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  1. Sadly lacking enough dice for four players around the table, I need to buy another set of OR d8's, but I'm having problems finding any? Has anyone in the UK any ideas where I can source OR d8's from somewhere? ... Thanks, Walts
  2. Blessed are the good, and cultist killers! ;o]
  3. OK, that sounds like a good idea, I think? At the moment, it says it's available now, and as it's added to my basket, they will make and post to me now, not next month, as has been mentioned elsewhere? Apologies for being confused by PoD, I thought this was something to do with GoT!?!?! ;o] Thanks, Walts
  4. What does "PoD" mean? Looking at the FFG webpage ... >>> https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/elder-sign/products/grave-consequences/ ... it shows as being available to add to the shopping basket? I'm in Scotland and would like to get a copy of this, Thanks, Walts
  5. Hi Guys Any sign of PDF rules for the Omen of Ice expansion? I generally read the rules before buying, but with these expansions being sold so quickly, I want to make sure I'm 100% sold on the gameplay, Thanks, Walts
  6. Dropped FFG a Q about this ... The scoring system remains unchanged with the release of Under the Pyramids. Thanks for playing! ~ Nikki Valens (FFG) ... so nothing new to add/subtract ... Walts
  7. Fellow Investigators Has there been an update in calculating the scores for a game? New cards, Focus, etc, have all come into play, so wouldn't these affect the actual game score in some way? Had a quick look at the forums and FFG with nothing jumping out at me, Thanks, Walts
  8. Yeah, the BGG PBF are a great platform to really enjoy this (and many other) game! I play a lot of RPG's, so the PBF allows me to let all those crazy stories spill into the forums. Great game, great mechanics and great effort by those before me which lets me now do my own PBF! ... Walts
  9. One of the things I've enjoyed about EH is being able to play it within the BGG Play-by-Forums, where I've been able to adapt and tweak the text on the cards to suit a more suitable ending to a game. Here's one I'd moderating on, using the "Epilogue" idea mention by EM ... >>> https://www.boardgamegeek.com/article/18343195#18343195 ... I'd changed many cards to form a link/flow to the game to make it more enjoyable for all as well if you can be bothered reading from the start! Still luv'ing this game! ... Walts
  10. So, the new GOO, NK, has the reckoning effect ... "Each investigator may move 1 space toward The Bent Pyramid. Then each investigator that did not move loses 1 Sanity" ... I'm assuming that means by the shortest route or can investigators go the long way round!? ... Walts
  11. Bit curious about this question. If your Blessed, the "effect" of that condition is that a 4, 5 & 6 is a success, so having Sister M on the same space makes a 3 a success as well? Her passive says nothing about the Reckoning effect, although you could add the 1 to that die roll as well? Anything official on this? ... Walts
  12. The "roll 1 die" isn't a bonus. Keep it simple ... do all factors ... investigators & monsters, then compare the result. If it's 0 or below, "roll 1 die" ... Walts
  13. You will always be allowed one dice. Checkout Page 11 of the Ref Guide ... Tests .. to see how it's broken down. Walts
  14. I did, J, but nothings come up on my (Android) phone? I wonder if I'm searching right, using "Rocket", "Countdown", "Liftoff" as my searches? Anyone? ... Walts
  15. My copy of this game is on it's way, so I'm interested in getting a soundbite with the countdown for my mobile phone to add to the fun factor of this game ... any ideas where to get this free? ... Walts
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