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  1. Prize support isn't what it once was in Card Games. Anyone remember getting to open the "Can of whoop-ass" that you'd get if you won a Shadowfist tournament. That was among the coolest prize support of any game for just a weekly event.
  2. Yeah, I think for the bigger events like Kotei's there's a possibility something cool like that could be part of the support. Don't see weapons of any sort though, do to legal stuff. The FFG kits a cool and but if people want to chip in and go above and beyond then there's nothing stopping them.
  3. I believe FFG announced 8 Kotei's, Regionals, Nationals and Worlds. FFG allows independent events, AGOT has a history of large fan run events. They also have said OP will affect the story.
  4. I would imagine cardgamedb will have a section for L5R. No doubt someone in the community will make a more robust version.
  5. Only if it was legitimately released or acknowledged by the publisher. So if something was leaked and the publisher acknowledges that the info is legit, I could talk about it.
  6. I know that other games I've playtested for have had NDAs that stated that I couldn't reveal anything that wasn't made public via official release of the publisher via media announcement, post on their site, printed on cards or rules that in the public or already publicly divulged by employees. There are still some things for a few games that haven't been released form years ago that I can't talk about.
  7. The main reasons they don't offer playset boxes are: #1- more sales are to people that use the core set like a casual board game. #2- There would be additional costs designing a playset box for the relatively smaller number of sales from competitive players #3- Games are already fighting for shelf space at stores, it would just be another SKU retailers would have to find a spot for. #4- Having a uniform model across all LCG lines makes manufacturing and production more simple.
  8. There's a good chance it will be weekly but might be two between last week's and the next. Probably weekly for sure the 6 weeks leading up to Gencon.
  9. Let's just hope they don't make Crab the weakest clan or we could have some issues.
  10. Other clans are trash, stick with Crab......trying to play another clan is like mating with aliens. J/k......kinda.
  11. Probably, I think I played there maybe 5-6 times. Probably would have been right around the time Diamond came out or just before. So long ago, I don't recall any of the names of people that I met there. My name is Mike, I might occasionally come into the cities to play at the FFGGC for bigger events.
  12. I played L5R a little bit at The Source many years ago. I think at the time they only had 6-8 players regularly where as other places were getting 10-15 at the time. I imagine that FFGGC will be the hot spot for L5R in MN, though. I'm hoping to get people into L5R out here in Hutchinson. We have a gaming store that just opened about a year ago so still a lot of new gamers being made.
  13. Yup, play set of core set will probably cost $120 depending on where you buy but it will be one set for either $15 or $30 each month for the new set.
  14. Sometimes demand is more than they think and sometimes printing and shipping companies on the other side of the planet don't get their job done.
  15. Hutchinson, MN. About an 1.5 hours west of FFG HQ.
  16. Yes, it doesn't mean it will sell the most but it is at least good that FFG is going to have product available unless the demand is incredibly higher than we expect. However, the bigger printing also means slow sale would be more of a problem, should that happen. I have been involved with LCGs from the start but to me it seems like L5R is getting the most buzz.
  17. Maybe this came up here already but I was listening to a AGOT podcast that talked a little about L5R. They had a guest who is in the gaming industry and going to be running a big FFG Regionals event out in Seattle. I forget his name but he said that GAMA he heard that L5R will be by far the biggest first printing of any LCG and that FFG is going to step up support (compared to other LCGs). All in all I'd say that sounds good.
  18. There's nothing stopping people from playing those cards in casual games or independently run tournaments. FFG has shown that they will make changes. AGOT CCG-->AGOT LCG--->AGOT LCG 2nd+Rotation. People will have to keep in mind that FFGmight have to do some sort of reset at some point with the game I played A GOT CCG from the beginning, then the LCG and now 2nd ed. I've played the game for 15 years, there's been a lot of change but the game is still great. This may be the first change of this magnitude in L5R, so I understand that change from CCG to LCG got a lot of the same responses I see here. Unfortunately, almost none of the original players in the meta are still playing but new players have come on board.
  19. Oh... I have enough cards to build more decks but these are my favorites. I have Death's Shadow and Jund as my main two decks but I also have the cards for 8-Rack, Goblins, Elves and Ad Nauseam. I can probably build 2-3 other Commander decks as well. So I probably have 10 decks right now. I could probably build several janky casual decks just for fun.
  20. Yup,I only play modern and commander. I have 4 decks, haven't bought any MTG cards in over a year. Granted my two modern deck costed close to $2000 in total and my Commander decks about $350 each. If they ever ban or rotate bout anything in my decks I'm out of MTG for good.
  21. There's no reason you can't trade with an LCG. I know a lot of A GOT who are loyal to a house or two and trade away the other cards It's a little tricky but if you can find someone else who needs stuff for a clan you don't play it can work out decent That said, $15 for a playset for the expansions , there's simply no way your model was cheaper than that.
  22. I played both NR and ANR plus L5R. So far I would say L5R LCG is as close to L5R CCG as ANR is to NR. L5R LCG might actually end up being closer by time we have cards in hand. We will see.
  23. This is an example of the problem L5R LCG will face that other LCGs didn't. The previous L5R CCG players are pretty split, half seem to embrace the changes and feel that the game still feels like L5R and the others feel like it's nothing like the CCG. Personally, I think the later opinion is a pretty big overreaction. Yes, there are changes and noticeable ones but to say the LCG is a totally different game is being a bit dramatic, IMO.
  24. Probably, but I think it would work fine for two people to split 3 core sets as long as they don't want to play the same clan or style of deck. You'd have the same issue though when splitting booster boxes up, there would likely be cards more than one person would want.
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