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  1. I figured that was likely the case, given that the rule of thumb for this game is to interpret rules in the worst possible way for the players (Sauron always plays dirty), but thematically it didn't make that much sense to me. When you get to the second quest stage, it seems like you're still searching for the dragon, and haven't found it yet!
  2. Question regarding the Forced effect for the Fire-drake in the King's Quest. The effect reads: Does the effect trigger if the Fire-drake is already in the staging area when the active location is explored? I can interpret it either way. Either (1) both clauses after the comma are linked -- if the first doesn't happen, the second is canceled; or (2) the clauses are independent, and the second happens regardless of whether the first does. I would think that if it were the second interpretation, then FFG would have clarified with a parenthetical to the effect of, "Fire-drake returns to the staging area (if not already in the staging area)...", but perhaps they were just saving space.
  3. I just spent some time Ebaying plastic miniatures with various keywords, and managed to eventually find some random off-brand figures that work pretty well for elves, various men, dwarves, and hobbits. They vary a bit in terms of detail, but they're all about the right size and they do add a nice bit of flavor to the board. The Reaper miniatures have some reasonable options: Hobbit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Reaper-Miniatures-Bergamot-Halfling-Scout-44037-Bones-Black-Unpainted-Plastic/153572965579 Dwarf: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Reaper-Miniatures-Durok-Dwarf-Ranger-77480-Bones-Unpainted-Plastic-Mini-Figure/153646048644 Elf: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Reaper-Miniatures-77021-Elf-Archer-Lindir-Plastic-Bones-Mini/362681278188
  4. Does that work? The actual text of Helm of Secrecy reads: Does moving an attachment count as attaching it?
  5. Then I'd say go for it. The games are generally a good deal quicker, and you don't need to take care of a bunch of (finicky) mechanics, which can sometimes bog down the LCG.
  6. It's not a bad game, and I quite enjoyed playing through it. Not for everyone, but also not a bad game. That said, you should understand two things before you buy: (1) it is not, as gokubb pointed out, a clone of the tabletop -- in fact, it plays like a whole different game; (2) it is no longer being supported since FFI dissolved, so there won't be new content and bugs probably won't get fixed.
  7. "I don't always hold a torch, but when I do, I burn my fingers." -Spirit Aragorn
  8. Via Thorongil, Spiragorn does have some powerful synergy with Leadagorn's innate readying ability. You could both nuke a location and then quest on top of it. If you can load up Aragorn with willpower, could (maybe) be worth it to get the setup in place. Actually, a Gray Wanderer version of this with Strider could be cool.
  9. There are a couple of situations described in MDuckworth83's review of The End Comes on RingsDB that apply to Bilbo's Plan (which gets around the main problem with The End Comes -- it's stupid Dwarf-leaves-play restriction):
  10. Maybe the idea is that this is the central encounter deck mat, and then each player brings their own individual player deck mat?
  11. I'm more amused by the thought of Sam carrying Beorn around. “I know. It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here, Mr. Beorn."
  12. What we need is a card that turns allies into mounts!
  13. I think it's most likely they will stick with the basic weapons, and simply add new Tier II and III (and IV??) options that give flavor and new abilities (though they could make a base two-handed sword). There is significant design space to explore through the upgrade tiers without having to bloat the basic gear options. However, they seem to have already branched out from "Dagger" to "Knife", so who knows? I think it's likely we'll get additional armor and a shield (just makes sense within the lore). I also am most intrigued by the Warhammer. My guess is that it will Sunder (bashing through armor). Would be interesting it could hit very big, but also had a higher risk of whiffing. For example, the base version could have just an option for 2+ successes that deals like 6 damage or so, but nothing if you only get 1 success.
  14. Pretty much, yes. Depending, of course, on your feelings about scooping. I believe that Seastan has put together a basic set of parameters for how much willpower, defense, and attack the heroes ought to be able to muster consistently on the first turn in order to be a good lineup.
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