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  1. Actually, MTG hasn't done a core set in almost 3 years. They said they have one planned for 2018 though.
  2. I think the only issue with the LCG format is really just the buy in price after the game has been out for a while. Still, it's significantly less than buying a single deck for Magic but LCGs sort of have to target that consumer base that doesn't like the cost of MTG (Not that it's the only reason play LCGs but certainly a major selling point). If they are still doing rotation the way I remember you could have 7 data/chapter/dynasty (whatever) packs + core set+ deluxe expansions. If you are looking to get into the game and wanting to be competitive that's a lot to buy into., right now that's ~ $450 for AGOT as we sit with more coming. For Android closer to $700 right now (I think). Granted, maybe you can probably make a competitive deck without buying everything but if you're new to the game you might not know that or even which ones to buy to build a competitive deck. Perhaps, we as players need to come up with some suggested decklists for competitive decks that list which sets you'll need to complete the deck. Either way, you almost certainly will need 3x core for most LCG and handful of packs. That's still in the $175-$200 range to build a good deck. Again, not a gripe for me as I'm used to MTG prices but I can see where it could be a turn-off.
  3. I would guess Star Wars due to licensing issues/cost.
  4. If all goes well I'll get a sneak peek at more cards and the rulebook this weekend, fingers crossed. Not sure how much I'll be allowed to share though.
  5. Five articles with 4 week s left, would imagine the week before will have two preview articles and maybe one or two Gencon events related articles.
  6. The US is big so I'm just going to speak for MN. Seems like a large portion of the o5R crowd is back in. We have a new meta in my area that didn't exist in the CCG and most of the CCG era metas are coming back. We will just have to see how many new players we can get in. I believe we will have two groups in the Twin Cities (if not more), one out of the FFGC and other at The Source. I think there is one in St. Cloud, here in Hutchinson and possibly one in Cambridge.
  7. Tutors are terrible in card games, IMO. The reason is every deck would run it or be at a huge disadvantage. When a card or non-core mechanic is so good that it is good for every deck then it makes for a very uniform and bland game state.
  8. I think when most players get familiar with the rules games will come in around 35 minutes or so. Also power level is lower now than it will be a year after release, which generally makes for faster games
  9. Looks like Crab will be strong to start, have to wait and see what happens with later releases.
  10. Yeah, 2 fate is two turns of a character. Decks that rely on higher cost, more powerful characters are unlikely to use this. Could see Lion playing it to pump.
  11. I think there will typically be less action in a conflict than this one.
  12. I chided nobody, just stated it is better to buy locally because what's good for the FLGS is good for L5R. Nobody said not to buy online or said how terrible it would be if he did. I just think buying all three locally benefits the local L5R community more. However, he can do whatever he wants. Not sure why everything people don't agree with has to result in being offended.
  13. Not sure what was said that would prompt an angry response.
  14. I think the game sounds complex because we haven't played it yet. I think in practice it will seem more simple. I think the rules are actually simple but the level of decision making is very high. So I think learning the rules will be easy but new players are going to get owned really badly by experienced players due to the level of strategy. There will be a lot of things to consider each phase but the rules themselves are simple. This will be a thinking man's/woman's game. It will probably not appeal to most of the people that like the fast paced play of SW Destiny. My only concern with the game is that given the number of options to consider that the games may be long. FFG already is rating the game as 45-90 minutes, I think. This could be problematic for running a tournament.
  15. Depends on which store you buy from. Some online stores will ship before the release date if they get it before the release but then you still have shipping time. Some brick and mortar stores only get delivery from distributors 1-2 times a week but some will make a special trip to go pick up a hot new game as soon as the distributor has them. So, no good answer for you. Really depends from store to store regardless if online or not. Before I had a local store I pre-order all my stuff on Amazon and I have prime so the items shipped the day Amazon received them and they are delivered in two days. With all that said, I would encourage everyone to buy from your local game shop where you plan to play. A shop won't stock games that people won't buy from them and are unlikely to support OP if they don't sell the game.
  16. I doubt you can build a clan pure deck with one core set, but should be able to with 2. As far as mixing clans, I could see it being part of the game at some point. This is something that could be introduced in a later set.
  17. Turns out I post that there's no interest that I know of locally and I get a PM that not only is there a group of L5R players but a store I hadn't heard of before that will be supporting OP. So, all is good. If you are in or near Hutchinson, MN (little over an hour west the Twin Cities) check out the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Legend-of-the-Five-Rings-LCG-Hutchinson-MN-1714225785270820/
  18. I would say the older the more likely tilt is to be part of the new canon.
  19. I see a lot of people assuming things from O5R will carry over to the LCG. The fact is we have no indication that any particular story line or characters will be carried over to the LCG. Hopefully people aren't disappointed when all of these things they assume will be the same aren't. Maybe when we start getting some articles about the clans or some fiction we'll have something to go on.
  20. I think it would be best to say that there's no canon at this point. Like the game mechanics, I think the setting will be familiar but not compatible.
  21. I have a feeling that zero cost characters will happen. If you put this card out there for free it's gone at the end of the turn.
  22. Yup, I'm going to setup a demo table and have the store owner put up a flyer , post it on their Facebooks page...etc. Demo it twice a week until we have a play group.
  23. I'm the only one that I know of that played O5R at all, local shop owner never even heard of it. So safe to say that it will be up to me to drum up interest.
  24. It happens with MTG as well in that banning or balancing takes several months. Look at Mardu in standard format.
  25. Just dusted off my 1ed core book and "The Way of the Crab", for nostalgia.
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