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  1. If you're using the group sheet from the core book (or the FFG website), you don't even need double-sided tokens. You can use coins or glass beads or what-have-you with the light side/dark side spaces on the sheet.
  2. More or less correct. There will be two other core books: Age of Rebellion (Rebels vs. Empire) and Force and Destiny (surviving Jedi during the Rebellion era). No mention yet of direct support for other eras, although the upcoming Beyond the Rim adventure does draw on the Clone Wars for backstory.
  3. I suppose that additional dice aren't totally impossible, but I'm not expecting to see anything like that. The existing dice may seem specialized, what with the color-coding and special symbols, but the core mechanic for EOTE really is pretty integrated. I don't really think FFG is trying for a collectible dice game.
  4. If they did leave it out on purpose...that's kinda awesome. They might have left it out because Kamino is technically in the Rishi Maze companion galaxy, and lies well outside the plane of the "main" galaxy.
  5. I salute your geek fu, sir. I never really tried to learn the Aurebesh or thought to check the subtitles in the core book.
  6. ...just in case it's absolutely vital to your game to know how many times you die instantly.
  7. You might want to check out the first EOTE adventure when it comes out. Beyond The Rim will be set, in part, aboard The Wheel. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4180
  8. Would he even fit? Do I remember Chewie firing one of the turrets once or twice in the old Brian Daley novels? It's been so long that I'm not sure.
  9. Very true. As I recall, that's exactly why single-seat Y-wing pilots lock the ion cannons in either a forward- or aft-firing position.
  10. Very shortly after Palpatine became Emperor. The Wookiees tried (unsuccessfully) to protect several refugee Jedi, and Vader and the Emperor took this as an excuse to enslave them.
  11. That might work. I wonder whether there will be any consideration of EOTE characters retaining Obligation while still using whatever AOR comes up with. After all, Han learned that joining the Rebellion didn't exactly get him off the hook with Jabba.
  12. Probably too many to kill just by ramming the bridge.
  13. "Our shabbily-maintained freighter can't repel firepower of that magnitude!"
  14. We'll see, I guess. I won't be surprised if the answer is "no," unless Age of Rebellion is going to have some radically different features.
  15. I like the idea of an explorer/exploration-themed sourcebook as an EOTE supplement. The implication of seedy, profit-driven exploration is so nicely different from the Star Trek approach....
  16. Thanks for your hard work and generosity in sharing this with us.
  17. If "alternate universe" includes a game world that ignores most of the EU storylines (I haven't tried to keep up in years), then I suppose I'd be using an alternate universe.
  18. That's not a bad idea...the book might present several canonical syndicates at different levels of influence, plus some original ones (probably on a sector or smaller scale), plus of course the creation guidelines.
  19. You mean Popeye didn't get that way by injecting watermelons?
  20. I'm not all that concerned that there are few ways to resist Force power; to my mind, that seems to reflect the movies pretty effectively. In ROTJ, for example, Vader reads Luke's surface thoughts about his sister with no evident difficulty, and I don't see any reason to believe that Luke--a trained Jedi at that point--could resist in any meaningful way. More arguably, the same thing might be seen in PM when Yoda reads or guesses Qui-Gon's opinions about Anakin.
  21. Too bad the game isn't set a few years earlier, or FFG could publish a catalog of ships from Lando Calrissian's used dealership on Nar Shaddaa. You just couldn't expect it to include that hot rod YT-1300 he keeps in back....
  22. There sure is. You can download a character sheet (and the group and vehicle sheets as well) right here: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=232&esem=4
  23. Sorry, there is no PDF and there probably won't be.
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