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  1. Big_Pete009

    Dresden Files

    Have a look at the Fate Accelerated Dresden Files, whilst I would just run that, it would be a good place to start for a hack.
  2. If you want guns in your game.....then there are guns in your game
  3. Come to Australia and buy them. $100 for the Star Wars core books, Realms is $80 and it cost me $39 for the PDF.
  4. Hey I spent about 30 seconds trying to work it out while doing some other stuff, I was trying to be helpful, oh well.....
  5. FFG Community Roleplaying Games Genesys GM Phil's Fallout Theme Not really sure how to copy the link into here, but the first post in the original thread from Phil has the updated version of the File, the link on the first page of this thread goes to the original version of the PDF.
  6. The link to Phil's Fallout Setting goes to the old version, if you open it from the actual thread you get the new version,
  7. They are in the post of all the available resources.
  8. I converted the existing PCs more for feel than anything at the start. Made sure they could do all the things they were used to. I am stating the monsters on the fly which is pretty straight forward. It was the magic system that we tinkered with most, but using the knowledge is power spell rules we have locked it down.
  9. I have converted my 5e campaign over and am running The Curse of Strahd for my group. We are 3 sessions in and it is going well. I am doing most of the conversion for the monsters on the fly, I have run al lot of Star Wars so very familiar with the system. i am using the Knowlage is Power Spell rules from the resource page to give some variety to the spell casters.
  10. Please release more episodes. I am all caught up
  11. Big_Pete009

    The Expanse

    Just started watching this last night 4 episodes in and loving it.
  12. I feel that FFG have missed a step with this, they should of had this book out the week after The Core Rules landed. just kept the lid on the release and then bang here is the Fantasy Source book, then rolled other settings out through the year. I have spent a lot of time home brewing my Fantasy game, so will be waiting for the PDF of this one to come out before I get it.
  13. I bought 2 copies of the book and paid $70 in postage for the order. Would I have done this if I was sure a PDF was coming out....yes I would, I also bought 2 copies of the PDF and gifted one to one of my players. Have not bought any of the dice yet, I will make do with my SW sets.
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