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    Big_Pete009 reacted to AltitudeMatters in Now Available: Paper Blossoms, a Character Generator   
    Edit: Paper Blossoms is now available!  Latest version is: 1.1.0
    I'm happy to present Paper Blossoms, an unofficial open source character generator for Legend of the 5 Rings!
    We've currently got data entered and code working for everything published to date, and it supports adding user-created data (so you can play with that Nekoma samurai you've always wanted).  The application does expect you to own and use the book! As you'd expect, if FFG objects to anything here, I'll remove/change it immediately. 
    Releases can be downloaded directly from https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms/releases .
    As was the case with Oggdude's excellent Star Wars generator, this does not currently include descriptions -- it does include page references, and space for users to enter description information, as well as basic mechanical information. The ring display was borrowed from art found on imperialadvisor.com and modified for the application (that may go too, if FFG or imperial advisor objects  ).
    Let me know what you guys think!
    Note: Screenshots reflect an older build. Current experience may differ.

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    Big_Pete009 reacted to lyinggod in Shadowrun Genesys REDUX   
    For anyone interested, I rebuilt the Paul Haakonsen's Genesys Shadowrun to have a more consistent layout that I felt would be more suitable for printing via Print on Demand. I also changed all the SW symbols to Genesys symbols. Some typo's, formatting, or layout errors may have crept in during the rebuild. Let me know if you find any by posting here or inserting a comment on the specific page in the LQ version which is small enough to be viewed online via google drive. They can be found at the link below.
    The HQ version is the one intended for printing.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to melontchi in "City of Remembrance", a Legend of the Five Rings Fanzine   
    Hello fellow fans of L5R!
    You don't see me here very often, but! I've come here to talk about our new L5R fanzine. We are a group of fans and content creators who've come together to create "City of Remembrance", on which we have spent the last year planning. Now that a new L5R edition is out we believe this is the perfect opportunity for its community to showcase some of its projects and celebrate some of their favorite experiences with this game though a zine!
    City of Remembrance isn't limited to fan art, we will also feature fiction and game design content! It's entirely non-commercial, non-sponsored and fan-funded. It will also be non-profit! The zine will be available digitally and will be completely free, with the option of throwing a few dollars in if you are so inclined. Any money you throw at the fanzine when acquiring it will ALL be donated to a charity focused on helping the LGBTQ+ community, though we are still looking at our options as we still haven't picked one charity in specific. Any suggestions are welcome.
    With that said, we want to focus on inclusion and representation in L5R and want to reach the voices that are often underrepresented to make this their platform. We've already started receiving some wonderful, creative and heartfelt pitches and cannot wait to feature them; we believe in this community and in the best it can offer.
    If you love L5R and have something you wish to share with the community, we would love to have you as a collaborator! Not interested in participating but are interested in the idea of a L5R zine? Keep an eye on us!
    For more information on the fanzine itself, submitting guidelines and updates, check out @l5rzine2019 on twitter! For any questions you may also DM us through that account OR send us an email directly to l5rzine_2019[at]hotmail[dot]com
    Happy gaming and we thank you all for making Rokugan something to everyone!

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    Big_Pete009 reacted to grumpykuro in Artbook from L5R   
    Hi everyone !
    I'm a french player from L5R the RPG (sorry for my english). I would like to share with you some illustrations a friend made from our campaign and it became an unique artbook 😃
    Tell me your thought what do you think of it (it's quite manga oriented ^^)

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    Big_Pete009 reacted to verdantsf in Are there rules for adding weapons to vehicles?   
    Whoops, I misread your question and thought you meant modifying weapons for vehicle scale. However, with Genesys, since it's so open, it's really just a matter of adding the weapons as you see fit. I would just go with whatever makes sense that doesn't make vehicle vs. vehicle combat a cakewalk.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to scottomail in Beginner Box Review from a DnD DM   
    Summary: an excellent introduction to L5R 5th edition, with enough interesting moments and encounters to overcome a slightly dull story
    My biases: longtime DnD player, rarely ever play any other RPG system (and never L5R), attracted to the concept of L5R (low fantasy, focus on honor and duty), enjoy medieval-based “swords and sorcery” settings, skeptical about “social conflict” and how that works, nervous about DM skills translating
    The Review
    Where I Come From
    I’ve been playing DnD for almost twenty years now (good lord), almost always as DM. I also enjoy playing, but I enjoy DMing more, and my group of friends seem to love my adventures, and so here we are. I’ve enjoyed every edition of DnD since second (yes, even fourth), and we’ve had and are still having a great time with it.
