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  1. Unicorn is the Charlie Brown of L5R right now.
  2. Yeah, they really should have a clan Champ or SH that allows them to send guys home.
  3. Imperial Favor isn't a card in play and had no traits. So the above is correct, No it doesn't work with Seppun
  4. I mostly play Crab, Crab for competitive events. I play Lion for a change of pace, may dabble with others for fun.
  5. I'm going to use 2 copies in my Crab ideck. See how it goes. I'm just thinking with Kisada, cancel...cancel...lol
  6. I don't see a problem with the card except that now Scorp/Crane can have 9 cancels on board now. The effect itself is fine given its limited by the favor.
  7. I'm not a fan of conventions to play in competitive games unless there is some sort of package deal. If I can get a reduced rate on the convention pass as part of the Kotei then I'd be in for it. Otherwise, no. I don't think it's good to have to pay for the entire con plus the Kotei when 90% of the time at the con will be playing L5R. Probably means very little to me personally as the only major event I'd take part in either way is World's given no other major conventions are reasonably close and I tend to be working while at Gencon.
  8. This may be better down the road but it's not playable outside of maybe a "1 of" with the cards we've seen to this point.
  9. Yeah, but in the end you're still paying 3 for something that's going likely get insta Let Go'd.
  10. I could see it as a 1 of that works best against Crane, Unicorn, Crab or Lion, though right now Lion's primary splash is Dragon. No more than 1, IMO.
  11. Well given right now, if World's is any indicator, over 60% of people are playing or splashing Dragon.....so.
  12. Nope, it's crap. Miya Mystic, Let Go. You simply can't play 3 cost attachments in this meta, two cost attachments are iffy. You pay 3, they immediately Let Go for 0, who was hurt more? People start playing this and every time they play Crab they will hold the Let Go until they see Pit Trap.
  13. Crab three cost attachment is unplayable at that cost.
  14. I play Lion for a change of pace. Spiritcall Tutori, route their only defender on Air conflict, that's three honor right there. If you dishonor a guy at somepoint and it's leaving in fate, you win.
  15. Actually, all of the elemental provinces have been leaked.
  16. I've been tying to tell people Unicorn can be good. They are just more complicated to play than other clans, maybe only Phoenix is even close. They are underpowered some though but not as bad as people make it sound.
  17. Was sort of hoping the kitties and cranes decided to kill each other some more.
  18. I actually think there is much less luck involved in the LCG than CCG or MTG for that matter. I think the problem for most people is that this game has such a huge decision tree that in the beginning you feel like you're losing because of bad RNG. After you get a lot of reps in you start to realize all the poor decisions you used to make. I swear, I lost probably 10 of my first 12 games but now with over 100 games under my belt I win probably 70% of the games.
  19. Lion is the best honor clan right now. I've won by honor several times and could have more but you tend to be close to honor wins and dishonor wins at that same time. Pretty often I'm up to 20+ and have them down to 4 or less.
  20. Generally speaking Lion couldn't care less about WotC. We almost always have a low cost chump out.
  21. More than likely you will be able to buy Tears at World if not all 6 of the packs.
  22. FWIW, from secondhand stories there was friction between Erik and the other designers. Not sure if that played a role in him leaving or losing his job (whichever it was)but seems like chemistry may have been an issue on Dev team.
  23. To be clear, I haven't heard anything about the reason he's not with FFG. For all I know he left for a better opportunity. Of course, he could have been fired but I haven't heard anything on that. I do know that there tends to be a pretty high rate of burnout for dev staff. Not sure that is the case for Erik or not. I do know that other Dev staff have dialed back involvement in playing/designing their games outside of work hours. Also, allowing Dev staff to contribute to multiple games is a way they use to avoid burnout on one title. That said, I can't offer any concrete reason Erik is no longer with FFG.
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