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  1. Yeah, I am used to fairly exact language, which is why this threw me off:)
  2. Hey guys, okay, a few more questions! So with Masters of Evil, it just says to go through the discard and encounter deck to pick a minion. How do you decide? Like, the first one you find? And which deck should you do first? It feels very wishy washy. For Klaw, I know he gets an extra boost card when he attacks... is that ONLY in the original phase, when he engages hero cards? Or, if we get an encounter later where it says "The villain attacks" does he STILL get two boost cards? I'm afraid we may not be doing boost cards correctly. If a hero is exhausted because he defends, can he switch to alter ego during his turn? If he can, he cannot HEAL, right? That's it for now! We are just still struggling with Klaw... that **** threat builds up so fast!
  3. Perfect, thanks for confirming that! Klaw has been kicking our *** a bit... 🙂
  4. Hi all! Sorry, I read that, and I understand, thanks!:) Got another thing... I THINK we are playing it right, but wanna check. If you defeat a side scheme, it just goes right back into discard and can then be available again on a reshuffle, correct? So in theory you can have to tackle the same side scheme more than once in a game? Just checking, because it seems strange to have Killmonger challenging for the throne so many times...? Thanks!
  5. Where? I don’t see Cap for sale anywhere?
  6. Hey man, thanks for the answer! Got it on the schemes. In terms of Wakanda Forever, I only ask because I got the Ancestors card as I was on basically my last hand or two before a reshuffle, and was able to get basically every Wakana Forever card back in. Given its low cost (and a few SHIELD helicarriers) Black Panther basically WRECKED the villain over a turn or two with like four plays of the card, and I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing it wrong!
  7. Hi all, Okay, got a few follow-up! So we are trying Klaw for the first time. He seems to have two schemes... an 1 scheme and a 2 scheme. But I'm not sure how it sets up... does he have BOTH schemes to begin with, both on A? Or do you stack them like you do the Villain cards, with the 1 scheme on top and the 2 scheme on bottom, and you go from 1A to 1B, and then when that is solved you move on to 2A and 2B? Second, about Black Panther... if he has several Wakanda Forever cards in his hand and can pay the cost to play them, can he "run through" the black panther upgrades several times in one turn? I assume yes...? Thanks much!:D I'm sure I'll have more questions as we "dig" into Klaw!
  8. It’s a shame... my son is SO enjoying the game, but can’t spend forty bucks or whathaveyou for an expansion, you know?
  9. Awesome, thanks so much, I'll give them a read!
  10. Aw crap, I missed that, thanks! So I add one to my hand. Got it.
  11. Awesome, I will DEFINITELY give it a watch, thanks!
  12. Ah... okay, why do I draw an extra card for Rhino? Sorry, I don't know the cards by heart yet:( Okay, good to know about the allies. I (Spidey) had one early... Black Cat, I think? But she ended up taking 2 damage in the turn two Rhino attack, to defend my son, who was Iron Man... and I didn't have a lot else that could have helped... I had the Spidey Tracker, and the Helicarrier, and a few others, but never played them because they didn't seem too useful yet... and my son, because he was Iron Man, was drawing only one card... obviously a tactical error:) Thanks so much, and ANY other super beginner advice is REALLY really welcome... I've been gaming for years and years and years, but I've never quite run into a game where I've been so thoroughly confused (fighting through the flu and a parent in the hospital doesn't help with stamina and patience!:D)
  13. Ah, okay, thanks much! So yes, defending is a choice, and if you do it, you cannot attack or thwart or anything in the next turn. I assume that you cannot use your card power or anything too, right? Like... exhausted is exhausted? But your HAND is useable? Ahhhh VERY interesting about Iron Man! So basically the idea is stay as Tony Stark as you draw hands, then "using" your tech upgrades (which puts them in play "permanently" on the table) which, in turn, increases your hand size when you finally switch over to Iron Man? Okay, got it! No problem on the photo, I just figured maybe folks would look at it and be all like "Oh, you shouldn't be able to have X card on the table at this point!" or something. Basically we've got Rhino with his horn as an upgrade, the main scheme has a bunch of... scheme... on it, and then the bank robbery scheme with a bunch of scheme on it, and then the Vulture sub-scheme with a bunch of scheme on it. Tony has a completely empty hand (courtesy of his one card being taken by Vulture) and Spidey has four cards and is both confused and engaged by Vulture. That all make... sense?:) Thanks again @Chudley I really appreciate it!:)
  14. Okay, my first few questions.... So I exhausted my hero to defend against an attack. You appear to only ready at the end of a player turn. So does my hero enter the next round exhausted? Can he change form? Is the idea that you choose not to defend in order not to exhaust yourself, so you can do stuff in your upcoming turn? So we have Iron Man with a single card in his hand. At the start of the phase, it says draw up to your hand, which for iron man is one card. So does he just stay with one card? Is the idea that you should discard that single card to get another? Confused by this. Follow up... Iron Man had a single card in his hand... it was taken away by Vultures side scheme Highway Robbery. Because you only draw cards at the end of the player phase, does Iron Man enter the round with no cards in his hand? Finally, here is a photo of the game set up at the end of turn three. Does everything look... right? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the minion and side schemes...? There seems to be so much scheme in there? Iron man has zero cards in his hand and spidey only has four because one of each got stolen by Vulture. Thanks so much!
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