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  1. miridor

    Fighter Pack 1 Update (FFG Spanish Site)

    Oh yes for sure, if you can make something off this more power to you.
  2. miridor

    Fighter Pack 1 Update (FFG Spanish Site)

    Happens all the time already 😪
  3. miridor

    New vehicles!

    I actually laughed when I saw the Landspeeder, I honestly don't know I feel about it. I am looking forward to the TX-225
  4. miridor

    New York City Area - Star Wars Legion

    I travel a lot but I’m in Brooklyn. I’m always looking for players in NY.
  5. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    I did actually get a response from FFG. I found this funny and a bit of a head scratcher, at least from what info I can gather: ————————————————————— Hello,Thank you for contacting us. It is great to hear that you love our games so much! I am sorry to say that we currently have no new information on when to expect a reprint. Any announcements or updates to the reprints will first appear on our News (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/) and Upcoming (https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/upcoming/) pages so keep checking back with us periodically! Thank you! ————————————————————————- so eluding to a reprint, but no one in the US from what I’m aware of has ever received any... strange days indeed... (name was omitted to protect the innocent)
  6. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    well nothing so far, however the US shops are listing them as Jan/Feb release... that is one slow boat
  7. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    Didn’t know they were in North America so I never checked. Let’s see if I can get any response.
  8. miridor

    adepticon 2019

    As someone who has been vocal about not requiring players to paint their minis, I don’t think this is a problem. It’s true that FFG doesn’t require painting but this “venue/event” does. FFG does not require venues or events to be run in any particular manner. When you go to a tournament you need to abide by the tournament rules. This is also stated ahead of time so it’s not a surprise to people who are planing to play.
  9. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    Didn’t know Canada had them I go up often 😢. I’ve been waiting for a while for these and I’m curious why no release in the U.S.?
  10. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    Would also love to know if anyone in the UK has ordered/received them.
  11. miridor

    Where are premium bases?

    so, https://www.magicmadhouse.co.uk/fantasy-flight-games-star-wars-legion-premium-trooper-bases-pack-p292368 "10+ In Stock Now |Usually dispatched within 24 hours" Now this could be incorrect but a lot of places are listing them as in, not as pre-order. This particular site even list express delivery as an option
  12. miridor

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Oh yeah I remember that. I had one guy would put his minis on their belly "They were crawling" was his reasoning. So yeah these people just being dinks. We had to establis groud rules for some people.
  13. miridor

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    jumping in on this because Ive had someon try this a while back. Thats when you need to break out the rules of your game. If the models are required for game mechanics then you know the person is just being a dink. This is also not the same as an unpainted army, just because someone does it does not mean its the same thing.
  14. miridor

    Painted vs Non-Painted

    Wow this topic is a pretty fun read. So I'm reading about some very different experiences in the miniature gaming community (not just here) and I think this is actually a good thing. What strikes me as odd is the reaction some people have to these experiences. The funny thing is the reaction are found on both sides of the fence. I must admit that I have never been in or heard of a place or people that were actively anti painting, but that does not invalidate a person’s experience that has. Some of these experiences sound like people need to find new venues or people to play with, no jab intended. What I do find strange is when someone gives a reason for their case and explains how they have been "persecuted" for their stance, only to then turn around and do the exact same thing to someone else. Really shows how people tend to not really grow but just become older version of their young selves. I think we can all agree that using painted miniatures is one of the absolute best things in miniature gaming. Visually its beautiful and does raises the excitement level, to me that’s irrefutable. However just because something has been done one way for a long time does not mean it’s the only way to do so. It also means that "your way" is not the only way to do something. Including opinions on webpages is also not proof that it’s the correct way to do something, on either side. I’ve said this before, for the most parts we are all adults and we should pretty much strive to act like adults. This means knowing that other people have differences of opinions and it’s not a personal attack when they do (there are always exceptions yes I know). To know that others will disagree and want to do play differently (I’m including painting in my use of the word play) and know the world of gaming is not ending is a mature view. It really does not matter the reason why some people do not paint, just know that it’s a different view and move on. I am also adding that if someone does paint and refuses to play against an unpainted army, while I don’t agree with that stance, that too is OK, the world is still not ending. What both sides should come to terms with is that the game community will live and die by the number of people playing that particular game. I would also want to point out that I think a game based on Star Wars is indeed a special case because of the source material and how its ingrained into so many people’s lives but that may be a little off topic. For the record, I actually counted the years I’ve been gaming and was surprised to find that this is my 40th year... yes I am showing my age a little bit. I am one that at one point did not think anyone would ever play non painted army let alone “want” to play unpainted. However I found people that just didn’t care for that. Yes some were dinks, and some weren't but I also found people that did paint fell into the same categories. I didn’t feel these people ruined my enjoyment of the games I was play. I did find that I just didn’t care for some people and I even refused to play some people, but that was just personality conflicts not the state of their army. We should just play, however you define that and enjoy it with people you enjoy being around, or people you can just put up with for a little while anyway.
  15. miridor

    Army Themes and FFG failure

    Now we can argue opinions all day every day, but this is just incorrect. Miniatures in a miniatures game are not optional. Games where you use chits or standees do not serve the same purpose game wise. Painted miniatures are indeed there for the wow factor, that's part of GW’s handbook for selling their games. For someone who says they play miniature games you should know this, it’s not even a discussion. Seems just when it looks like you are making a point you lose it and something different comes out. Ok so we are not talking about having had to eye coordination, nor whether or not someone is or is not an artist. We are talking about playing a game with minis not painted, the reason is immaterial. It is also an absurd to jump from lack of hand to eye coordination to "play the game without breaking things, losing dice, etc." Where do these comparisons come from?