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  1. I'll admit, I wasn't prepared for Mathus to fail the easy check. 4 Int with a rank in astro shouldn't fail an easy check. But he did, with 5 advantage. I let them get to Ryloth a few hours later than expected and dropped the enemy fighter on them immediately, but they rolled great initiative and deleted the fighter in one turn. I feel like I coulda done better with a failure... Posting at 3am with a bit of gamer's high from an otherwise great session. Just wish I'd come up with a better way of handling failed astrogation. The problem is, the scenario says they are low on fuel and HAVE to go there. hard to improvise this early in a campaign.
  2. RecklessFable

    Critical Hits on Minions

    Page 158 EoE: "In addition, a character can only generate one Critical roll per hit on a target. However, if the roll generates enough advantage to trigger the critical rating of the weapon multiple times, the character can choose to add +10 to the critical injury roll for each subsequent trigger" So that seems to indicate you can kill one minion with a crit and the rest of the minions receive the damage as normal. You can't crit more than once.
  3. RecklessFable

    Suggest Some Droid-Hostile Work Environments

    Corrosive environs might destroy a droid in a week without maintenance but a humanoid can replace skin cells etc. It might take several months for one to go blind and then become either useless or just slow.
  4. RecklessFable

    Looking for a few one-shots

    My group is having trouble all getting together to push forward with out campaign, so while I have 2-3 of the 5 available to play, I'd like to run some one-shots. I see a lot of stuff on the resources pinned-thread, can anyone vouch for any of them? Any others worth doing? I'd like to be able to close them out in 3-4 hours without having to run a second session since I never know who is showing up.
  5. When I'm a player, I love playing characters that pick up things along the way. Kind of like being a MacGyver of murder. In starfinder I have a warrior that has weapon specialization in everything so I can use whatever is the best thing I can get my hands on. The interesting thing about doing that in Star Wars is that, for once, it would make loot drops important.
  6. But my binder is already full!
  7. I'm not sure there is a point in trying to do this mechanically. This is a narrative plan, and that is fine. Assume there are enough X to achieve Y and make the actual missions about requiring X and then luring the ISD into the trap. I mean, if this plan works flawlessly than why not just grab a fleet of ISDs? It just gets a bit gamey after that.
  8. RecklessFable

    Troupe-style Play

    But the Miranda-class is already made of Exploldium! The whole hull should be painted red!
  9. RecklessFable

    "Stealing" a droid

    On the topic of memory wipes, I feel like it should be a daunting check or something unless you have certain tools. Otherwise the PCs would just run around wiping droids all the time.
  10. RecklessFable

    "Stealing" a droid

    Need help brainstorming this: My PCs are going to need a ship soon and it is possible there won't be a mechanic (or medic) among the regular players. I'd like to give them a chance to have droids "back a the ship" to fill in certain roles when the party is short. However, I don't want to just give them 10s of thousands of credits without effort. I've been thinking about what is involved in "stealing" a droid. Are they loyal without a restraining bolt? At what intelligence level do they become their "own being", etc. For example, if the ship they steal happens to have a repair droid aboard already, what would be involved in making that droid not just sabotage the ship? What if they kill the former owner? Medical droids might be even tougher since they have to be more sentient. Note: I'm going to just let the missing players have their characters become "invisible ghosts" when they aren't at a session and then let them act normally when they are back. There will be no mention of whether they were there or not and NPCs will generally have attitudes about the group more than PCs specifically.
  11. RecklessFable

    How long does Star Wars RPG campaign last for?

    We've got a problem in a game in which I'm a player where one character is making combats trivial with the Jury-Rigged autocritomatic. And that is at only 300XP. I think there is a lot to be said for how the build matters, not just the XP.
  12. RecklessFable

    Knights of Fate questions

    You folks are awesome! Thanks for the info and ideas!
  13. RecklessFable

    Knights of Fate questions

    I should probably also say that so far we have been core book only. However if I go out and buy a book the GM will let me use it to advance my character, I've got 225 invested
  14. RecklessFable

    Knights of Fate questions

    Yeah, I guess when I was concerned about being Brawn-based I meant out of combat (though it would be nice to be able to deal with jetpack foes). My character is bad at pretty much everything except Coercion. I was hoping for maybe some sort of angle that a warrior might have wisdom in battle from reading people or maybe gain mechanical skills from needing to maintain weapons. I guess I'll just dump points cross-class. Feels like such a waste.
  15. Ashoka is on the cover, but from the conversations I see, it seems like this is more like the book of thugs. Is there anything about her dual blade style? For my own Warrior, I am hoping to be able to grow my character beyond just being Brawn based, which really is rather limiting out of combat. Would this book help, or do I just need to start sinking points into non-spec stuff?