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  1. I would guess 6-8 weeks after Gencon. I have a feeling that you're going to want to be there to get yours right away, it's going to be the hottest release FFG has had with an LCG and by a good margin. Don't be that guy complaining on the forums because you could only get one core.
  2. OK.. still, that's a long time to correct a situation. Playing the weakest clan for a year = feelsbadman
  3. The only thing I don't like about the FFG model is at two cards per faction, if one faction is weak or OP it can take several months to correct since I think development + testing+ printing= 5-6 months or so.
  4. Typically 60 cards, 2 cards per faction (3 of each card), 4 neutral cards.
  5. I think it will be 60 cards, per chapter pack but not every Clan will have cards in each pack. We might get cards for 2-4 clans, probably tied to which clans are prominent in the story line at that time. There will be fiction inserts which the cards in the set will address. Not sure what else at this time.
  6. I like the idea of still being able to play cards from broken provinces and perhaps having some cards that play on that. I don't have any graphics skills but: Vengeful Ronin F-2 M-2 P-0 G-1 Reaction: If Vengeful Ronin is at a broken Province, reduce his fate cost by 2. Or something like that.
  7. IDK, the LCG seems to force a lot more interaction than the CCG did. One of the things I didn't like about the CCG was that sometimes it seemed like we're playing vaguely connected games of solitaire foelrost of the game.
  8. Grumpy old men have their place. I still walk into the store and see MTG using sleeves , playmats and these electronic dry erase looking things (for tracking life) and think "what's this hippie crap?" Back in my day when we played MTG there were no sleeves or play mats and you used the d20 from your D&D dice to track life. We also played for any with Moxes and Black Lotus because they were only worth 50¢ or if you were lucky someone might buy you a bottle of pop.
  9. Exactly. If we want the game to take off and have this big vibrant and awesome community we have push the "shared world" idea in all aspects. That means affecting story lines via playing in tournaments, having clan pride/loyalty and being open to actually "sharing" with new players and understanding they have as much right to it as everyone else. I hope at someone point a new player shows up at my local store to play and we have several members of different clans there, not only greeting them but trying to recruit them to their clan. How much more inviting can you be than people sort of competing for them to join their side? I really hope that when the organized play starts that it works out that not only is there a competition to see who the best single player is but also which clan takes honors. I just think that my perfect vision is that every match matters due to the clan rankings, even the two 0-4 guys in the last round fighting for one more win for their clan. It would just make tournaments a ton of fun if every match matters be it for you personally or your clan.
  10. I think there is bound to be some "get off my lawn!" attitude among some old timers of the game. I started playing MTG at Alpha so when I took a break from the game and came back and they had these freaking planeswalkers I darn near had a coronary. Now most of the players never played MTG when there wasn't Planeswalkers. I've learned not to give the newer players too much of a hard time for not knowing the history of the game...ect. It doesn't do any good , just turns off new players and gives them the idea that you think you are better than they, which doesn't go over well in any environment. That said, nothing wrong with sharing stories of the golden era (in your opinion, new players may think now is the golden era) just don't talk down to people and be open and friendly.
  11. I think that there's probably going to be several ways to manipulate fate to increase or decrease it. Obviously you will want to find ways to add or not lose fate on your most important characters. If I had a guess I'd say some of the more powerful characters will have ways to manipulate their fate or fate on other characters. There will almost certainly be other card types that can do that as well.
  12. Netrunner is probably the most complex of the LCGs by a good margin. Like you said base magic is fairly simple, base Netrunner isn't. I think base AGOT is pretty simple though.
  13. IDK, have you looked at the MTG rules lately? Sure, MTG can be very simple if you play vanilla creatures and commons but if you look at the rules required to play on the competitive level it is way more complex than L5R is at this point. I'm not sure if you've played other LCGs but FFG LCGs are actually fairly simple to learn. I always had a lot easier time getting new players to understand AGOT than I did MTG.
  14. I'm just going to make a sheet in word and paste pictures of the cards that we know of in there and print it. Won't make full decks and I may have to mix cards that wouldn't go together normally but just to play a few turns maybe.
  15. I'm going to make some proxies and goldfish and play solo a bit.
  16. In simple terms for MTG: White- Goodness, protection, weenie, religion. Black: Evil, corruption, disloyal. Red: Fire, destruction, recklessness Green: Nature, huge creatures, loyalty Blue- knowledge, denial, cunning The problem is L5R clans probably fit into at least 2 colors is not all of them.
  17. Good to see the traffic but A GOT and Netrunner players post different places . AGOT has Cardgamedb, AGOTCARDS AND a very active Facebook group. It will be interesting to see where the L5R community goes but this is a great start.
  18. If you played Night's Watch in A GOT you might be a Crab player.
  19. I think the RPG won't come out until a couple of years after the LCG. I think they'd want to have a good handle on their version of the setting and storyline. They almost certainly won't use any of the previous rules set as a starting point.
  20. Card draw in card games can and often is directly related to win rate. Games like Magic tend to be looser with draw but also with discard. For instance, I play a deck called 8-Rack, the whole idea is to cause the opponent to discard and empty their hand. When they have 2 or less cards in hand with this deck they will take damage. Sometimes 9 points a turn. OTOH, there are blue combo decks that pretty much all they do is stall the game out and get extra draw until they draw their game winning combo. IME with FFG LCGs, there never seems to be that sort of disparity. Generally speaking FFG LCGs are specifically designed with the effects of card advantage in mind. Not that there won't be decks that have card advantage over others but there will be a drawback to having it. In AGOT cards that have a draw ability generally cost more to play and you can always try to win an intrigue challenge to help negate some of the advantage. I believe in L5R the major limiting factor is going to be honor.
  21. MTG will be the only CCG I ever play again. I have a huge collection, don't have to spend much anymore to play because I mostly play modern,legacy and EDH. LCGs are more to my liking, I'm not looking to invest in cards. I just want a continuously changing card game that's fun to play , has a great storyline and looks good. I can tell you right now that for the cost of one of my Modern MTG decks you can buy ever card in L5R for probably the next 5 years.
  22. So far it seems like the rules will be more simple compared to O5R BUT it doesn't seem like the level strategy any decision making is suffering.
  23. Let's just keep in mind that you can't judge any of the rules without the context of how they fit in the entire rules text. Chances are that something seems wonky now it will make sense when taken with the whole rule set in mind.
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