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  1. Happy Friday. I haven't been on in months. I'm thinking of getting back into X-Wing but with so many other things right now it isn't high on my list. Either way, again Happy Friday and May the Fourth be with you. Find something Star Wars to do; there isn't much going to for May 4th activities down this way. 😢
  2. Did anyone notice if any of the original points or upgrades change?
  3. Did anyone notice how many ships that are not Hyperspace capable are considered Hyperspace Legal. And how many that are Hyperspace capable can't 'hyperspace' to the tourney?
  4. I see new points and upgrade lists dated 10/26. What changed?
  5. I was looking at the https://raithos.github.io squad builder. It lets me put either the Agile or Hotshot Gunner on a TIE Punisher. But both refer to turreted attacks or ships. It this a mistake? Or what could they do on that ship?
  6. Wow, this is great. I want to save one of each quick build.
  7. Happy Friday. But to answer your question, neither really. I haven't decided whether to get them or not.
  8. Over at the Wings of Glory fan website/store. They have a kind-of glue they sell. This may be the solution you're looking for. It isn't permanent but sticky enough to keep things in place. They use it because they have altitude dials actually on the plane/ship peg. The dials need to rotate without spinning accidentally. Of course the store web site is down or I'd give you the link. Here is the link for the store, Aerodrome Accessories.
  9. I called two different LGS and neither could get the decks. One is small and went through a distribution, I guess they just didn't know? The other is large and said they were not participating, though they may have anyway. So I bought the cores through FFG.
  10. In Star Wars: X-Wing 1.0 a lot of people were talking about spray coating the maneuver dials since the maneuver side rubbing as the wheel spun. Others put a small washer to separate the two dials just slightly. And some did both. Since the maneuver is on the outside and no longer rubbing against another dial several times in a game it will see quite a bit less wear. Do we still need to do this? Is anyone coating their dials? Thank you,
  11. This was one of the reasons I stopped playing 1.0
  12. The shield thing really sucks, on top of that I have a lot of ships and love large mission based epic games, 1.0-400 points, 800 points now I guess. So not have a whole lot of shield tokens is horrible. I know I can use my old ones but that isn't the same, OCD and all. I'd gladly trade 1.0 shield at 2 for 1 to get 2.0 but I guess everyone else would too.
  13. Thank you, the wiki will be a big help,
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