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  1. None I've ever heard. I don't recall any references to weights and measures in the movies, and the RPGs have always used metric measurements.
  2. Azalain had created a font with EOTE dice code icons back in about December. He had had a link to it in his signature, but that seems not to be there anymore....
  3. Thanks for compiling some useful information. I still have a complete set of Saga Edition books, but this saves me paging through them if I want to adopt their rates for services!
  4. As well as any other scoundrels and criminal scum who value a low profile, most likely.
  5. I haven't seen anyone admit to making an adversary sheet. Unless one of the assorted character sheets linked in the community resources thread suits your needs, you may want to go ahead and make your own.
  6. No yellow "Stormtrooper Line--Do Not Cross" tape over the entrances?
  7. Probably true. On the other hand, if the next round of movies ignores the EU as promised, it may push EU novels and comics definitively into "alternate universe" territory, and it'll be interesting to see how FFG has to respond to that.
  8. Interestingly, the slave girl outfit will provide more Defense than Boba Fett's battle armor.
  9. I wouldn't get my hopes up. Since the map in the core book is a rotated and redrawn version of the one in the Essential Atlas, releasing it separately would basically put two Lucasfilm licensees in competition with each other. I'm willing to bet that FFG's license specifically forbids that kind of thing.
  10. As far as I know, the only deckplans for a YT-1300fp are the ones for the Falcon--which may vary from a stock YT-1300fp, but it's as close as we get.
  11. If the FSE gets too noisy, it just might be certain doom for the party. "Lord Vader, paging Lord Vader..."
  12. Well, there's that and the fact that RPGs are a lot more entertaining than polo.
  13. You'll be remembered in my will for this. Unfortunately, that's not going to net you much....
  14. Nice work, Caied. If you ever feel like doing form-field versions of the vehicle and group sheets, I'll be happy to yoink them as well. Have a like.
  15. I know I do, but although Murray Gold may well be this generation's John Williams of television soundtracks, he just isn't the John Williams of Star Wars.
  16. It's a fair cop. Besides, if I'd been doling out the Dark Side points, Anakin would've gone over long before he did.
  17. Very nice-looking sheet. Good choice of species, too...I've felt like the Duros really could have had a place in the EOTE core book.
  18. It may not seem realistic, but I can't recall any of the characters in the movies clearly not being able to fly a ship or plot a hyperspace course. Surgery may stretch suspension of disbelief a bit more (I don't think we ever saw an organic doctor in the movies, actually!), but figure that not having any skill is going to limit players' willingness to try something like that a little bit.
  19. I'm curious as to how EOTE GMs are handling knowledge skills for galactic regions other than the Core Worlds and the Outer Rim Territories. I'm not really interested in house-ruling new skills for the Deep Core, Colonies, Inner Rim, Expansion Region, and Mid Rim, so I wondered whether anyone had hit on the idea of using the Core Worlds skill for the Deep Core, the Colonies, and maybe the Inner Rim, and Outer Rim for the Expansion Region, the Mid Rim, and probably for Wild Space. Naturally, for Wild Space, the Unknown Regions, or the Deep Core, some difficulty dice would be in order (a lot of them in the case of the Unknown Regions).
  20. That's a scan of the version from the Atlas, so yes, it's basically the same.
  21. My apologies, I couldn't find the search function. No need to apologize. I wasn't trying to criticize; I just thought that adding this question to the FAQ might help someone later on.
  22. This topic seems to come up at least once a week; should it be added to the FAQ thread?
  23. The version of the galactic map in the EOTE rulebook is an original as far as I can tell (although it does match the maps in the Essential Atlas). There isn't a digital version of this particular map at this time.
  24. The AT-EST seems to be an FFG original. Too bad they didn't include a picture of the thing.
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