    Legend of the Five Rings, as an RPG, is always something I’ve admired from afar. I flipped through many cores, sourcebooks, adventure modules, etc. over the years. In fact, I bought the Second City module at Half-Price Books years ago just so I could read it. But, I never quite could pull the trigger into jumping into another RPG system, especially since the last time we did it (Shadowrun), it went so poorly.
    But, while my group finds DnD5 passable, we don’t find it particularly inspiring. Or, maybe I’ve just run out of stories and surprises. Either way, I picked up the FFG L5R Beginner’s Box almost on a whim. I read through it, liked what I read, and ambushed the group with it. The response was measured, but evident, enthusiasm.
    A Whole New World
    Of course, this is very different from the stats and figures they are used to seeing. The fact that there are no basic physical attribute stats blew their minds. Since I wanted to get this first adventure done (or mostly done) in one session, I wasn’t going to bother with a “Session 0,” in which I explain all the clans and all the stats. In fact, I think this intro adventure sort of nudges you in that direction.
    Tip 1: To the degree with which your players can tolerate it, don’t explain everything all up front. Explain the bare bones and answer questions along the way, but it’s fine to just jump right in, even if you are new to this system. New to RPGs? There is an additional flier you will want to read aloud, but it’s worth it. We had a little trouble getting to agree on who would play which pregen character. I didn’t realize FFG had additional folios for free download until after the adventure was completed, which was especially painful because one of my players would have LOVED and been PERFECT for the Scorpion. Instead, he was “stuck” with Isawa Aki, which would be a problem later.
    Tip 2: Download the additional pregen folios. Giving your players maximum options, especially when using pregens, is important. All the Live Long Day
    As I am new to the system entirely, I felt it necessary to stick with the adventure just as it is written, with little embellishment. My players are used to a world custom-made for them, so this was a little unnerving for them at first, but I think getting lost in this new system and the new culture masked much of that problem. As I got more confident in this system, I improvised more.
    It wasn’t until discussion with the players afterwards that I realized the structure is intentionally repetitive. You see, the structure of the skill tests is essentially the same, and you do it 11 times in all. It’s broken up by some (much needed) fighting, and the dice themselves may provide some interest, but really, it’s just 44 skills tests.
    But, by Day 2 of the tests, we were all very comfortable with the system, and so we could play around with the narrative more. I wish the Box would have given the GM a little more guidance around this (it does give some). Before the fight at the end of Day 1, I felt like I was on the verge of losing my players to boredom, but we all agreed that, in hindsight, the structure really helps beginners get comfortable with the core mechanic of the game. For some players, you may need it make it plain that there is a risk/reward system at play
    Tip 3: Don’t be afraid to use the Opportunity dice to customize the narrative. Allow your players and yourself to use the Opportunity dice to come up with all kinds of different things. If you have GM skills, you can tamper down the effects later if needed. The Aki Issue
    My group saw Isawa Aki as a “wizard without spells.” Yes, this is a gross oversimplification. Yes, she has just as much of a chance to shine as the others do (maybe more, actually). But, it just so happened that she also struggled at her trial, which led to some hard feelings from that player.
    The Aki player is also very competitive, and didn’t just want to pass, but wanted to be the Topaz Champion. As she only accumulated 3 points by the end of Day 1, the Championship was out of reach, and even graduating was at risk. Therefore, she changed from using the “correct” approach to just using Fire every time, to increase her odds of passing. Although I know much of this was brought on by unlucky rolls on Day 1, it was somewhat deflating for this player, who guessed the correct approach unfailingly, to not be significantly rewarded for it. Better GMing would have fixed this, but again, I was too nervous in this new system to deviate from the module in any substantial way.
    Also, I see from other review/reports that Isawa Aki does not perform consistently worse than any other PC, so it is clearly not a balance issue. I’m still mad at myself for not downloading the Scorpion PC folio, because that would have fixed all of this.
