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  1. Nice! I just looked over the WEG material and my main challenge is that it doesn't feel like the clone wars happened or that there is an Imperial presence at all. I really have trouble splitting out the Clone Wars stuff "Legends" in my head. Also, I might have to ignore the existence of Tarkin's Refueling station, even though I read those books. I think it would make the planet too Imperial-heavy. I'm realizing Clone Wars/Rebels has really altered my head-canon when I'm trying to work things out! I think I'm going to go with what will give the players freedom, without having to worry them "taking over the town" which is a real issue. Maybe the local constabulary are clan warriors of some sort.
  2. I'm building Kala'uun (Ryloth) just before the Battle of Yavin, Legends timeline. I'm envisioning it as the scum-alternative to the capital. I'm setting up some encounters relating to involvement of the Hutts, slavery, etc. I think I have the parts I need for the ploy covered, but I'm trying to work out just how tight security would be there and other environmental details. For example, how heavy would Imperial patrols be in a larger city? Small garrison? No garrison? Imperial Army or Stormtoopers? Twi'lek security only? It mostly matters to me because I know my players and would want to plan for "consequences" :)
  3. I super-rambled, there, need sleep!
  4. This is definitely Theater-of-the-Mind territory. Coruscant has over a thousand levels, but in reality, only a few will matter to your plot, eh? Have an idea of what "zones" you might want players to visit and have an idea of what is there. Need some underworld? Are there gangs there? Are they going to a government building? why? Only create what you need. Another great thing about Coruscant is the main mode of travel is Airspeeders, so you generally fly everywhere and can ignore a few thousand blocks of terrain on your way to your next thing. My group was on Tatooine for a while and I had an OOG discussion with them along the lines of "Hey guys, are you thinking you'll stay on Tatooine? I can work out a couple of options for you to go to..." ...and they were like, "naw, we need to go back to Ryloth to check in on Nym." So that saved me a ton of wasted time. I had them land where they usually do since that is where their business is, now I'm giving them leads to other areas of the planet. Sure, they could just ask to visit a non-plot area just because they read about it on a wiki or saw it on Clone Wars, but then they are going to deal with a lot of. "OK, you are at Kala'uun spaceport. What are you looking for?" "What is there?" "It is a spaceport, you see spaceporty things, anything specific you are looking to see?" "A cantina?" "OK, there are a few here" *activate NPC name generator site and improv a cantina...." In reality, Coruscant is almost easier to do that Waterdeep (if you know that refernce) because there are so many maps and sourcebooks for that city it feels like you should know the names of all the streets. On Coruscant, you have to abstract everything.
  5. Just to riff on the "try to turn the PC idea" The Inquisitor tries to turn the PC and take him "away" and your players could roll up a rescue team to go and free them. Or the none-Jedi PC can escape and go get help (and the other player can roll up a backup-character to help rescue his main character)
  6. My group is all of an age to have seen the original movies in theaters the first time around. We are past the whole reward/punishment model for anything and just thrilled when everyone's kids are well enough they can get away from the family for "poker night". I'm awarding XP to the entire group equally and if someone joins they start at the group XP level. I also asked my group and they think this is fair. Honestly, I'll get bored if they aren't advancing into more interesting social and combat levels. However, for narrative reasons, I don't drop loot and credits as group resources. Whoever is present decides how to distribute resources. If someone wants to set aside a Geonosian Blaster Rifle for a missing crewmate because it will help the team, that is on them. I don't even know how much wealth they each have right now. I only really care since they ran into a situation where nobody could afford a bribe (and it would really have been more fun if they had).
  7. My groups is all former 40K who largely treated D&D 3.5 as a system to be optimized and/or broken. There is a sort of friendly rivalry between player/DM in that regard. Combats would take most of the night. When I started Star Wars, I set a lot of expectations around the term Narrative Dice and it has been slowly adopted in the group. The first time someone asked me something like "Do I know the storekeeper?" and I said... "I dunno, do you?" and gestured at the destiny pool. He flipped a token, said "yes", and I cheered inside They are now getting comfortable with describing threat results. In some ways, they feel like they are cheating, having that much autonomy. In social situations I still mostly interpret the dice results since I know how much I want to reveal.
  8. Trex, ummm, fell out of the Krayt Fang somewhere just below in the stratosphere. These guys don't like leaving evidence behind. As for Teemo, I'm tracking what is basically a variable threat meter. A few dead guards are nothing to him. His Senchal wouldn't even bother him with that information. However, that second night of murder and the rumors that have now started will cause him to find out something is afoot and then act. I'm working out a schedule for when reinforcements might be called and when they would arrive depending on the situation. If the crew strikes before the reinforcements arrive, good on them! I'm also playing with the idea of expanding the battle droid subplot. I mean, the town has a Slagworks, why not a hidden factory underneath the plateau? Maybe not making actual combat droids, since he wouldn't keep that so close to his home, but some essential generic parts?
