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  1. I also wouldn't be surprised to see droids repeated; in fact, I think droids may be more likely than Wookiees. I agree that Sullustans and Mon Calamari are likely choices.
  2. In another thread, I suggested Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and the Young Guns/Young Guns II duology as good sources of inspiration for what can happen when group Obligation gets too high. I'm sure that only scratches the surface of what you could get from a Western.
  3. I know...I have the PDFs for a couple of editions of Traveller, though I haven't actually played it much. I just found it hard to resist the joke.
  4. I usually derive the Speed stat by dividing the Space speed in the WEG stats (which generally followed a 1-12 scale, quickly translatable into the 1-6 scale suggested by the ships in the EOTE core book) by 2. These ships are actually meant to have speed (but not maneuvering) capabilities on par with some starfighters--or in the Customs Corvette's case, with many of the souped-up freighters flown by the smugglers the ship is intended to stop. The Corellian Gunship, supposedly a dedicated anti-starfighter vessel, also has Speed 4 in the EOTE stats, and for much the same reason.
  5. And that's when you reveal that you're really playing Traveller and kill their next characters during character generation!
  6. Today's entry should be useful for EOTE GMs: the Imperial Customs Corvette. This one is pretty straightforward, as it is similar in size to the Corellian Corvette, Corellian Gunship, and Marauder Corvette from the core book. I leaned light where there was any doubt about what value to assign a stat, since the ICC really isn't meant for heavy combat. There is some discrepancy between sources on the ICC's weapons; WEG and Wookieepedia give it six double turbolasers, while the Saga Edition Starships of the Galaxy sourcebook changes these to laser cannons. I decided that turbolasers might be a little overpowered for the ICC's purpose, so I've gone with double heavy laser cannons. On the black market, these ships go for what the market will bear when they are available, and there is no above-board list price that PCs can pay since Rendili StarDrive supplies ICCs to the Imperial Customs Office through an exclusive contract, so like every other source I list these as "not available for sale." Wookieepedia and Starships of the Galaxy claim that the twenty troops assigned to an ICC are stormtroopers. I think this sounds fairly ridiculous for a customs ship and that Imperial Navy troopers (the closest thing I can see to "marines") are a more likely troop type. Your mileage, as always, may vary. Silhouette: 5. Speed: 4. Handling: 0. Def Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 2/1/1/1. Armor: 5. HT Threshold: 50. SS Threshold: 30. Hull Type/Class: Corvette/Light Corvette. Manufacturer: Rendili StarDrive. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 8. Navicomputer: Yes. Sensor Range: Medium. Ship’s Complement: 58 officers, gunners, and enlisted crew. Passenger Capacity: 20 troops. Encumbrance Capacity: 800. Consumables: 2 months. Cost/Rarity: Not available for sale. Customization Hard Points: 1. WEAPONS Six Turret Mounted Double Heavy Laser Cannons (Fire Arc All, Range [short], Damage 6, Critical 3, Linked 1).
  7. At least in the EU, all of the available X-wings were not assigned to the Yavin base. For example, the WEG version of the Star Wars RPG established the existence of a starfighter base on Tierfon that flew X-wings, and I rather suspect that the Alliance fleet had a complement as well. The Rebels had hidden factory bases turning out starfighters, and they weren't so desperate or so foolish as to put all their eggs in one basket until the opportunity arose to take out the Emperor himself at Endor. I think that the reason there are no X-wing stats in EOTE is that the design is effectively proprietary--the Incom design team defected to the Rebels and brought all of the X-wing plans and prototypes with them. No one else has the data to build them, and even if a few made their way into the fringe somehow, repair and maintenance would be difficult and expensive. By contrast, Y-wings came into service with the Republic during the Clone Wars, but the Empire rejected the design and Koensayr started marketing to other parties, which dumped a lot of Y-wings onto fringe markets where the Rebels (and many others) could acquire them easily.
