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  1. This is exactly what makes me excited for this game. The mechanics and such aren't even that compelling to me but all of the different tournament possibilities to make things fresh is really cool.
  2. I am honestly not worried about the business model. If I owned a game store I would be quite excited about this. Every tournament for this game would move product. When you purchase these from your local store, you are supporting their business. If you set up a tournament for $15 bucks that includes 1 new deck, admission and whatever swag that comes in a tournament you will probably profit. This is a great thing for game stores that often struggle because of Amazon and other big market sellers. Business model has alot of upside. In the end, this game isn't going to be good for Min/maxers. You want to collect every single card and own all the noobs with your amazing crafted net deck then this game will not be up your alley and you should stay with MTG where the other try hard sweaties flock to FNM to crush other noobs with their $400 dollar net deck.
  3. I don't really understand people losing their mind about this. The game seems casual and completely friendly to new players. Want to get into agot? Sweet, drop 600 bucks on the set and you can! Want to play MTG with relative success? I hope you have 400 bucks for 1 deck! The main draw point about this game is going to a game shop, dropping $15 bucks to enter a tournament, getting a brand new deck and off you go. Anyone can do that even if they have never played this game before. After the tournament, hold on to your deck and play with buddies for fun or to master it. The tournaments you can think of with this game are endless. Make a constructed tournament, pick an archon you have and build with the best you have or make a tournament where you buy a new deck, then at the end of every match, you exchange with your opponent and move one. Winner of the tournament will have played with 4-6 different decks depending on the amount of players. That would truly be a test of skill piloting a random deck that is randomly bought and randomly generated and still coming out on top. There are alot of things to look forward to with this game.
  4. I didnt mind the warlord system or the pod of cards in the deck. I think the biggest issue with Conquest was snowball on resources. If they solved that, a TI conquest would be awesome.
  5. This is why FFG should make a TI LCG.
  6. Will FFG ever use the conquest system that was utilized in the Warhammer Conquest LCG? If so, what genre/game would it be?
  7. Monster hunter LCG. Let's make it happen.
  8. I am still holding out for Vampire the eternal struggle.
  9. Why has this IP never been expanded to an updated RPG, card game, books, etc? If it has can someone point me in the direction?
  10. If it means anything, I believe see/reading that the original game design for Agot had L5R in mind. So really, Agot is like L5R, not the other way around.
  11. I knew Darren a bit from Conquest days. Glad to see he is doing L5R. I will subscribe when you are on Itunes.
  12. I am just using the logic that, if you drop 4-5 fate on a character, you want more than 1 turn out of them. If you drop that amount of fate for 1 round of board presence, you are drastically shorting yourself of value.
  13. I think it is a great system. It stops players from turtling in the previous game, it also gives your opponent the opportunity to plan their game by seeing who they are facing and for how long unless they can do something about it. It leads to deeper more strategic gameplay. This can lead to board wipes mid game for resets and creates hard choices for the player. Do they keep their fate or burn it for other turns. Should I drop all my fate on 1 big guy and will that one guy be enough to handle his 4? If I do burn all my fate, will I have enough to do tactics in the conflicts? What can my opponent ambush in to halt my plans? I personally love it.
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