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  1. Add the shoretrooper to that and I’m feeling it’s all hitting at the same time
  2. Sort of like the release of the bases. I know Canada had them a month or 2 before the US got them. It happens.
  3. This right here, I did the same. If the capsule gets marked up so you can feel something on them, you just swap it out. The token itself stays in very go shape.
  4. Many Bothans died to.... well they just died without accomplishing their mission....
  5. It may be late to the game some but I still think its a good move. It's more options and as already been mentioned good for beginners. It helps to have just the "right" color they need. Helps to prevent that overwhelmed feeling many get with the idea of mixing their own colors at the begining. Once they get a feel for it and start to branch out they will almost certainly start to mix paint lines. I personally mostly use Vallejo and Liquitex, but I do have other lines because thats what I could find at the time.
  6. honestly prefer the prequel stuff for Armada than the others. I like the idea of a Scum force but don't see how it would fit. But over all, just happy for Armada goodness!!!
  7. not sure what was in the OP before the edit, but I don't think the responses are hostile. I do think that everyone is pointing out that the house rule is changing a fundamental rule in the game. Some say it differently than others but essentially its the same message. Just curious is this your first venture into miniature gaming? I find that players with less experience do want a simpler way to resolve certain situations. Your point is an example of this IMO. Its not bad just that it really changes the game.
  8. I think for tournaments the number of activations does tend to make a difference. The more you have the better it is. For a more casual setting i dont feel they make as much of an impact, but yes they still help.
  9. Ouch!! That’s one way to get into the books...
  10. Love the scenario idea and I dont see how this could not be used for casual play, to me it screams casual play. I think this will be the first legion expansion that I skip on release. I think its a tad bit expensive for what it is, unless I find it for ~$40 then I'll cave.
  11. Those are just perfect! Love the look of these and now to track down a set
  12. A very nice surpires today. I'm really looking forward to both Sabine and Bossk but Im also a bit conflicted.... I love the customization options hope to see this more often, but this means I need to get multipes of each. 2 Bossk and 4 Sabine is a bit crazy but thats how I see it working out for me 🤷‍♂️
  13. Oh yes for sure, if you can make something off this more power to you.
  14. I actually laughed when I saw the Landspeeder, I honestly don't know I feel about it. I am looking forward to the TX-225
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