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  1. Congrats you guys. Way to represent
  2. Fallen all the way to the 3rd page. I need to post more. I am soo far out i'm not even sure what's the new hotness anymore...
  3. Sorry mate. I was hoping to get it to 100 pages, but it's significantly slowed down ever since your wife had to go pop out a kid. We still need to get that day long epic game in at some point. LOL. There is a direct correlation that's for sure. On the flip-side my daughter is pretty awesome, so that helps. Kid just turned 2 if that puts things into perspective. I am totally down for that game. i just need to know ahead of time. The only things i'm missing at this point are Wave 8, some more of Wave 7, one of the latest Aces pack, and free time to practice. All the new abilities and rule changes have escaped me.
  4. My poor thread...pushed away by Facebook.
  5. Holy shyt, does that hit home for me... I feel your pain brother
  6. I would think they are added to the total, since these upgrades occur before play begins. Similar to how Pilot Skill is higher 'naturally' when Veteran Instincts is applied.
  7. The named pilots will be different. The core set also has the new rulebook and new damage deck. Totally forgot all about the new damage deck...
  8. I don't know if this has been asked in the 9 pages, but is there any benefit to getting the new Core set over buying the ships individually? Any Core only pilots, upgrades, anything like that?
  9. I'm curious to know how they plan on enforcing one damage deck over the other If you field FA ships must use new deck, otherwise old deck is ok? I do welcome the variety of asteroid selection.
  10. Are the Tuesday night games at Epic still going on? I'll be down that way next week and wouldn't mind stopping in for a game or 2.
  11. Nice Jerjerrod fodder after you destroy the ship you designate.
  12. Johdo

    FFG Acrylics

    I'm more interested in some of the older Alternative Art cards, and would gladly trade my acrylics for those... To answer the question, no. Nothing wrong with the 3rd party stuff, and it would degrade from the prizes. If FFG switched their prize support to something other than acrylic replacements, then sure...but that's a different story.
  13. I'll be in this area for a few days next week, and i was wondering if there are any places that have X-wing? Would like to get some games in if possible. Would need to be a Sun, Mon, or Tues night. Thanks.
  14. Not to mention the guy was updating it while backpacking with his family across Europe or something?
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