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  1. Nope, it's not. Only clan worse is Unicorn. Not that you can't win , you just have to be a better player. A crane or Scorpion deck piloted by an equal player will win most of the time.
  2. I'm Crab for life even though they hot garbage right now.
  3. I heard it direct from a FFG employee that would know.
  4. I think the bottom line here is this: Stale metas kill the game. Imperial in 6 weeks ensures that won't happen. Second, people are acting like your 3 core set decks are going to be garbage. Not so! Core set cards tend to be purposely strong to ensure people buy 3 of them. Even after the whole Imperial cycle is out 3 core decks will still be good. You're just not going to have the variety of good builds and there may be an upgrade or two that you miss out on. Still, if you play well you're going to do fine. Buy the packs you like when you can, your decks are not going to suddenly be obsolete in two months, it will take longer than that for the meta to figure out what to do with the new cards anyway.
  5. Sanctuary Games Hutchinson, MAN Mondays @ 7 Thursdays 6:30 Everyone welcome.
  6. Just an update, in case people haven't heard: Eric Dahlman is no longer with FFG, according to source within FFG.
  7. We will have a couple of players at Sanctuary Games in Hutchinson, MN tonight. We may have a few more join us. Anyone wants to play or get a demo is welcome. I believe there will be core sets available to buy but I can't guarantee how many.
  8. Yup, I believe it's $75 but I think that might cover all the side events as well. I don't see Hotels being an issue unless there is some other events going on near by. FFG HQ is located north of Minneapolis, the main convention scene is near downtown or south of the Twin Cities near the Airport. So, being North means that fewer other events to fight with over hotels. If you really want to go, band together with other players. Carpool, share rooms....ect. I know the last time I went to Gencon (10 years ago) I found a ride for free, split a hotel room 6 ways and avoided eating out too much by buying food at a grocery store instead. I think outside of the Gencon ticket I ended up spending $500, with that including dealer room spending. You should probably be able to do Worlds for that if you can network. Luckily, I leave just an hour west of FFG HQ and I can stay at my Mother-In-Laws while in town.
  9. Honor victory in he current environment is not very likely with two players that are familiar to the game and have solidly built decks. There are just not enough cards in the core set to support Honor as a reliable win condition. Dishonor is much more likely and a viable secondary win condition. I suspect by the end of the first cycle, if not after a few Dynasty Packs, both honor and Dishonor will be viable first options.
  10. I'm considering putting together a site that will act as an event/play group finder. Still working out how to make it work. The site will be listed by state with stores, events and contact info for the local group. I will link to FB groups as well. I will have a section on finding online games as well.
  11. From what I've seen tightly contested games go 50 minutes or so. Average game is 35-45. This is with one core set and everyone learning to play. With three core sets and being more familiar with the game I think we will probably see most games over in 35-40 minutes.
  12. Is this what was decided bu the judges at Gencon or are you just stating your opinion?
  13. I would say that since you are not required to resolve all the text after the dash unless it states otherwise, that yes you can use the ability while already in a conflict to bring another character into it with Tatsuo.
  14. Looks like our meta will have a rules guru. Nice write-up, LLG.
  15. If you're looking for themes in the packs, the deluxe sets tend to do more of that. Not to say the packs won't have a theme but it may not be as obvious and the theme will likely be spread over the course of a cycle of packs.
  16. I know that there were several Star Wars LCG and Netrunner players at Tower games, I suspect there will be L5R players there as well. I heard there is a group that will be playing at both The Source and Fantasy Flight Game Center. If you happen to be going through Hutchinson at some point or want to travel out here for tournaments or the launch we're going to have events a Sanctuary Games.
  17. I would put the chances of a multiplayer ruleset coming out at 70%. I don't know there will be any official event support for a multiplayer format but I think there will be a deluxe sized set at some point with multiplayer rules.
  18. Fate is the most important when the game begins as nobody is close to an honor win/loss and board state is essentially the same. Fate's importance will fluctuate with characters leaving the board when fate runs out. I think honor victories win be hard to obtain in the core set only environment but think down the road it will be more potent.
  19. Right, given it would trigger not matter who wins the ring. Could be good to help stabilize the board after a couple of bad conflicts.
  20. This is a "Win more" card, you have to be in a good position for it to be any good otherwise she's a 1/1 for 2 fate.
  21. It doesn't seem that it will work with Champion abilities that say " Resolve a ring" given claiming the ring and resolving its effect are different things. Might be other ways to pump it though.
  22. Right, again, you can make playable decks out of three cores and a deluxe but if you want to have a chance of winning a single competitive match you're likely to need some packs (i would say 3-5 at a minimum for most LCGs).
  23. I think they are starting with several of the Champions dying just to show two things: #1- This is a new continuity. Beginning of a new era. #2- It shows that Rokugan is in a turmoil and change is afoot. Really sets it up for some potentially great storylines.
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