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  1. Even the article didn't have updated images this time around.
  2. Just give us a pdf with the latest text. Earlier errata have been incorporated into the online card images, so it can be done.
  3. I don't expect the game to last long enough to get replacement clan packs. New core, probably, but the LCG model isn't sustainable over many years unless we get a full 2nd edition, binning all the existing product.
  4. A Season of War made all those wall holdings pointless. The more I think about this the angrier I am getting. Rebuild and cancels won't be strong enough to make them worthwhile, and we only just got them. Having an answer to a deck is one thing, destroying it is design vandalism.
  5. The official art sleeves were announced in September, but all reference to them has been removed form the FFG site. There are sleeves for the top 16 at Elemental Championships.
  6. The FFG page doesn't even manage to include all the pdfs. A Most Suitable Teacher, the post-Kiku Matsuri story is missing https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/d0/5e/d05ebe51-e750-4c22-8e69-44e52ed68c12/kiku_matsuri_postludea.pdf as is In the Garden of Lies (Part 1) https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/05/90/05909abe-a1f2-4721-8d21-9542cfa16fe5/l5r_in-the-garden-of-lies_part1compressed.pdf
  7. Well just boo I say I'd seen at least one comment that FFG had relented and allowed them at Gencon. But seriously, it's as easy to palm tokens as it is to nudge dials or dice, but if that's the rule, that's fine. I'll keep my dial for casual play. To keep tokens in check, I may grab some spare lego. A baseplate to fix single stud bricks to would be fun. And of course I'd need a minifig samurai as a mascot if I do that
  8. Have FFG said anything officially about the use of dials to record honour instead of flooding the table with tokens. I've seen contradictory statements for and against whether they were allowed at Gencon.
  9. It's an action, not a persistent check of the situation. Shoju acts, Reprieve is discarded, action over.
  10. An errata is a contradiction. Errata is plural. The singular is erratum iirc. But it's arguably not a correction at all, rather it is an amendment for clarification. ?
  11. I'd expect an awful lot of haiku, by far the easiest thing to through together.
  12. Still an overreaction in my opinion. The demo people are probably getting flak form their management for poor judgement.
  13. They have already announced that deck building will be modified from standard for the launch events at Gencon, to accommodate single core per person. Three cores will allow at least two full decks, as it will have six of each of the neutrals to build with.
  14. 3 ISD2s, all with RBD, plus Motti. Low on activation obviously, but is it remotely viable? Are Motti and the RBDs enough to win through?
  15. Planning an event, my first for X Wing, but I've been running other wargames tourneys for years, so just a silly question. Where/how do I get hold of a tourney kit from FFG?
  16. Thanks guys, I'll give these a whirl.
  17. Yes, just x wings. Can anyone point me at some good lists just using the one ship type?
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