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  1. "We should be able to handle the big guy and the smaller ones, and remember we still need a smaller one alive. I'm not sure I want to storm the palace itself now with our forces divided though."
  2. "Thermite infused? Sounds like you could have quite the party with this stuff," he said moments before drinking some followed by a little coughing. "Bit stronger than I was expecting, but not too bad."
  3. "I'll go check out this bar as well, though I think a few should hang back and start moving the group to a better holdout spot. This one is a little compromised at the moment."
  4. Cracax rubs his eyes, "so the alpha could have been literally anything. Wonderful." Glances to the hole in the floor, "so where are we re-establishing our base? The spaceport isn't a bad option, especially if we can deal with the guns."
  5. "So, the big guy was the first one and was brought here from off world?"
  6. "We are paid to potentially deal with an inquisitor. Still, I'd love to know what pets that Hutt had when he was alive. Does anyone have any ideas?"
  7. "And, ideally, a madman. I'm starting to get a few concerns about this not exactly being an isolated incident."
  8. "Wonderful, more complications," he said sarcastically to himself. "Unfortunately, we need that palace standing, so we can't exactly risk it collapsing. However, seeing how they probably don't like fire, I say we use it to lure them somewhere more manageable."
  9. "If we could get some fuel down there, I imagine a frag should detonate it pretty well, and that gives us a bit of a timing mechanism to make sure the big guy is still down there," he said holstering his pistols. "However, exactly what was that thing before it got turned?"
  10. Cracax narrowed his eyes, focusing on the two ghouls coming out of the floor, and taking an almost primal stance as he opened fired on them with a volley of blast fire. blaster shots: 3eP+2eB+3eD 4 successes, 1 advantage (Advantage to hit each target once.) His focus remained as he pelted each of them.
  11. grenade throw: 3eP+1eB+2eD 3 successes "That should make something down there have a bad day," he shouted as he drew his second pistol and opened with a torrent of blaster fire at any ghouls that got within sight. blaster shots (corrected for difficulty): 3eP+1eB+3eD 1 success, 1 advantage (Advantage spend to hit with both pistols.)
  12. "Coming up from and enclosed space..." he says as he prepares the grenade, "not a smart move." He tosses the grenade towards the hole in the floor.
  13. "Remember that hour you said we have?" he asked drawing one of his pistols and a grenade. "I don't think we have as much time as we originally thought."
  14. Take all the time you need. Hope everything turns out well.
  15. "Medical supplies is always at a premium, and added weapons are always useful, though I agree we need to start thinning the ranks a bit. Where was the big one anyway?"
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