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  1. RagingKiwi said: I beleive this system is in place to stop players from killing NPCs (or each other) in a simple fight. I have a few instances where my players wanted to start a drunken brawl, and in these situations I ignore armour if anyone is wearing. It would make sence to me that if you are fighting someone in armour unarmed, you won't be trying to kill him, you'll only be trying to knock him over/out, so grapple, takedown talent and stun are the go to for my players. However in combat if you find yourself with no weapons and without unarmed warrior/master I would say you have 3 options, run, grapple/takedown, or pick up ANYthing near by and get an improvised weapon so at least you can defend yourself. Also as a note, if you choose to damage the opponent in a grapple you also inflict fatigue no matter your actual damage. I’d actually include armour in the stuff what happens if your squad starts a fight with some of the Miltary Police on the base they as they’re on duty would more than likely be wearing armour where as your squad probably aren’t because there out on a drinking spree which neatly removes the armour from the equation
  2. just in terms of the OW book i'd think applying the deathworld illeracity to an ogyrn seems a decent enough start. Like alot of us have said if a player invests heavily in making there ogryn read or write then thats their lookout and i think fair enough. With that Int detriment (-15) they are not going to be the mental life and soul of the party at any rate so even the "skill" to read is not going to make them the sharpest knife in the squad.
  3. I would imagine that it’s consistent with most RPG’s you’d apply the DR (Armour and wounds)and whats left is your “dmg” so that would work out at 3 or 4 wounds to equal someones TB and do the Fatigue damage. With most systems where you get a trait to do lethal dmg with your fists you can choose what you are going to apply before you attack. For example a martial artist is perfectly capable of striking with deadly or not deadly force I’d think the same principle applies here.
  4. if anyone's interested i've been through an image and edited it with some more gear room and some boxes for carry weight. I had to do the edits in photoshop but seems to work okay
  5. hey up thanks for the replies. It's not just me apparently he's told our priest they only get one flamer flame cannister equating to 6 shots or 12 if they take back canister. The Sarge only has one clip of laspistol ammo not as bad here some 30 shots. I can't see any rules anywhere that determines what ammo you get with your starting kit as this is pretty much the issue I’ve narrowed it down to with my GM. They accept that ammo in your Standard kit should almost always be freely available unless you have nightmare days like Routa-Maa’s players did J So the speedbump for me the player is how much is that standard loadout the only way I’ve worked it out is as follows If a Heavy Gunner picks a missile launcher they get 5 Frag Missiles (pg 76) now this in itself isn’t indicative of anything but if you compare it to an entry in the random mission assignment gear Table 6-5 on pg 167 that lists a single heavy weapon with 6 magazines/ missiles/ shells so roughly a magazine is equal to a missile. Going back to the 5 missiles that you start with I’d have thought that translates to 5 magazines which seems to be a reasonable idea… That’s the best I’ve been able to find so if not that it’s a rule zero and I need to appeal to his better nature
  6. yeah i think thats the case but i'm having problems getting "clips" of ammo not boxes…though i do like the idea of the commerce test if not by my gunner by a squad mate…might do well at an intmidate check so a few options there cheers muchly
  7. i use my phone to read mine if i don't have the full copy to hand…it's not bad but you'll find the render a bit slow…Try using kindle instead of owt else to read your PDF should make it a bit easier
  8. well the assumption is that you start with a clip which is 60 rounds…given the rate at which you can go through that (10 rounds of shooting) i've then got a very heavy paperweight or the urgent need for ammo. I mean i get that there is a difference between a lasgun and a bolter…if its just a GM thing i'll talk to him or live with it was more a rules question i mean it could affect a few other classes i know commi's start with bolt pistols though they can probably just use the commisat for ammo
  9. this is a quick Question but i cant work it out. A Heavy Gunner starts with a weapon now my drop trooper has started with a heavy bolter the regimental favoured weapon but according to my GM i'm looking at a impossible requisiton role to get ammo for it, because im a enlisted guy in a new squad and the fronts not been active and with bolter shells being rare…is this intentional? I'd thought that given its part of my heavy gunners kit i shouldn't have an issue getting the ammo most of the time? any one got any ideas on this one? Cheers
  10. hey up not sure if anyone would be in a position to help me i'm looking at making a notes page add on for a campaign i'm in and wondered if i can get hold of the background for the charactersheets? i just wanted it to match the original character sheets i'm, using play in and run a fair few campaigns and just like to keep everything belonging together? any help greatly appreciated
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