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  1. I've played quite a few games now and have drawn the tech priest a few times. I rather like the tech priest. You rely alot on wargear to counter weaknesses in your abilities, as you would expect. Over a course of a game I've managed to collect quite an arsenal of weapons and wargear and then able to take on most if not all challenges. As with all games, a lot depends on your early battles before you hit your stride and also the cards you draw. If you manage to fight a few good battles and collect some good wargear cards then I think he can be quite a character. I've yet to play all the character types to be able to list who is best and who isn't although to compare I found the Commissar quite hard to play as I didn't draw any asset or stranger cards to 'execute' for him to get his bonus. At least with the tech priest you don't have to sacrifice a good wargear card in order grant yourself a bonus.
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    They should keep to a few expansions that are all planned together. Things tend to go astray when new sets are released one after the other without order. Importantly they need to keep to the quality to what is an excellent top notch game. Even so, I certainly look forward to new characters. Perhaps they could release new characters types like an Imperial Guard Veteran, Elder Scout, Alien Bounty Hunter or Hive Ganger etc.
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    Pieces parts

    I agree mate. Also I would be really good if they provided different new colour pieces and dials in addition to the current gold, green, purple and grey.
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