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  1. Hey man glad you and your SO are having fun. My wife played for a little bit but our game is SW: Destiny. But I have been playing since wave 1, and conpeteive since wave 2. And from my observation this forum has a lot of salt and is toxic because: 1- they bought the game so they feel entitled to a perfect product. But they forget it's a game, and games always have flaws. You can only find so much in play testing. And sometimes the line between a casual card and a competitive card OR an okay card and a broken card is razor thin. 2- some players are just bad. And they want to blame X, Y and Z for why they can't beat the meta. I was this way when Phantoms first came out. The lists "I wanted to play" ALWAYS lost to them. If I wanted to win at events, there were lists "I needed to play". That's a big hurdle for people to get over. Hope you enjoy the game man. There is A LOT of fun to be had.
  2. This is bad for shops, distributors and customers. Alliance prices are generally higher than distributors like Southern Hobby. They have trouble maintaining stock, their online ordering is horrible and now there is 0 competition so Alliance runs the show for prices and stock. So if your local shop is looked at as a small fish to their Alliance rep, they'll be treated as such when it comes to order quantities. Example: Store A on average orders 7000$ worth of product . Store B on average orders 1800$ worth of product. Awakenings boosters come in for restock and both stores request 7 boxes. But Alliance has 11 boxes. In order to keep the high value Customer happy they give store A it's full order, while B gets the remaining 4 boxes. When the fair deal would be 6 and 5. This deal stinks, real bad
  3. I made a playmat of Kylo to use when playing Destiny. A friend of mine also commissioned me to make him a playmat as well of Jar-Jar I have been trying to push my art abilities further and further and while I know i still have a lot to learn. I feel like i have come a long way, at least proud enough to do something like this. And I can't wait to try and make a few more mat's of different things. So i hope you guys enjoy them
  4. FFG has to negotiate that with LFL and Disney.Its way more complicated than everyone seems to think. I am somewhat familiar with the process. They have to get approval for stuff in print if they are doing it but they should be able to provide links to 3rd party websites covering the event. Also, its not like they don't have 6 months to work it out with LFL for worlds in May. Sure there's 6 months, but that's if they are willing to go for it (Dis/LFL)Everything involved is potentially at risk. FFG is more than likely fine doing it all themself. They have a very exclusive and lucrative license. Why risk it? They literally have nothing to lose staying the corse and everything to lose opening live broadcasts to 3rd parties.
  5. FFG has to negotiate that with LFL and Disney. Its way more complicated than everyone seems to think.
  6. 1: X-Wing is not FFGs only title. Those games and their fans deserve coverage. 2: LFL is very strict and according to an FFG OP they had to negotiate being able to commentate/brodcast their LFL material.
  7. That's just asking too much
  8. I got tossed out to the data entry and was told I had incorrect info, and it wouldn't let me fix it. When I refreshed, it was closed :/ Same here. At 8am I was on/at the payment screen for over half an hour. Then lobbed out, then it said it was closed.
  9. I could see Asmodee letting Imp Vets out early just in case the British did something dumb like LEAVE THE EU. Can't blame Asmodee from getting some extra cash as the country imploded. I work for a fortune 25 company. This week we got an email saying fall bonuses will drop 3% and matching 401k contributions will max at 3% (normally 4%). Is that sh*tty, sure. But I'd rather keep my job as they soften the blow the British dealt the world yesterday. If selling imp vets early is to prevent some losses and save some jobs, why be a ***** about it?
  10. Your theories are bad and you should feel bad
  11. Tried vassel. It was clunky, over complicated and not user friendly.
  12. You may not find it acceptable, but it is allowed by the rules. So the only thing you could do at that point is try to either convince the TO to call it unsporting, and do what's appropriate. Or walk away from the table if the other guy insists on doing it. Because in that case you do not have the rules on your side. Its abusing the rules is it not?
  13. It's dickish. But I find it unacceptable to "check for target lock" on a ship that's like range 5, to see if you need to barrel roll away from a ship at range 2.
  14. The delima there is that online stores don't offer the local to play this game. The local stores are where most people play. So it seems counterintuitive to buy online and play at the store who is generating reduced sales in a game no one buys there. Then the seller goes do I stock and support a game no one buys here? Nope.
  15. I would ban Engine Upgrade I would make Agromech unique. Ships with Engine aren't broken. It's just made a lot of annoying meta changes.
  16. You're complaint is bad and you should feel bad.
  17. Bold statement. I'd be lying if I said this hadn't crossed my mind as well.
  18. I'm with you Jeff. Because it's "legal" doesn't make it right to blatantly exploit it. And I question those who speak out against ID and then use it. Or use it and tell people to write FFG about how you didn't like what they did. If a company hates loop holes, exploits a loop hole, shows the public the money they made from the loop hole and says this is wrong, then keeps the money. Is a screwed up but legal situation.
  19. At CAC I ran: Palp shuttle Academy pilot Wampa Omega leader w/ juke & comms Howlrunner I went 6-0 the whole day and took home 1st place. I went against U-boats imps and rebs and had a blast.
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