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  1. Gold by Spandau Ballet whenever a bag of gold card is drawn.
  2. Nice! Noticed some vids have been deleted (presumably by the uploaders or the powers that be).
  3. I did wonder if it was possible for the Reaper to cross between a space the Boatman Denizen card is on and an adjacent space. Also had a Visit the Black Knight Warlock Quest but fortunately there was a Black Knight Denizen card on the Castle space, so I did that.
  4. Another thing that came up was the matter of the Reaper crossing between the Temple and Tavern. We decided not to do this since there's no Boatman, but unsure if this is correct or not.
  5. Like that idea. Perhaps when both Dungeon and City appear, the Deep Realms could also appear.
  6. Another query: When landing on spaces with Denizens, can you choose to visit one and not do anything, or must you visit one if you're able to? I'm sure it's the latter but this came up during our game today.
  7. Had our sesh and it took a long time. Death rate was the same as our first Harbinger sesh (1 each) but on both occasions, we only used the new characters. It was difficult as there was hardly any places to heal life for free or get gold to heal life. (We used the Reaper and Sacred Pool expansions)
  8. Having a sesh at the mo and it is tough due to limited healing spots. My friend commented that the Barbarian's pose is similar to the main character in Hero Quest.
  9. Think I answered my question about the Farmer Denizen. Going to a Fields space and missing 2 turns is pretty much saying "Go to any Fields space and immediately end your turn, then miss your next turn". If all Fields spaces are terrained, the instruction is ignored and no turns are missed. (That's my take on this)
  10. There's no good characters, only evil and neutral.
  11. I tend to follow by the rules, but sometimes the way they, as well as the cards and spaces, are worded that sometimes make one unsure. Bludgeon's point about discarding/ditching now gives me the opinion that if an encounter says you MUST ditch/discard followers, bad ones are included, but if it's a case of you MAY, they stay with you. One way is to agree on what to do in susch scenarios. But the important tthing is to have fun.
  12. Now got my own copy. Having a look, I think I'll keep this as a stand-alone rather than keeping it mixed in with the other expansions in terms of storage. Will keep the character and alternate endings with the others. One thing I noticed is the Portal of Power space where you add 2 to your dice rolls if you have an unfulfilled Warlock Quest. Sort of resolves the terrained Warlock Cave conundrum, or any Warlock Quests impossible to fulfill (which once happened during a core game only sesh), as I reckon this would be a good house rule.
  13. Me and my friend have an all expansions anniversary sesh on or around 5th November. Our house rules include: If using the Dragon Tower as an extra region, we use an Alternate ending creature on the core board Crown of Command Using the Nether Realm Gauntlet ending rules Using all four Harbinger omen decks For the Cataclysm, we'll most likely put this into play when either the last Harbinger omen has been discarded, or one player defeats the Dragon King. Everything on the table is put away except the characters and their strength, craft, gold, objects etc.
  14. Got the Cataclysm in the post and aiming for a sesh this Friday. Some cards got me thinking: If the Farmer sends you to a Fields, you miss 2 turns. If you land on a Fields space, your turn ends rather than encountering the space. So do you only miss your next turn, or the next 2 turns? My opinion is that if you do land on a Fields, you only miss 1 turn. But if all Fields are terrained, you miss 2 turns. Some of the cards say "you must discard 1 follower". What if you have some bad followers (like the Poltergeist), or only bad followers, or only the Hag? Can they be discarded, or is it a case of "can't overrides must"? My opinion is only discarding good followers if you have any, otherwise bad followers can be discarded (maybe at random if there's more than one?).
  15. Now ordered my copy on ebay. Should get this some time over the next 7 days.
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