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  1. true but for the sake of discussion in my case its just to show how we implemented it. we only house ruled this part.
  2. for MY group only one players command cards are used. Yes I know its not "a thing" in legion but sometimes you change it up to have fun. Its not meant for competition or anything of the sort.
  3. For my group the command cards were used from the player that was nominated as the "over all commander" which is what Im guessing Sharkbelly is asking.
  4. yes, everyone followed the normal build rules but here was 1 over all commander for the side. We wanted to try a game with 2 commanders per side but we were too slow to work that out and then quarantine happened.
  5. This! I’ve played multiple player games and have always had fun. It will take longer but my group has always enjoyed it. Just think it through and have fun. Example, in past games we have had each player have a different goal or mission to contribute to the victory points. For my group it worked well.
  6. While I have not played with or against CIS yet I have to agree. The whole swarm was kind of their thing, all these CIS list should be high activation's.
  7. I think Maul Operative would work best, then all we would need is a Darth Sidious to complete it! As a mini, I really hope this will be a Phantom Menace version of Maul. What would be awesome is to have both options available in the pack, robot legs and normal. Actually I could see more than 4 different versions of Maul, but Im starting to hallucinate here....
  8. Contrary to what others may suggest, it’s doing poorly... every time I go to my living room no one is playing Legion! I checked out my bedroom and the same there it’s just dead! I see all this product literally just sitting on the shelves unused... sad...
  9. Thanks for this really nice to have something like this especially in current situation. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve watch the video from your BGG thread and going to try this weekend! Thanks again for your work much appreciated!
  10. I do remember seeing that when it originally aired lol
  11. I’m another one... i have no more space and I’ve just got my new cores and my wife is just shaking her head lol i really do need to find a better solution of storage.
  12. Add the shoretrooper to that and I’m feeling it’s all hitting at the same time
  13. Sort of like the release of the bases. I know Canada had them a month or 2 before the US got them. It happens.
  14. This right here, I did the same. If the capsule gets marked up so you can feel something on them, you just swap it out. The token itself stays in very go shape.
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