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  1. Hey there. Sorry to come late to the party, but I just wrote up my own version of the Codex, compiling all of the quotes info I could find on it. I don't pretend to be a military genius, but I do teach military history at Japan's National Defense Academy (it's basically just glorified English teaching, but I have learned a lot in my time there). Anyway, I would love if some of you could check out the following link and let me know what you think. Plus, ideally, edit it to "declassify" more chapters, verses, and remarks. Then, over time, we as community could work it up to proper length... http://www.dakkadakka.com/wiki/en/The%20Apocrypha%20of%20Skaros
  2. Relic is great even without expansions, and no one forces you to buy them. Oh, c'mon, what IvanB's saying is that every gamer, deep down, desires a sense of completion. I actually stopped playing Conquest 'cause I know my set's not complete - am waiting for all the bits to be released so that I can buy them all at once. That being said, Relic could definitely use a couple more expansions before feeling "complete".
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    Necromunda card game, please! Or expansion for Relic...
  4. Necromunda card game, please! Or expansion for Relic...
  5. OMG! Please, please, please make a Necromunda card game - either an LCG like Conquest or a normal one like Blood Bowl: Team Manager. I'd buy either in a heartbeat! I was so excited to see the Scum Lord and Hive Scum cards in Relic. Even just a Necromunda expansion for Relic would do the job - with a new, playable "Hive Ganger" character!
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    Necromunda, please! I would sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo love a Necromunda board and its associated cards (Goliaths, etc.). Just got the base game and Nemesis yesterday and am already looking forward to Halls of Terra!
  7. I really like the Dragon, but I understand the objections to it. It's the only expansion I can occasionally do without, and that's because it makes the game super-long. Also, I love the original adventure cards and fewer of those get drawn if you're always encountering scales… or tempted to even when you don't have to. One thing I love about it is the tower board - the side with the steps. My son and I play with the characters first going through the original Inner Region, then climbing the steps, fighting the Dragon King, and finally encountering one of the hidden alternative endings.
  8. How about a ship mechanic that allows you to have sea adventures on the way from the City's docks to the Outer Region? Something like a special card to show that your character is at sea and then sea cards he/she takes while there; maybe you have to take a certain number of cards (one per turn) to reach your destination… One other idea is a Monopoly-style deal with real estate the characters can buy; you could build castles/forts on spaces you "own"… and have cool little models for them.
  9. Just to be clear, the thing I really want to see is the sea in some form, and it seems like lots of people have mentioned that. I was so stoked to see the docks in the City expansion, but it's just left me wanting more…
  10. Great ideas, all. Here are my two cents: The last corner should be the Orient, with the Ninja and Samurai, etc. Only, you get there by getting on a ship from the village - and that means that half of the new spaces are sea ones that take you to the orient (and back). So, you could fight sea monsters and pirates along the way and then oni and tengu when you get there…
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