    Tip 4: If you have a player that loves keeping track of stuff (maps, names, clues, conversations), give them a table with all the competitors and how they are doing, and have that player keep track of the points. The Finale
    The finale was rather chaotic for us, which is entirely my fault. It took us a while to understand range bands, and then applying that to battle. We got several things wrong, and so the gameplay was inconsistent. But, in the finale, the Aki player went from threatening to use her veto power and we would never play L5R again, to giving it another chance. You see, her dice came alive in the finale. She did a ton of damage to the bad guy herself, stringing together Explosive Successes on multiple turns. She even used her Void Point to Seize the Moment, which got her another Explosive to finish off the battle. It was like being at a craps table. Two of the players actually stood up and raised their arms in victory. 
    Components: top-top-notch. I LOVE the art. It is of exceptional quality, and we think it’s the best art we’ve ever seen in an RPG. I even love the map, with its mountains just being dark smudges, as a contrast to the vibrancy of the covers and the folios. If the art is the reason the MSRP is a little higher than their other Beginner boxes, I’m completely happy with that. Dice are great, although the black die faces with multiple symbols may require some squinting, since Success, Explosive Success, and Opportunity look very similar from a distance.
    Writing/Structure: good quality. Very tiny, inconsequential proofreading mistakes. I felt like some of the judge’s descriptions were a bit on the nose, but clearly, mileage varies on this, and it’s better to err on the safe side since this is a Beginner’s game. Layout is very good. We are also board gamers, and have always liked FFG’s “Read This X” style of introducing rules. The narrative was predictable, but the structure works so well for a first adventure. Difficulty is, again, perfect for a first adventure. There will be some missed rolls that sting, but they have almost guaranteed that your players will feel accomplished.
    System: works, passable, but far from perfect. “Narrative dice” is a new concept for us, but establishing the tone that the players are helping to tell the story really brought out some of the best roleplaying we have done in a while. In fact, they were more willing to do something to their character's detriment (honor loss, for example) since they control what that looks like. However, I can see this also being the reason why many groups would not like this game. It’s definitely not a tactical game. Combat is swingy and the steps to resolve combat (or conflict) feel like they can be streamlined. Those two things are probably linked—because it is not a tactical game, its conflict resolution is not streamlined.
    I’m still not all that confident I could run my own L5R. I feel like I need to see some more examples of the game in action before I start crafting my own story, so we will run the free DLC adventure that continues from this one. But, we’re off to a great start.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to sndwurks in Index of Clans / Families / Schools / Titles   
    This thread / post is to provide a one stop index of currently published Clans, Families, and Schools so that people know where to pick them up. Please do not include actually published rules in this thread, so we are not infringing on FFG's sales / access and stuff. If something is a free online DLC, however, please feel free to embed the link. A lot of these are going to have "Pg XX" references at present as I do not have the Core Rules in front of me. I will be correcting them as I have those. Special Thanks to @DangerBob for writing up several of these!
    Great Clans
