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  1. Pretty sure the PDF and the cards contain different quick builds. Kinda like the promo card quick builds.
  2. Is it... publicly accessible? Because that's exactly what I'm hoping for!
  3. Hope someone can help you out! Still hoping for a quick build site/app that will deal out random quick build cards for simulated drafts.
  4. Aren't the Guns for Hire boxes much cheaper than that?
  5. A while ago I began a project making quick reference cards for all of the ships in the game. The intent was to be able to flip through my binder and start putting together rough ship configurations without opening the app. These cards show the available modification slots on each ship- and then, because I had plenty of space, I also included a maneuvers reference (and a point value spread, but after the first point adjustments it became clear that those would change too often, so I'm phasing that out). Feel free to print these off yourself (or save the files in a folder on your phone- even that is a little quicker than the app for initial concepts). https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bcrkuxqgvddanhq/AACcG1EAWnqIBmzLdDdmelrca?dl=0
  6. That's cool! Can you include a Threat: Any? I'd like to simulate shuffling a deck and dealing 10, 12, whatever cards to each player, then they craft a squad with those.
  7. Now can we get a random quickbuild draft function? Pull X number of those cards to build your squad.
  8. Storm is a good choice in words. But forget torches and pitchforks. The midwest requires snowshovels. It'd be the slowest 'storming' of a headquarters ever seen.
  9. saturnflight

    Upsilon on sale

    Thanks for the tip. Nabbed a 2nd Upsilon (don't think I'll ever run 3), a 2nd Quadjumper, and a 2nd E-Wing ($9; ready for them to get good!)
  10. Thanks, that's consistent with what I was able to find too. Seems the GenCon one isn't easy to come by... (I'm still waiting for someone to load all the quick builds in an app and deal them out randomly for 'sealed draft' games.)
  11. I have the BSF token. 2, in fact.
  12. I'm looking for a complete list of the quickbuild promos that have been released so far. (I suspect this might be a short list, but would like to be sure.) Thanks!
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