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  1. Actually I'm way past no ranting in forums. Back in Nov/Dec when they forced us into agreeing to work with the local distributor (and a rival LGS) I really cared, I was frustrated, yet I swallowed (some) pride and went on. We have a saying like "another nail in the coffin", it's just that the last one was surprisingly big. Some of the people above I know have spent small fortunes on games, so I do believe everyone on the chain should care aboit their opinion.
  2. The whole Europe pretty much exists without sites like SCG. We have Magiccardmarket and its user driven. I'm a store owner, and we don't need secondary market, it's the draft and sealed, as well as the few retail products that drive MTG. Yes, given it retains its sponsorship. I only have to do it once per year after all. Nothing like this, even the said distributor feels for us and decided it is OK to return to how we worked before. And I don't believe it's legal to twist hands like this anyway. And I can quote laws, I'm not just a faith believer on this. I mean that they are not obliged to support the distributors this way. I don't know how it works in USA, but essentially they cut my support if I don't buy locally, or it was well implied it will be like this (and we got a scheduled kit withdrawn with a call for showing off). And that's not because we sell less Netrunner (or even AGOT, although I don't push that hard there anymore) than the distributor. What's the point of having to get the X-Wing kit from a distributor that never supplied the game for example? Almost the same with ANR. Anyway, going to bed, nice discussion and all.
  3. I also doubt they will be even comparable. But judging from TO and store economics I should emphasise on the fact that purely mathematically, they are comparable. The average dealer booster price is 2 times lower than the average pack price. The average retail price of a pack is more than the cost of three booster (nearly that of 4 boosters and contains exactly 4 boosters worth of cards (60 vs 15), with less spent on cards quality and packaging (no need for booster algorithms), meaning a single pack makes more money than 4 boosters for the publisher. And this is the average monthly participation of a casual Magic player. MTG true power comes from its history and very good OP, where players pay a lot on drafts and sealed. Booster rewards are on store's account, any promotional stuff is on WotC. I don't think I need to show the math, but given we have sponsors (which are now free to withdraw, since they don't have an event to sponsor), it was OK. We talked the sponsors back when there were no other events in April. Change of plans - OK, we dealt with it the best possible way, we still had enough people coming and we added a Tabletop Event. Plus I invest myself, and this is my own choice. But then ruining the most important part of the event with not sending kit - this was not my fault. Just can't blame anyone for not coming, nether someone can blame me because I don't want to run the event and send some rewards later. Also please remember they had alternative art cards at Nordic. FFG were clear that we cannot get anything like this for the OPT. Even if we had few months ahead of us, it was clear no. Then the Chronos seemed as a good idea, I had nothing against it even knowing t will hurt the number of players. It is engaging. FFG have key selling point in having OP. If they say there is tournament scene - there should be, esle there are angry customers and they are bad business. I always try to put myself in someone else's shoes so I can understand there might be problems here and there. If they have problems shipping products and kits, at least they should not mess with the clumsy distribution. I always make sure our store gets new games asap. Kits too. Any events we can participate are welcomed. I just cannot deal with having to email back and forth so many times on something that stores in UK (which is open market for us) don't have to do. Actually he can stop playing. Which I won't like.
  4. They don't have the money so they choose to mess with the EU market instead and profit from selling OP kits here**? I'm even going to say I was literally forced by FFG (and I can quote emails) to deal with their local distributor exactly by using the "if you want OP kits" card. If I ordered the thing from Esdevium as I did before this would not happen. If they have problems managing the European events, they can just leave the stores and clubs to get the kits from whichever distributor they want and just request the results at the end - I don't see what good is coming from messing with supposedly free market anyway. This will leave their hands empty for some other stuff. **A kit containing a playmat + few cards costs us 25-30 EUR incl. VAT (plus shipping). An Ultra Pro playmat with the latest tobleron package costs 13 euro (dealer price) with VAT. For the rest of the price you can buy whole game in a box at MSRP. And no one is asking them to pay the kits and shipping for us - we just want them on time. It's just that right now a GN kit costs more than it should, and the rest of the kits prices are just offensive. Have you seen the X-Wing Store Championship kit? For the second bestselling game in miniatures world! 78 Euro and we get a plaque, two cheap clumsy boxes, few acrylic rulers and bunch of cards with clearly lower quality than the original ones. That's a $100+ kit.
