damage not go through or would the move be illegal? EG: Shelter from the Storm on Guardian of Peace I say that the "cannot" overides the Protect Character ability. From the rulebook, "Any text, whether on a card or in this rulebook, that uses the word “cannot” is absolute and cannot be countermanded by another effect." So I would say no, you cannot redirect damage to the Guardian because you wouldn't be able to fulfill part of the "protect character" ability in that you cannot damage the character. To use the Guardian's ability you would have to be able to damage it. However, I think that if the "protect" ability redirected the strike it would be a different thing but the ability just allows the defender to place damage on that character instead. You are not redirecting the strike or choosing a different target for the strike you are simply placing the damage on character other than the character targeted with the strike.
  25. I have not had a chance to play any of the new cards yet and I'm still getting up to speed on the game but I think with SfSW a rebel deck should be very compatitive with all the Hoth cards. I wouldn't be suprised if a Rebel deck sneaks in the top 4 at regionals.
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