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  1. Well, that is what the question is about, would such a thing be good in the official rules or as a house rule, either way I see no reason it hurts the narrative style of role play. IF something like this is put into the final draft I can see it as something a player can use to imagine his character and how they would play it in an environment hostile to where it came from. If not (as I sure it will not be being that this is just an idea being harmlessly kicked around) it could alway be incorporated into house rules which this system is VERY friendly to, thank you FFG team! Having been (and am) a 1st ed AD&D, D20, OGL 3.5 player I find the over use of rules really got into the way of great game playing and I feel anything put in the rules should help players Role their character, not Roll. I expressed this to Jay Little on the reasons I loved playing EotE. Either way seeing this added or not added does not bother me in the least, but I think it is more of a Role then Roll thought.
  2. Oh, I never said I wanted to see him slathering himself in lotion. I would have rather seen him dry up into Jar Jar Jerky to feed to a Dewback.
  3. I can understand your frustration. I have friends and family in Norge and it is pain sometimes to get things mailed there in a 'speedy' amount of time without having high shipping costs. When I was in the airlines we had to ship items to Bergen for repair or re-tooling and it was an arm and leg for shipping if we had to get it there now.
  4. Hey all, Looking over the rules of the Mon Cal's and thought that the race trait under amphibious should also have the additional rules: If the Mon Cal character is in excessive arid conditions, such as on the Dune Sea on Tatooine, without a chance to have moisture that they suffer either a point or two of stress or a setback die used in any rolls until that character can get to a more 'humid' area (starship, building or even a moisture suit). One of the many things that bothered me about Star Wars: Episode One was that you had Jar Jar Binks, who is also amphibious, running around the hot dry weather of Mos Espa and not seeming to be bothered by it at all when one would figure that his skin should be drying out and chapping so bad that he would wish he had a body sized container of 'Chap Stick' to use. Any thoughts on this?
  5. I think I will be looking at Miniature Market as my top choice for future orders of gaming supplies . They seem to be very focused on their customers and are quick to look into any problems that might come up. Most of my game stores are a distance away so it is nice to have this resource available to me.
  6. Me too!! Me too!! I'm doing the ecstatic Wookie shuffle...it's very much like your Happy Jawa Dance...exept taller...and hairier. I would do the Wookiee Shuffle except for the fact that a Jawa doing so looks like a bald Ewok in a sackcloth. Oh, what the heck, I am doing the Wookiee Shuffle for my copy has arrived today, and on my Birthday no less.
  7. Woo Hoo! I got my notice also!!! Doing The Happy Jawa Dance!
  8. If I remember right WEG had that the Z-95 Headhunter was one of the most altered starfighter staring out looking more like a F-16 then an X-Wing, so i can see these being part of the Z-95 lore. I like their looks.
  9. FFG just announced on Facebook that the AoR Beta is now available at their game center, maybe it will be available online tomorrow.
  10. I did the beginners game with three 11 year old girls (my daughters and a friend) It took a couple of days but they LOVED it and we are progressing to the Core Rulebook now. I figure that I should start 'em young, in fact I wish I was that young when I started RPG's.
  11. I think Dragonstar with EotE rules could and should be done. I believe what it will take is a group to homebrew the tweaks into that world and divorce it from the D20 D&D world. I have many thoughts on that and cannot wait to see how the Force works with the last Core Book of FFG's system. I am sure that could be converted from for powers to spells (both wizard and cleric). But who knows, maybe FFG sees a sleeping dragon with Dragonstar. This was my favorite system until EotE came out, and I still love it now.
  12. I was doing the same thing, then I switched to Al Bundy and his 4 touchdowns in one game and went for it. come one... ...give us a 'WOOOOOO BUNDY' and do it!
  13. Well, I broke down and ordered it, but I have no ETA on delivery. I wonder if some retailers have their shipments while others do not which is the cause of the delay and maybe MM has some ready to go when the flag drops.
  14. I believe that the proper approach to playing an Imp is this: There are good people on the bad side. Anyone looking at history can point to people and ask 'WHY are you on that SIDE?' You can play an Imp who has been misinformed (do not let propaganda indoctrination fool you, it works), agrees with the concept of order after the chaos of the Clone Wars, or just plain ignorant of all the facts (which kinda, not fully, goes to the first point). A crafty GM can throw some nice situations to the players and see how they react to it. Say they are told to wipe out an entire city for no reason other then to instill fear. Do they do it and fail loosing a bit of humanity or do they find a creative way to get around that (maybe they find out that the Imps want ONE person and they feel wiping the entire city out so now its a man hunt, but one with the clock counting). I think playing Imps can be a very challenging and rewarding experience with the proper GM and players and imagine what you can do with them as you run them up to Endor and the end of the Empire. What do they do then? The character who loved the Empire because of order now watching the order maker breaking into chaos. Just my couple of credits on that.
  15. If they are still on the boat its time for the drum beaters to beat faster so those oar men row faster... ... or we will have to find new ways to motivate them.
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