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  1. Glad this is finally a thing from FFG; although, I hope this is not the final product: Rounded corners will not be good for epic play when you have two mats side-by-side. I am sure they are going to be released with squared edges. On a side note, it is nice that they will have an official tournament legal playmat, BUT... all of the Mats most of us bought are NOT going to match in size, the HCD Star Field mat measures at 35 15/16" x 35 5/8".
  2. Season of the Witch, second movie I ever walked out of the theater over... Keanu Reeves did Man of Tai Chi and I thought it was very good.
  3. Anime series? My all time favorite is Harmony Gold's re-write of Macross(Robotech)got me into Anime. I love all of Macross and the re-writes. Then I also like: Gun Smith Cats Slayers(all of it) Claymore .Hack//(all of them) Samurai Champloo Legendary Heroes Sword Art Online Cowboy Bebop Fairy Tail Inuyasha Apple Seed Bubble Gum Crysis The Devil is a Part-Timer Ghost in the Shell Blue Seed I just started watching Noragami and Knights of Sidonia.
  4. Pretty much Disney XD online, I have to log in through my cable provider. After the holiday break we had other stuff that was sort of blocking the primary time slot, so instead of airing at the normal times they skipped around it. Hopefully they will be back on schedule to air it each week. Thing about Disney though, I am/ was following Ultimate Spiderman with my DVR till they changed it to Ultimate Spiderman: Web Warriors, really has me irritated as this is my background noise while I am painting and doing side projects.
  5. I would think not, the acceleration from gravity would be too slow to make a difference in the formula. I am only theorizing, based on science fiction books I have read as a kid.
  6. Here is a cool calculator that was scripted by Max R. P. Grossmann. http://dilation.1e5b.de/
  7. Time dilation It would have to be REAL far away and moving so much faster. The inherent problem with time dilation, it pretty much disconnects our space faring hero from the plot happening dirt-side or the other way around. There have been a couple movies that use it for a plot device; 1968's Planet of the Apes.
  8. Did you get it all fixed up?
  9. I was considering a tripod style mount with a swivel
  10. You know what would really set your token tray off nicely? a maneuver template rack.
  11. This is great! Perfect for running a campaign style game where it is GM vs Players. Put the backside of the rules reference card showing until they send a friend or foe query then reveal the faction or ship style, of course visual scanning could change that... maybe. ... I had been keeping ships behind the screen with my dice. going to make a dozen of these for my group. really liking your holder for the upgrade cards too, really keeps things clean.
  12. Wow, this well done fan made Star Wars mash-up using clips from Arrow's Season 3 mid-season finally, this audio track could use a tweak; However, the effects are very well done. I have this double spoiler tag... the second spoiler, spoils the video.
  13. Depends on how much of the plot said ship is involved in.
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