    Crab Clan (CR, pg 42) Hida Family (CR, pg 49) Hida Defender School (Bushi) (CR, pg 57) Hiruma Family (CR, pg 49) Hiruma Scout School (Bushi, Shinobi) (CR, pg 58) Kaiu Family (CR, pg 49) Kaiu Engineer School (Artisan, Bushi) (CR, pg 59) Kuni Family (CR, pg 49) Kuni Purifier School (Shugenja, Bushi) (CR, pg 60) Kuni Warden School (Monk) (Sds, pg 91) Yasuki Family (CR, pg 49) Yasuki Merchant School (Courtier) (CR, pg 61) Crane Clan (CR, pg 43) Asahina Family (CR, pg 50) Asahina Artificer School (Shugenja, Artisan) (CR, pg 62) Daidoji Family (CR, pg 50) Daidoji Iron Warrior School (Bushi) (CR, pg 63) Doji Family (CR, pg 50) Doji Diplomat School (Courtier) (CR, pg 64) Kakita Family (CR pg 50) Kakita Duelist School (Bushi, Artisan) (CR, pg 65) Kakita Swordsmith School (Artisan, Courtier) (Sds, pg 89) Dragon Clan (CR, pg 44) Agasha Family (CR, pg 51) Agasha Mystic School (Shugenja) (CR, pg 66) Kitsuki Family (CR, pg 51) Kitsuki Investigator School (Courtier, Bushi) (CR, pg 67) Mirumoto Family (CR, pg 51) Mirumoto Taoist Blade School (Bushi, Monk) (Sds, pg 92) Mirumoto Two-Heavens Adept School (Bushi) (CR, pg 68) Togashi Order (CR, pg 51) Togashi Tattooed Order (Monk) (CR, pg 69) Lion Clan (CR, pg 45) Akodo Family (CR, pg 52) Akodo Commander School (Bushi) (CR, pg 70) Ikoma Family (CR, pg 52) Ikoma Bard School (Courtier) (CR, pg 71) Kitsu Family (CR, pg 52) Kitsu Medic School (Artisan, Bushi) (Sds, pg 90) Kitsu Medium School (Shugenja) (CR, pg 72) Matsu Family (CR, pg 52) Matsu Berserker School (Bushi) (CR, pg 73) Phoenix Clan (CR, pg 46) Asako Family (CR, pg 53) Asako Inquisitor School (Courtier, Shugenja) (Sds, pg 88) Asako Loremaster School (Courtier) (CR, pg 74) Isawa Family (CR, pg 53) Isawa Elementalist School (Shugenja) (CR, pg 75) Kaito Family (CR, pg 53) Kaito Shrine Keeper School (Monk) (CR, pg 77) Shiba Family (CR, pg 53) Shiba Guardian School (Bushi, Courtier) (CR, pg 76) Scorpion Clan (CR, pg 47) Bayushi Family (CR, pg 54) Bayushi Manipulator School (Courtier) (CR, pg 78) Shosuro Family (CR, pg 54) Shosuro Infiltrator School (Shinobi, Courtier) (CR, pg 79) Soshi Family (CR, pg 54) Soshi Illusionist School (Shugenja, Courtier, Shinobi) (CR, pg 80) Yogo Family (CR, pg 54) Yogo Preserver School (Shugenja) (Sds, pg 95) Yogo Wardmaster School (Shugenja) (CR, pg 81) Unicorn Clan (CR, pg 48) Ide Family (CR, pg 55) Ide Trader School (Courtier) (CR, pg 82) Iuchi Family (CR, pg 55) Iuchi Meishodo Master School (Shugenja, Artisan) (CR, pg 83) Moto Family (CR, pg 55) Moto Avenger School (Shugenja) (Sds, pg 93) Moto Conqueror School (Bushi) (CR, pg 84) Shinjo Family (CR, pg 55) Shinjo Outrider School (Bushi, Courtier) (CR, pg 85) Utaku Family (CR, pg 55) Utaku Battle Maiden School (Bushi) (CR, pg 86) Minor Clans
    Mantis Clan (MCDLC, pg 4) The Families of the Fleet (MCDLC, pg 4) Storm Fleet Sailor (Bushi) (MCDLC, pg 5) Storm Fleet Tide Seer (Shugenja) (MCDLC, pg 6) Tortoise Clan (GMK, pg 8 ) Kasuga Family (GMK, pg 8 ) Kasuga Smuggler School (Courtier) (GMK, pg 9) Falcon Clan (Sds, pg 87) Toritaka Family (Sds, pg 87) Toritaka Phantom Hunter School (Shugenja) (Sds, pg 94) Deer Clan (CoS, TBD) Shika Matchmaker (CoS, TBD) Speardancer (CoS, TBD) Miscellaneous
    Imperial Families (EE, pg 228) Miya Family (EE, pg 229) Miya Cartographer School (Artisan, Courtier) (EE, pg 232) Miya Herald School (Courtier) (EE, pg 233) Otomo Family (EE, pg 230) Otomo Schemer School (Courtier) (EE, pg 234) Seppun Family (EE, pg 231) Seppun Astrologer School (Shugenja, Artisan) (EE, pg 235) Seppun Palace Guard (Bushi) (EE, pg 236) Spirits Kitsune Impersonator Tradition (Courtier, Shugenja) (EE, pg 239) Ronin Peasant Family (CR pg 306) Worldly Ronin School (Bushi, Courtier) (CR pg 87) Mercenary Shinobi (CoS, TBD) Brotherhood of Shinsei Fortunist Monk Order (Monk) (EE pg 237) Shinseist Monk Order (Monk) (EE pg 238) Kolat Kolat Saboteur Conspiracy (Shinobi) (EE pg 240) Titles
    Crab Clan Damned, The (Sds, pg 128) Harvester (Sds, pg 128) Twenty-Goblin Crab (Sds, pg 128) Witch Hunter (Sds, pg 129) Emerald Magistrates (CR pg 305) Emerald Magistrate (IPEC pg 35, Errata and FAQ document as well) General Advisor (EE pg 249) Clan Magistrate (EE pg 249) Daimyo (EE pg 250) Gunso (EE pg 250) Monastic Acolyte (EE pg 251) Priest (EE pg 251) Spy (EE pg 252) Yojimbo (EE pg 252) Yoriki (EE pg 253)  
    Core Rules - CR (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/legend-five-rings-roleplaying-game-core-rulebook/) Game Master's Kit - GMK (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/legend-five-rings-roleplaying-game-gm-kit/) Emerald Empire - EE (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/emerald-empire/) Shadowlands - Sds (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/shadowlands/) Mask of the Oni - MotO (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/mask-oni/) Courts of Stone - CoS (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/courts-stone/) Winter's Embrace - WE (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/legend-of-the-five-rings-roleplaying-game/products/winters-embrace/) Into the Palace of the Emerald Champion (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/54/5d/545d40f0-3e88-406a-ab00-fecd7cea0875/l5r01dlc_adventurecompressed.pdf) - IPEC Mantic Clan DLC (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/0a/47/0a47cdac-9343-4626-8d2b-1dedb27ebafe/mantis_clan_dlc.pdf) - MCDLC
