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  1. Oh no, first hand experience?! Pshaw. I have my ideas and will stick to them.
  2. Well you looked like you were doing a bit of weathering already... they’ve got some texture! Just thought it was a useful and simple trick:)
  3. Looks great! You know a simple trick for weathering vehicles that you might like? Grab a bit of sponge (even cut up a kitchen sponge, whatever, as long as you can get one with the smaller holes you can find) and get a bit of silver or brownish “rust” colored paint, and then dab around edges of vehicles. It gives a nice worn effect! Here is a pic of my AT ST... you can see where I did this along the top edges of the head and legs in particular.
  4. Neal is a class act, I’d be shocked if he didn’t at least get you your money back. Been ordering from them for years.
  5. I would have liked a grander scale, but I do enjoy the Legion minis. Thoe Legion At Ats look boss:)
  6. Hm, actually, the OP said “fully used,” which I take to mean “you cannot use the SSD in all of its forms” in a regular game, which is factually accurate.
  7. Very nice! So different forces depending on the table? The basing, esp on the Endor figures, is first rate!
  8. Yeah, this is happening to everyone.
  9. Anyone else getting a warning when trying to access this forum, about there being an issue with the certificate?
  10. Nice! Yeah, someone else told me that, and I tried it out, and it did seem to work out. 99 percent of painting is just stealing tips from other people:). The minis look great... very cold!:)
  11. Hah! It comes with practice. The thing with doing the black first is that it gets rid of the “surprised” look. Still takes practice (and a steady hand) to get right, but...
  12. Word of advice with eyes… Don’t paint them white and then do a black dot in the middle, instead paint them black and two white dots at the corner. Gives a little bit of a better look.
  13. Holy "Ask and you shall receive." Hey! No Clone Wars until I get a four way with three Swedish models!
  14. So, here is my test figure... trying to go simple. Does the simple gray outline technique work? And does he need a satin varnish? Its odd, he looks like he has a strange texture in the photo... not sure why. Not a flattering photo, I suppose.
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