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  1. I tried finding if this question had been asked but didn't see anything straight away. I also can't find this answer in the rule book or the FAQ. Take, for example, Wyrm Pogram: Icebreaker. It says I can pay 1 credit to weaken ice by -1 and I can pay 1 credit to give +1 strength. My question is, can I pay more credits to stack the benefit? Can I pay 3 credits for +3 strength and 2 credits for -2 ice?
  2. Thanks for all the advice. Good to know.
  3. Dangit! I missed the unique symbol. Chalk this one up to #facepalm. Thanks.
  4. Searched the FAQ and this forum...If you have Luke as an x-wing pilot then my assumption is that you can't use him as an upgrade for the Falcon. Is this accurate?
  5. Super. Thanks for the answers folks!
  6. Do the X-Wing & TIE Fighter expansions come with upgrades that are not available in the core set? I'm asking because those expansions are difficult to find at a reasonable cost.and it seems like buying the core set would make more sense. But my assumption is that the expansions come with items the core set does not, however. Thanks.
  7. I tried google and searching this forum and I'm sure the question has come up, but can't seem to find it. If primary weapon uses 3 dice already, can you get a 4th for the range 1 bonus? We (me and my kids) have been playing with 3 max. But thought I'd ask. Side but related question: is there a FAQ for this game online somewhere with this kinds of simple Q&A's? Thanks
  8. The rulebook says that you can only carry 12 items of any combination. But it doesn't specifically talk about dropping items. Can I drop an item (equipment or treasure) any time? Do I have to wait until I have 12 then discard what I want to keep additional items? Do I just get to 12 and then don't get anymore? Thanks.
  9. Now that the Disney takeover is complete and LucasArts is no more, what might happen with the gaming relationship between Disney and FFG when it comes to Star Wars? In development Star Wars video games have been axed. I just recently discovered the awesomeness that is X-Wing Miniature Game and my concern is that it has gone as far as it can go in terms of expansions.
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