  5. I'd much rather see the rules to be where they are supposed to be on the website so players could familiarize with them and just play the game. I managed to gather the information on what's in the boxes, rules, etc. and released it locally, but this is FFG job, not mine. As for the price rant - please bear with me, I'll spam it everywhere I'm registered and I know it is offensive. But it's also offensive to see such difference and we are used to pay more already.
  6. We will have the products next week and there are no rules yet? http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=260&esem=4 Not going to mention how hard is to accept that they cost well over 25 euros in Europe compared to <$15 in USA (the usual 1$=1EUR conversion seems to be gone for these products).
  7. Anyone got their Chronos kit? No? I was surprised they won't be able to ship it for the event day (April 5 in Sofia, Bulgaria). I even proposed to get it with some kind of express courier shipping, but FFG didn't reply to their distributor on the matter. I understand it could be difficult to work with so many distributors***, but the CPT was initially announced as February event, it later came out to be in April, now our event (which was scheduled much earlier for April just because there were no upcoming events, and it was already bad for us to release the CPT in April) would be ruined because there is no kit. Who is going to pay for this? **Actually I don't.
  8. Judging from my own experience with how things work, there won't be that many tournaments from the Chronos Protocol Tour across Europe, as most countries don't have enough players to support it. I'm from Bulgaria and - for example - we have about 15 regular players and about 10-15 players that occasionally join our club tournaments. Back in September or October 2013 we decided to organize much bigger and highly prized (with cash prizes) international tournament in April 2014 - we didn't knew it will be by the time the Chronos Protocol hits Europe, but we wanted to do something for the players around us - those from Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia, Romania, etc. Now that we know that we will get our hands on a CPT kit (not "when" though), we decided to merge the events and we will be able to host a Chronos Protocol Tour. You can check the OP section for more informfation. I thing the problem expands on the Store Championship Kits as well, as these tournaments have to happen by the end of March, but the kits haven't been shipped yet. All in all the OP in Europe is shaky, as are the communities here. The situation in France, UK, Germany and Spain it is entirely different story, but then I have no observations to share for their local player bases.
  9. April 5, Hilton Sofia Hotel, Bulgaria - The Deep plunge Open Pro Tournament is now part of the Chronos Protocol Tour! Great news! Our Android: Netrunner Open Pro Tournament will be merged as part of the Chronos Protocol Tour, so any attendants will be able to vote for their favorite identity card and will receive a chance to win some great rewards in addition to the cash prizes and the rewards we promised earlier! As part of the Chronos Protocol Tour, you will have a chance to participate in the most anticipated European Android: Netrunner tournament! Prepare for a truly amazing experience and join us on April 5, 2014 in Hilton Sofia Hotel in Sofia, Bulgaria. Full event information OpenProTours News Event registration More: The Deep Plunge v1.0 A:NR tournament will let you play with huge number of other players from around Europe and steal, tag, bag and score to become one of the greatest netrunners in Europe. This is a highly competative, highly prized tournament and it will also boast the opportunity to vote for your favorite Chronos Protocol Identity and receive unique Chronos Protocol rewards! The Deep Plunge v1.0 Android: Netrunner Open Pro Tournament The Deep Plunge v1.0 A:NR Open Pro Tournament will begin at 10 AM in Saturday, April 5, 2014 in Hilton Sofia Hotel. You can follow our news feed for more information for the event and other news. Start time: 10:00 AM Estimated end time: 10:00 PM Format: 6-rounds swiss tournament with TOP 8 swiss rounds Round time limit: 60 minutes 1st prize: $1300, Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker alternative art card, custom Chronos Protocol Tour messenger bag, exclusive Chronos Protocol Tour playmat 2nd place: $250, custom Chronos Protocol Tour messenger bag, exclusive Chronos Protocol Tour playmat Top 3: 3 custom Chronos Protocol Tour messenger bags Top 8: 8 exclusive Chronos Protocol Tour playmats, Scorched Earth alternative art cards Top 16: Adonis Campaign alternative art card First 50 players to sign up: 50 copies of the alternate art card, NBN: Making News Random prizes: Sponsor rewards if available Authorized Cards: Depending on availability in Europe (will be announced before April 5th!) Tournament rules: As per in the official FFG tournament rules excluding the “Match Play” section for elimination rounds. Questions? Please contact us at openprotours@boardgames.bg
  10. Seems I cannot find a personal messenger here, so please contact me at sales@boardgames-bg.com. I can probably convince someone in Greece as well as adding Bulgaria to the list.
