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  1. There is no such requirement. I can certainly see a player make a case that a Force Sensitive Exile might have been a youngling who somehow survived Order 66, but such a character could as easily be any of the Force-sensitive individuals who must have been born during the Clone Wars or the years leading up to them (when the Jedi were, after all, preoccupied), or during the Dark Times.
  2. I'll let Mr. Horvath share the limelight--he clearly listened and acted quickly.
  3. Very nice sheets. I never turn up my nose at free gaming stuff.
  4. The Destiny Point tokens are a nice bonus. Between the ones in the beginner game and the ones that came with the dice, I suspect I have enough to work with. I was pleasantly surprised to get the core book and GM kit on Saturday. I haven't been able to look at them as much as I'd like to, but they do look very nice.
  5. Nice art, although for some inexplicable reason this guy reminds me of a Rodian Shaggy....
  6. My dice came today, but judging by Amazon's order tracking, I'm not likely to see the core book and GM kit until Monday. Oh, well, I have work I should be doing this weekend....
  7. Not that I can see. That's the rig that Lobot had wrapped around his skull.
  8. There is a way. I saw it yesterday...it unfortunately isn't as simple as clicking an "Ignore" button. You have to go into your profile settings, where you can enter the names of users you want to ignore and choose to ignore messages, posts, signatures or all three.
  9. A lot of folks here are still waiting for their copies, but I'm sure someone will be able to oblige you very soon.
  10. Mine too (I ordered from CoolStuffInc via Amazon).
  11. *sigh* I only agree in the sense that releasing the other two big books now would spare the rest of us two years of this kind of bellyaching.
  12. I just don't see where not packaging dice with the core rulebook is supposed to be a strike against FFG. The only recent RPG I know of for which the core rules came packaged with custom dice is Cubicle 7's The One Ring. (I'm not counting C7's Doctor Who RPG, because although there were dice in the box, they were ordinary D6s.) Certainly none of the Fate system games have come packaged with Fudge dice...I had to buy those separately when I picked up the Dresden Files RPG. The point is, packaging dice, even "custom" or "specialty" dice, in core rule sets has not been all that common since boxed sets gave way to hardcover rulebooks. FFG isn't doing anything unusual in that regard.
  13. I don't really have a FLGS...at least, not one that I can get to without either a car or an inconvenient amount of free time, and I have neither.
  14. What are the three announced games? Any link to this info? The two remaining games after Edge of the Empire will be Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny. Some basic information here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3496.
  15. Amazon split my order. The current word is that I should get my dice on Saturday and the core book and GM kit on Monday next week. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that even with a holiday in the way, the orders might arrive on Friday and Saturday.
  16. So far, the new forums seem to be a tremendous improvement! I'm impressed...it seems like all of the changes to forums I frequent have been for the worse lately.
  17. Nashable said: it includes a 20 page pullout book of Stormtrooper love poetry. So that's why TK421 is never at his post!
  18. Kager said: What other content would you like to see explored in future books/supplements? Until I see what background material is covered in the core book, that's a hard call to make. Perhaps a book of plug-and-play shadowports?
  19. I also wouldn't be surprised if anti-vehicle weapons don't turn up until Age of Rebellion. It would make a certain kind of sense to cover as much as possible of the heavier military hardware in the game that deals specifically with galactic warfare.
  20. I think I can see the reasoning behind making Class Four droids available as player characters in the Beta. It seems logical enough, since Class Four droids, like many players, have few prohibitions against violence. I'm the strange sort who thinks it might be fun to play a protocol droid, though, and non-Class Four droids typically have programming restraints against violent actions. In most respects, the rules for Class Four droids would work fine for other classes, but there may be a couple of tweaks that could be made for playing non-combat droids. The first would be a way of representing behavioral restraints against violent actions. The rules for restraining bolts suggest a way of doing this: require a Daunting Discipline check for a player-character droid to perform any combat check. However, it seems to me that if a droid character is limited in this way, it deserves some extra starting experience, and I'm not sure how much would be justified. Any thoughts…?
  21. A couple of extra skills might just do the job, and Vigilance and Cool seem like good choices to me. I aagree that the equipment list stays pretty much the same.
  22. This question isn't a really big deal, but…I was thinking that I might set an EotE game a little earlier in the timeline, just a few years after the end of the Clone Wars, while clone troops would still be pretty common in the stormtrooper corps. From the movies, it sure looks like these guys would be a little more dangerous than non-clone stormtroopers such as those statted in the Beta rules. I don't feel like the characteristics for stormtroopers necessarily need to be beefed up. I wondered about making clone stormtroopers henchmen instead of minions, but that might make gameplay a little clunkier. Any ideas on how to make clone troops happen?
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