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  1. Wow, lost track of this question, but i'm glad it got answered and my interpretation was correct. There was a lot of nerd rage around that card in that game! Now just to get a group of regular players so I can play this more often!
  2. Not contensting the fact that you lose a life when you lose. I am talking about the conditions on the card
  3. fayezm


    They way we've played is that we treat the cunning, wisdom and stregth spaces in the inner tier as skill checks, so you can use power cards & exploding dice. The level check on the final space is not a skill check so really, you cannot use power cards AND you cannot explode. In regards to other text boxes (such as the Mutant) etc, they are just a single die role to resolve, no power cards/exploding
  4. Hmm. The wording of the card does not make that entirely clear. It seems like the cards effect only come in to play when you win, as that is the first condition from which everything else flows. I also seem to remember that some cards have explicit conditions for when you win and when you lose… this one doesn't. Any one else have any input?
  5. This threat card says something along the lines of 'If you win, you may discard 1 corruption card. If you do not, gain 1 corruption card". I interpreted this as if you win the battle, you have to discard one corruption card. If you choose not to (or if you have no corruption to discard), you must gain 1 corruption card. Another one of the players claimed that it meant if you lose the battle, you draw 1 corruption card (in addition to losing 1 life). I countered that losing had no additional effect. Any ideas?
  6. Ignore above post … i was mistaking the special reward icon on level up with the omen icon …. Should always keep my glasses on @_@
  7. Just a quick question about the omen Icons you find on the threat cards and on the character abilities. I can't find anywhere in the rules where it states when the character abilities take affect. I am assuming that you can only trigger the omen character ability if you get a trophy that contains an omen icon, but does triggering the ability consume the trophy? That seems like the most sensible choice otherwise you can reuse the same trophy turn after turn to trigger that special ability.
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