  11. It's a competitive game resolving around deckbuilding, you cannot expect anything else. Problem is that you need 2x Core sets, I hate this about FFG sometimes. It is even worse in SW LCG, you need 2x EoD expansions as well there. You can probably make two corps (HB and something else) and two runners (Noise and some other) with what you have and still you need more cards to do it right.
  12. IMO if you dislike the traps idea you'd be better off with NBN, at least you can wall up an Agenda and overscore it (Project Beale) and use the advance token from another 3/2 agenda they have. And you get to use Tollbooth/Flare for free. You can throw in a couple of wall of thorns and vipers, they are cheap from influence perspective and you have the ability to use them with 2 more creds each turn, still leaving you enough influence for some other trick or economy (Adonis or some secretary/juneburg). You can still use some tricks with tracing/tags if you want to.
  13. We made a short break after the last league finals, but now it's time to continue the road to perfection and open a new data center in our club's history - the Netrunner Cyber Conspiracy League, starting from August 11th. Where? Gaming club "The Game" 75, Krum Popov str. Sofia 1421 Bulgaria +359897606919 What? The NCCL will consist of no less than 5 rounds, a special Second Chance round and an additional Adjustment Bureau round, and actually has 2 finals - one Round 6 mini TOP4 swiss final for the top league players and one TOP8 direct elimination tournament in the end of the league. Both finals will also serve as qualification rounds for the 2013 The Game Champions Tournament at the end of the year. Players can qualify for the TOP 8 final based on their top 3 results during Rounds 1 to 5 + Second Chance Round Players who participated in more than three rounds during Rounds 1 to 5 cannot play in the Second Chance round, but will qualify for the TOP4 mini-final held the same day as the Second Chance round All players can participate in the Adjustment Bureau round, although it will not serve as qualifying round for the League finals. Rounds will be held each Sunday in the club, starting from August 11th. Special rules We had something special for this league in mind and we incorporated some additional round rules as well as a list of 15 achievements that the participants will be able to pursue in each game. These achievements are mix of one that we took from BGG website and our own agendas, and anyone can safely ignore them or use our in-house rules in order to score them. Each achievement can only be scored once. Players can play with total of 4 decks in each round - 2 runner and 2 corp decks, and can swap one or both decks between rounds 2 and 3 of each tournament with the exception of the Adjustment Bureau Tournament (special rules apply there). Players have 10 minutes to change cards between roounds 2 and 3 in each tournament. Additional card decks should be submitted to the TO prior to the tournament start and should be legal according to the latest Netrunner tournament rules. Players can (and should) pursue additional goals in each tournament - the current NCCL achievements list is shown in each week's tournament report - see http://boardgames.bg/thegame for more details. Tournament rules We use latest rules from FFG Taxes League participation fee: 5 EUR Tournament participation fee: 2.50 EUR Finals participation fee: free Prizes TOP 16 League players will receive promo Scorched Earth League winner will receive promo Kate “Mac” McCaffrey -and- Netrunner Season Two playmat Second best player will receive promo Kate “Mac” McCaffrey One random League player (w/o the winner) will receive promo Kate “Mac” McCaffrey One random League player (w/o the winner) will receive Netrunner Season Two playmat Each achievement (from the total 15) will be rewarded with promo Scorched Earth -or- custom tokens (depending on availability) Each round rewards: store credit according to number of participants NCCL Achievements list: Any questions: please call the club (+359897606919 or contact us through our facebook page: http://facebook.com/boardgames.bg). Please note we are currently moving the server and there might be some downtime for all of our websites. Nikolai Tsekov
  14. NCRL TOP4 finals results: Stan (gaming mouse Cyborg RAT 3 + promo card Crypsis) Boyan Ivanov (promo Crypsis) Tihomir Terziev (promo acrylic credit tokens) Boyan Spasov (promo acrylic credit tokens) Left to right: Tihomir, Boyan Ivanov, Boyan Spasov, Stan
  15. IMO you just cannot separate them, and I found myself not enjoying the end of Mimic (a bit overstretched). I can't wait to read the third book (hopefully there would be Kindle edition from the start). Both books are much better than Android Free Fall, and I cannot compare them to Strange Flesh as it has very different POV.
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