  9. Story Time: Veteran Gamers vs. The Long Arm of the Hutt... The Secret War Against Teemo I’m running The Long Arm of the Hutt for my group of veteran D&D 3.5 players, and thus far it has been a blast. It has been pushing my skills with this system and ability to improvise. One note about the team: There are 5 players, but between all the real-life stuff middle-aged adults have going on, I run even if I only have 3 players. I manage this by treating individual characters as more part of a gestalt. For example, if a PC angers an NPC and then the player isn’t around the next session, that NPC is still angry at the group, in general. It also helps since my players didn’t all want to continue with the pregens, I let them build new characters mid-module without affecting the story. The team progressed through the starter adventure and Acts 1 and 2 of the Long Arm of the Hutt with some sidetracking, but generally didn’t need much railroading. The one challenge is none of the team has a presence over 2 and they zero ranks in social skills. Despite some hints and help from me and some overly-helpful NPCs, they have missed significant plot points that would lead to being able to have a resolution with Teemo that involves clever words or blackmail. While there might be one more change for them to find things out from Teemo’s communications center, they have gone truly off the rails upon arrival at Mos Shutta. They planned their attack on Teemo knowing they wanted to clear the bounty on their heads the only way they know how, by killing the source of the bounty and hopefully not getting caught. However, they are convinced a frontal assault would be a TPK and know they can't talk their way past even a drunken gamorrean. Landing 2km south of the mesa, the Advent Ascension (renamed and transponder altered from Krayt Fang) is parked in a hidden spot off camera, as it were. The group then decides to scale the 100m rock face to sneak into Shantytown that night. From there, they begin a nighttime campaign of eliminating Teemo’s guards on their patrols and start a misinformation campaign trying to blame a rival Hutt for the deeds (perhaps Bargo the Hutt is looking to move in on Teemo’s turf. ) After a series of smart decisions by the players and bad rolls by Thweek (Teemo’s spy who was sent to see what was going on), the campaign seems to be working. There has also been some hijinks involving Lowrick wanting to cuddle with a drunk and another player leaving a gamorrean’s leg where it can be possibly connected to the wookie. Other than that, Teemo’s forces have nothing to work with OTHER than the rumors that are being placed. As far as Teemo is concerned, the insurgency is possibly Bargo’s mercs or a serial killing wookie, not necessarily connected to the scum that escaped his wrath a week before. Since the team is about to start their third day of doing this, I can pretty much throw away the rest of the Module other than the maps as no sane Hutt would keep his defenses so light and Palace so open as they are presented there. I’ve been keeping a count of forces in town and how many have been eliminated. Now I have to make some decisions about Teemo himself. Will he call for aid? What kind? At what threshold of threat would he panic and leave? Just how much “fun” do I have with building this up vs. just letting this end and moving on to the next adventure? Do I just them them whittle down the forces and go for the kill? I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS! Teemo could call in the Imperial Lieutenant and his platoon, which would be a callback to the beginner box. I’m not loving that Imperial entanglement, but it might be his last resort if he lives that long. He’s been constructing battle droids, which is a plot point the players are totally unaware of! Mercenaries arrive to protect the palace and then are redeployed to go after Bargo if the players keep up their disinformation campaign. The Gand Bounty Hunter from Geonosis comes looking for them, still after the $50K bounty. I have to admit, my group is going about this so entertainingly and strategically, I almost want them to be able to take over the town. That might not make story sense though since this is Tatooine and Teemo is related to Jabba.
  10. Remember, Watto was negotiating. His statement is unreliable.
  11. I am a big believer in transponder codes being a problem if a ship is stolen or you attack Imperials directly. This does bring up GM challenges though. The Long Arm of the Hutt suggests if the PCs go back to Tatooine on the Krayt Fang, they will have the same entry as exit... Tie Fighters. But if they are fighting TIEs, then what about the ship they come from? Why wouldn't they REALLY draw wrath when they attempt/make planetfall? How do they lose an ISD (or whatever) carries the TIEs when the planet is being watched? Maybe I'm just tired, but I'm struggling.
  12. Especially at lower fear check levels. For example, an average fear check will often result in positive results for the PCs. Isn't that a little gamey?
  13. Thanks folks. A lot to ponder. I'm kinda liking the idea that this person is a non-sensitive academic. Maybe a proffessor on-the-run because they were caught hoarding forbidden knowledge. I think my group would really be triggered by the notion of book burning!
  14. I'm in the early stages of a campaign and my PCs are now in Nabat, about to go through Long Arm of the Hutt, assuming they don't just try to steal a ship and leave. I'm allowing FaD characters and I'd like to let them meet a mentor type to kick off their journey with the force. The problem is this group always wants to recruit pretty much every PC they can (we are an old D&D 3.5 group) so I don't want them to be too powerful, and also need an excuse to not have them join up, etc. I don't want someone that would be powerful-enough to solve all their problems (like an Obi Wan). Maybe someone who has studied the lore but isn't too powerful themselves? I also realized I was being a little thick-headed in assuming the character would be Human or Twilek (since we're on Ryloth) but then I realized it could be something else maybe. Anyways, just hoping to workshop some ideas for this character here, or even generate some useful NPCs. I'm also going to need some contacts for "jobs" at some point.
  15. I'll admit, I wasn't prepared for Mathus to fail the easy check. 4 Int with a rank in astro shouldn't fail an easy check. But he did, with 5 advantage. I let them get to Ryloth a few hours later than expected and dropped the enemy fighter on them immediately, but they rolled great initiative and deleted the fighter in one turn. I feel like I coulda done better with a failure... Posting at 3am with a bit of gamer's high from an otherwise great session. Just wish I'd come up with a better way of handling failed astrogation. The problem is, the scenario says they are low on fuel and HAVE to go there. hard to improvise this early in a campaign.
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