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  1. Lord Ashram

    Jyn Unboxing!

    Can I ask... how do people get these figures early?
  2. Lord Ashram

    Ok, Commanders and Operatives are good now...

    Yeah, count me in on the “we don’t need that many corps units” side. Imperials should be stormtroopers. Lots of stormtroopers. Maybe Imperial army guys. That’s about all we’ve seen in any numbers. heroes are where it’s at.
  3. The smaller one in that photo would be just fine for games for 99 percent of players.
  4. Lord Ashram

    Excited for Death Troopers and Achivement

    I’ve gotta keep it canon:) Not a lover of painting black. My Vader and Emperor turned out good, but I didn’t enjoy it!:)
  5. Lord Ashram

    Excited for Death Troopers and Achivement

    Can’t WAIT for them... they will be a great addition to the imperial ranks. That said... I am NOT looking forward to painting them. Blech.
  6. Lord Ashram

    Bonus Wookie brings reinforcements Added Scout Troopers

    Love those rebels... that sandy color came off well! I do have to ask... why is each unit based differently? That’s unusual.
  7. Lord Ashram

    A 6/10mm Star Wars tabletop wargame?

    Ah, okay, thanks... tracking through some of those links I've managed to find the one I was looking for! Thanks!
  8. Lord Ashram

    Don't Hassle the Hoth

    Ahh, I was looking for this! Hey, can I ask, where did you get that Leia and Luke and all of those other characters? They aren't in the Battle of Hoth Ertl kit...?
  9. Lord Ashram

    10mm epic legion! I wish

    Patox, is this yours?
  10. Hey all, Okay, I know people have done this, but I cannot find the links... does anyone have any links to people who have done an Epic-scale Star Wars game? There was a guy who did a Hoth game that looked great and I had questions about, but I can't find it... Thanks!
  11. Lord Ashram

    10mm epic legion! I wish

    And ****, someone posting their Hoth setup with all the characters, but I have no idea where they found them... anyone know where that was? Argh!
  12. Lord Ashram

    10mm epic legion! I wish

    Okay, two boxes just arrived! Now here is the thing... do I paint them Hoth style? Or do I go with regular grass bases? Argh! Also, I have to find character figures now for everything...
  13. Lord Ashram

    10mm epic legion! I wish

    Because of this thread, I went out and grabbed some of the Ertl sets. I might look for some other stuff. I'll post photos when I get them together:)
  14. Lord Ashram

    New vehicles!

    I have to say, not too interested. Might do the landspeeder without the hardpoint on the front?
  15. Lord Ashram

    Are people on eBay insane?

    I enjoying the breakdown, even if we work at different speeds!