  8. Here's some stats for the Strike-class medium cruiser. I figure this ship to be Silhouette 7, and that's about as large as I'm going to go--if I get too much bigger than the ships in the core book, I really am entering unknown territory on Defense, Hull Trauma, and System Stress. Besides, even this brute should be a sign to player characters that they've overstayed their welcome in a system, and I don't think that providing an assortment of Imperial ships really requires me to get into something like a Star Destroyer that should be a cue to start calculating a lightspeed jump rather than to stay and find out what kind of damage sixty turbolasers can inflict. Note that a Strike cruiser is supposed to carry a squadron of TIEs and a light ground assault's worth of surface vehicles. The descriptions of the Strike cruiser in the Imperial Sourcebook and on Wookieepedia note that the high modularity of its systems leads to a design flaw--it's possible to knock out entire groups of weapons, or possibly even break up the whole ship, with well-placed shots. The WEG and Saga Edition rules don't address this mechanically, but in EOTE it can be handled by rolling several dice worth of Triumph. Neither WEG nor Wookieepedia lists a price for these things, and I'm away from home without access to my Saga Edition books, so I don't know if they list one or not. I've followed the Imperial Sourcebook and just listed this as "Not available for sale" for the time being. Silhouette: 7. Speed: 3. Handling: 0. Def Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 3/3/3/3. Armor: 7. HT Threshold: 90. SS Threshold: 50. Hull Type/Class: Medium Cruiser/Strike-class. Manufacturer: Loronar Corporation. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 12. Navicomputer: Yes. Sensor Range: Long. Ship’s Complement: 2,112 officers, gunners, pilots, and enlisted crew. Passenger Capacity: 340 troops. Encumbrance Capacity: 9,600. Consumables: 1.5 years. Cost/Rarity: Not available for sale. Customization Hard Points: 3. WEAPONS Four Forward, Three Port, and Three Starboard Heavy Turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, or Starboard, Range [Long], Damage 11, Critical 3, Breach 4, Slow-Firing 2). Five Forward, Five Port, Five Starboard, and Five Aft Medium Turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Long], Damage 10, Critical 3, Breach 3, Slow-Firing 1). Four Forward, Three Port, and Three Starboard Medium Ion Cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Port, or Starboard, Range [Close], Damage 6, Critical 3, Ion). Two Forward, Three Port, Three Starboard, and Three Aft Medium Tractor Beam Projectors (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [short], Damage -, Critical -, Tractor 4).
  9. I'm surprised not to see the Millennium Falcon's repeated hyperdrive failures in Empire mentioned yet. Not only were Han and Lando rolling Despair repeatedly, their GM basically made a running gag of it.
  10. That's how I interpret the scene as well, and I think that Luke defeating Vader at the price of only narrowly escaping a fall to the Dark Side is a bit more dramatically meaningful than Luke defeating Vader through luck. (I do think that Vader was holding back up to the point where Luke charges him, though.)
  11. Another way you might deal with this is to make 01-10 part of the "no Obligation" range and assign the PCs 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, and so on. This way any of the PCs can roll doubles, and you don't have to rewrite the chart until they accumulate more Obligation.
  12. I'm getting the pictures from Wookieepedia, and there are a couple of nice ones of the Lancer there. I'm glad the stats work for you--just let me know if you think I'm doing something wrong.
  13. I'm trying to stick with capital ships of Silhouette 5 or 6 for now, both because they are presumably more numerous and EOTE characters are more likely to have to deal with (read: evade) them, and because there are at least a few models in the core book for smaller capital ships. My next entry is the Carrack-class light cruiser, an oldie but a goodie. The Imperial Sourcebook describes it as an older ship often used for naval system patrol, so PCs stand a decent chance of running afoul of one of these. They're highly reinforced and compartmentalized and have a reputation for crew survivability, which I've reflected in high hull trauma and system strain thresholds, and those heavy turbolasers pack a mean punch for a ship this size even if they are slow-firing. The Imperial Sourcebook notes that Carracks carry four TIE/rc fighters on external racks, but a small handful of recon TIEs probably don't provide a huge threat for PC ships. Neither the sourcebook nor Wookieepedia list a price for these, so I've arbitrarily set it somewhat higher than a Nebulon-B to reflect the reinforced bulkheads and internal compartmentalization as well as the slightly larger size of the Carrack. Silhouette: 6. Speed: 4. Handling: 0. Def Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 2/2/2/2. Armor: 7. HT Threshold: 80. SS Threshold: 50. Hull Type/Class: Light Cruiser/Carrack. Manufacturer: Damorlan Manufacturing. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 12. Navicomputer: Yes. Sensor Range: Long. Ship’s Complement: 1,092 officers, gunners, and enlisted crew. Passenger Capacity: 142 troops. Encumbrance Capacity: 5,600. Consumables: 1 year. Cost/Rarity: 8,720,000 credits [R]/7. Customization Hard Points: 1. WEAPONS Two Forward, Three Port, Three Starboard, and Two Aft Mounted Heavy Turbolasers (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Long], Damage 11, Critical 3, Breach 4, Slow-Firing 2). Five Forward, Five Port, Five Starboard, and Five Aft Mounted Light Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Close], Damage 5, Critical 3). One Front, Two Port, and Two Starboard Light Tractor Beam Projectors (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Close], Damage -, Critical -, Tractor 2).