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to Hida Jitenno in Emerald Empire Previews   
    I think we're missing the true biggest take-away from this: those sheets are all printed without handwriting. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE HAS A FORM-FILLABLE PDF CHARACTER SHEET.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to verdantsf in Any other pre-made adventures for Genesys Fantasy?   
    As a magic-resistant pox ravages the Free City of Tamalir, tales spread of a musician who can heal with a song...
    The Malady Melody, a Genesys Fantasy Adventure
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to drainsmith in Adversaries Anthology: a boldy bound creature collection (updated v2.0.0)   
    All of the adversaries currently published.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/oxdft3482m19npx/Adversaries Anthology v2.2.0.pdf?dl=0
    Update: I stayed up almost all night and updated the Adversaries Anthology to include all the new adversaries in Shadow of the Beanstalk. Newly rearranged by genre also.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to sfRattan in Expanded Archetypes for Genesys   
    Expanded Archetypes
    When I first read through the Genesys Core Rulebook, the human archetypes struck me as half of a great idea. Archetypes, being the equivalent of playable species in an all human setting, give players some more flavorful choice out of the gate when Wookiees, Droids, Elves, or Dwarves aren't on the table. The Aristocrat, the Laborer, and the Intellectual give players choices for builds centered around Presence, Brawn, and Intellect. Options for builds focused on Agility, Cunning, and Willpower seemed (to me) to be missing. So, one of the first things I designed for Genesys was a set of new archetypes for all-human settings to fill that gap.
    This module will hopefully be the first of many released on my new blog about all things Genesys and SWRPG, The Story Spanner!
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to McKeewa in Warships and Merchant Ships of the Age of Sail   
    Hi Friends,
    Long story short, I'm GM of a Genesyzed 7th Sea table, and I wanted more settings about warships ... so ... I made it.
    Warships and Merchant Ships of the Age of Sail, a supplement to Genesys.
    There is mistakes, some important ships are missing and much more... and I will continue to work on it with the time.
    Don't hesitate to comment the thing ^^
    Have a good day.
    PS : Dear @SkyJedi fell free to add the thing to the master list if you think it deserve it.
    update 1.0.1 : some correction, and tweaks, added crewmen minions adversary
    update 1.0.2 :
    Some phrasing
    Added Crewmen fight during boarding
    Add Xebec
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from Suneisha in Guns in Terrinoth?   
    If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from Johan Marek Phoenix Knight in Guns in Terrinoth?   
    If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from ElderKoala in Guns in Terrinoth?   
    If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from BlamedCat in Guns in Terrinoth?   
    If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from CitizenKeen in Guns in Terrinoth?   
    If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
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    Big_Pete009 got a reaction from Richardbuxton in Gah! 50 bucks!!   
    Come to Australia and buy them. $100 for the Star Wars core books, Realms is $80 and it cost me $39 for the PDF. 
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to rogue_09 in Magic & Genesys   
    That's what I plan to do if I ever play. Take an attack spell, stack a few modifiers, and record it as Gorbidorf's Icy Breath on your sheet. Boom. Spell.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to Simon Retold in Realms of Terrinoth Shipping!!!!   
