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  1. All very helpful replies, thanks very much. I'm still learning the ropes and this gives me some ideas on how to handle these situations. Cheers.
  2. If you have a player who says they are going to hack into a computer, for example, and then fails - as the GM do you allow other players to try? Or that same player to try again? I've had instances in my games where it just feels like a succession of dice rolls until the players get the outcome they want. Any advice on how to handle this? Thanks.
  3. Yes, I have since discovered there was an errata for the Beginner Game and any changes to the stats are errors. Thanks.
  4. I'm telling you, you're kidding yourself, fella. Let it go.
  5. My players are just about to move onto the final page of their character sheets as we embark on the Long Arm of the Hutt adventure. We noticed the characteristics have changed a little. eg. Pash's Brawn is now 2 instead of 3. Any reason for this? Is it just balancing things out a bit now the characters have more career skills the players can advance? Also - with the dice pool column now blank, do you tend to play without filling this column in and just create your pool each roll; or do you fill it in as you go along? Thanks for the help.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions, that's really helpful. I will definitely check out those podcasts too.
  7. Yeah, this is generally how we were playing it. If the players came up with a good idea, I'd go with it. Likewise, if the player couldn't think of something good to do with their advantage, I'd suggest something. Thanks.
  8. Just starting out, having played the Beginner Game adventure this evening. From what I've read/seen, I'm getting mixed messages on who chooses what to do with Advantage rolled by the PC. The Beginner Game rules seem to suggest the player chooses, but then I've seen other examples where the GM appears to decide. Is it more of a fluid thing, a mixture of both - whatever suits the story? Thanks.
  9. I ran my first game this evening - the Beginner Game adventure: Escape from Mos Shuuta. It went really well, the players really got into it and I surprised myself on being able to come up with things on the fly. What I could do with help on is how to make starship combat more interesting. The final combat between the Krayt Fang and the Tie Fighters was little more than a lot of dice rolling and was a bit anticlimactic. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. Great, thanks. Yeah, the lack of table in the rules for spending advantage outside combat confused me. Thanks for your help.