  14. Just for the heck of it, I've started fiddling around with stats for some of the capital ships from WEG's old Imperial Sourcebook, and I thought it would be worth collecting some opinions. My first effort is the Lancer-class frigate (a semiexperimental anti-starfighter screening ship developed after the Battle of Yavin, according to WEG). I'm pretty happy with how this came together, but if anyone has any thoughts about hull trauma and system strain thresholds in particular, I'm not too proud to admit that I made these up completely on the fly with reference to the Marauder corvette and Nebulon-B stats in the core book. WEG's description notes that the Lancer's targeting systems are very finicky and that more than half the quads may not be fully operational on any given day. I think that the EOTE narrative dice system can be used pretty effectively to represent this design flaw, which neither the WEG nor the Saga Edition stats really took into account mechanically. LANCER-CLASS FRIGATE Silhouette: 6. Speed: 2. Handling: -1. Def Fore/Port/Starboard/Aft: 2/2/2/2. Armor: 6. HT Threshold: 68. SS Threshold: 35. Hull Type/Class: Frigate/Lancer. Manufacturer: Kuat Drive Yards. Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 15. Navicomputer: Yes. Sensor Range: Long. Ship’s Complement: 850 officers, gunners, and enlisted crew. Passenger Capacity: 40 troops. Encumbrance Capacity: 480. Consumables: 1 week. Cost/Rarity: 4,760,000 credits [R]/8. Customization Hard Points: 2. WEAPONS 5 Forward, 5 Port, 5 Starboard, and 5 Aft Firing Quad Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward, Port, Starboard, or Aft, Range [Close], Damage 5, Critical 3, Accurate, Linked 3).
  15. If you apply the same modifiers to vehicles and starships, it could help deal with the issue of too-light encumbrance capacities as well.
  16. Exactly. The Empire promises safety and security, and it looks bad when it doesn't deliver. Imperial law enforcement and Imperial bounty hunters (and, depending on who and what the PCs blow up, perhaps the military as well) would be all over mass murderers and plunderers like white on rice.
  17. Well, I'll understand if you prefer for penalties to be mechanical, but it seems to me that a lot of this can be dealt with on a roleplaying/story level. A Silhouette 0 character may find that it just isn't all that convenient being 0.96 meters tall in a galaxy built for 1.8-meter beings. The player of a Silhouette 0 character might also think about how high the character's Brawn really needs to be.
  18. I was thinking about this a little more over breakfast, and if you feel like picking up some fun movies, there are a few that might give you some ideas: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid ("Who are those guys?"): A decent account of what can happen when a pair of outlaws go too far and end up with the most implacable group of bounty hunters you've ever seen riding their tails. Also pretty funny in places. Young Guns and Young Guns II ("I'll make ya famous!"): Don't watch them as an accurate history of Billy the Kid. Billy and his cronies remind me a lot of your players as they go from quasi-legitimate enforcers to expendable lives, largely through a series of over-the-top, loose-cannon decisions (Billy almost always chooses the most violent possible solution in any situation, and his buddies seem not to know when it's time to cut loose). Serenity ("I aim to misbehave."): If you haven't watched the Firefly series, it's well worth it, but the movie can mostly stand on its own. All Mal and his crew do is harbor a pair of fugitives, but the Alliance wants them bad and sends in an Operative who enacts a scorched-earth strategy against all of their contacts, associates, and hideaways in an effort to smoke them out.
  19. I think it's fine to tell your players that their actions are going to start costing them in Obligation--representing the consequences of the players' decisions and their characters' actions is part of what the mechanic is there for. In their case, if they continue to behave this way, they will soon find that no one--not Black Sun, not Jabba, not no one--is willing to farm out work to a mob of rampaging loose cannons. It's just bad for their profiles, and it's bad for business, and these are businesspeople we're talking about, however seedy they may be. Unemployed and running from an Imperial bounty large enough to draw serious hunters is a situation that should give reasonable players a little pause. If they aren't reasonable players, well, there are natural consequences for that as well.
  20. A PDF is unlikely to happen, very probably because of licensing restrictions.
  21. "Bert the Hutt?" Does he keep pigeons and room with Ernie the Kowakian Monkey-Lizard?
  22. The WEG supplement Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters notes that Imperial "Most Wanted" bounties are usually over 200,000 credits. "Galactic bounties" range from 50,000-100,000+, "regional bounties" from 20,000-75,000, "sector bounties" from 3,000-50,000, and "local bounties" from 100-15,000. Those are typical ranges for Imperial bounties only. Private (corporate- or individually-posted) bounties seem to vary a lot more; the supplement lists posting fees but no "typical" bounties. Illegal bounties, such as Jabba put out on Solo and Chewbacca, also vary widely, but presumably have to be competitive with any Imperial or private bounties on the same individual to draw the same attention. We know from Return of the Jedi that Jabba initially offered 25,000 (credits?) for Chewbacca and settled for 35,000, so illegal bounties are apparently at least somewhat negotiable, especially if the bounty hunter is holding a thermal detonator. I would guess that Jabba's bounty on Solo was probably well over 50,000 credits, and maybe even on a par with an Imperial Most Wanted bounty, to attract Boba Fett's attention.
  23. Aha! Good catch. I salute your superior geek fu.
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