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  1. The card pack isn’t available in all countries yet.
  2. I had no issues assembling them at all. I thought the fit and quality of the components was fantastic.
  3. Not sure if the data was mixed up, Nicky won a few RPQs. I only know the Sanctuary details because I was the TO.
  4. One of the entries is incorrect. 18/5 was at Sanctuary Gaming Centre, winner was Nicky Myland (invite was passed to Justin Read who finished second) with Empire and there were 12 players.
  5. mini78

    Arsenal and pierce

    Keywords apply to the entire attack pool regardless of which weapon contributed it. When a unit splits their fire at multiple targets, multiple pools are then formed. In the case of the scouts, the pool with the pistol dice would not have Pierce, but the pool with the sniper dice would have Pierce. (edited for clarity).
  6. mini78

    Battle Card Deck

    4 cards. It’s in the tournament regulations doc.
  7. The central piece of terrain is the central piece of terrain. It doesn’t matter who places the objective token. Regardless of who places the token, that piece of terrain is the piece which is contested for VPs.
  8. You could only do the claim action once per activation. The only action you can perform more than once is a move action.
  9. You can take those cards with any Commander.
  10. That’s correct. Any move, attack, or action can trigger standby as long as the unit on standby have LOS to the unit triggering it.
  11. If Lucasfilm’s deal with a Hasbro is anything to go by, LFL retain the rights to all characters, artwork, concepts, 3D models and likenesses to everything the licensee creates. If EA and Lucasfilm’s relationship comes to an end in 2020 (when their deal expires) LFL can probably continue to produce toys, models and stories based on those characters.
  12. Action Fleet were all over the place in scale and were never consistent. Some will probably be usable. Snowspeeder and Landspeeder may be ok, I doubt many of the others will be though.
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