    Allow me this moment to say “woo,” followed closely by “hoo,” and punctuated with an exclaimation point. 
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to rogue_09 in Modern Campaign Resources   
    Check out Far Horizons, one of the Star Wars career books. It has the rules for Homesteads and Businesses, which is perfect for what you're trying to do.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to c__beck in Fantasy Genesys   
    Here is the most recent version of my Fantasy "Handbook" for my home games.
    I'm not good enough at doing this to keep version numbers and a changelog (even though I really
    Thoughts, concerns, criticism, etc welcome!
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to Endersai in Genesys Spycraft   
    I stole shamelessly from the gunpowder weapons that @KingNova3000 put in his sci-fi armoury. Saves the wheel being re-invented.
    I also did up some vehicles that you might be able to use.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to Foghorn in Genesys Spycraft   
    You had me at Ronin. Love that movie.
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    Big_Pete009 reacted to Endersai in Genesys Spycraft   
    I would strongly recommend looking at the 1998 John Frankenheimer film Ronin when making a Genesys spy game. Despite some issues with tech obsolescene (thinking the character of Gregor having a tech role and being confined to the van with his computer; tablets and smartphones really change up that game) it's the best example of a modern RPG class/defined role party I can recall. Mission Impossible, as a vehicle for Tom Cruise's ongoing midlife crisis, is about 1 hero with support staff. Ronin, by contrast, has:
    Wheelman - Larry
    Fixer - Vincent
    Tech - Gregor
    Soldier - Spence
    Face - Sam
    I started working through a modern game which due to us having kids and limited time fell through, but we tried to go down the path of filling those "career" archetypes with the party.
    The infiltrator's job is to insinuate themselves into places and situations they don't belong. This means a combination of stealth and charm. They're the ones wearing black, or slightly darker black, tactical turtlenecks (tactlenecks) and infiltrating the villain's penthouse or the office of the shady swiss banker; or pretending to be an arms dealer from Ukraine.
    Career skills: Stealth, Skulduggery, Streetwise, Athletics, Charm, Deception, Brawl, Coordination
    When you absolutely have to kill every last mother****er in the room, accept no substitues. From teeing up a shot at 1km out from the target to covering your teammates with an assault rifle as they pile into the car, the soldier's the combatant of the group.
    Career skills: Ranged (Light), Ranged (Heavy), Brawl, Melee, Athletics, Coercion, Vigilance, Cool
    Maybe a retired racer, or an aspiring racing/stunt driver who broods a lot in a scorpion jacket, who knows? Their origin is secondary to their insane ability behind the wheel (or similarly functional control apparatus) of a car, truck, Jeep, SUV, bike, plane, hovercraft, boat, jetski, and airboat.
    Career skills: Piloting, Mechanics, Driving, Streetwise, Vigilance, Perception, Cool, Brawl
    "I know a guy who can get this for us. Won't be a problem." The Fixer knows people who know people, and those people? They know people. The Fixer is a quartermaster, scout, tour guide, cultural attache and walking Michelin guide to local restaurants.
    Career skills: Charm, Persuasion, Negotiation, Streetwise, Deception, Coercion, Skulduggery, Knowledge
    The team's hacker and computers whizkid, they utilise the latest in smart, mobile technology; all sorts of drones, and ubiquitous wi-fi to gain access to places and information that the rest of the team, with their knowledge of lockpicks, collarbone-shattering techniques, and guns simply can't.
    Career skills: Computers, Skulduggery, Operating, Perception, Mechanics, Vigilance, Knowledge, Discipline
    The team's font of knowledge, and often backup medic because there's no clerics in modern. The analyst makes sense of the intel and mission, and provides the team with valuable insights to enable them to better achieve mission objectives.
    Career skills: Knowledge, Vigilance, Skulduggery, Streetwise, Computers, Perception, Leadership, Discipline
    The team leader. A combination of a bit of everyone, they're there to help lead the team in the direction it should go. Their ability to lead is in part based on their personality; but it's also heavily dependent on their competence and experience. Someone who, if in the field, is as useful as anyone else. Think of the roles that Rhona Mitra and Robson Green played in Strike Back.
    Career skills: Leadership, Negotiation, Brawl, Ranged (light), Driving, Stealth, Athletics, Discipline
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