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  1. 110 hours with a Class Two, and yes, 27.5 hours with a Class 0.5.
  2. Nice to hear. And FATE Core's performance is very impressive for a small-press product.
  3. Well, congratulations! I must admit, I wouldn't have thought of doing a Halloween wedding (not that Mrs. Flibble would have approved such a date).
  4. Too bad Threepio didn't get to finish that sentence. It was pretty inconsiderate of Leia not to let him feed us that bit of exposition....
  5. "He goes berserk and gives you a Vulcan nerve pinch!"
  6. I never noticed any unusual odor or texture on my copy. Could there be something going on that this is only happening with some copies?
  7. Try to take out a Star Destroyer with a freighter?!?! Oooooooookay. Here's how I see that playing out: Player: We attack the Star Destroyer! GM: You die. Player: What?!?! GM: You die. Okay, let's play Star Trek for a minute. The force of the explosion creates a time loop. Back to Star Wars. You find yourself in the cockpit of your freighter right before you attacked the Star Destroyer. What do you do? Player: Ummmm....
  8. And when it lands on you it goes WOMP! Really, what more do you need to know?
  9. I'm not as sold on the idea of lightfoils as I used to be. I thought that part of the gimmick with Jedi and lightsabers was that Force sensitivity and training allowed a Jedi to effectively control the swing of a weapon with no weight in the blade, but most Tapani lightfoil-wielders don't have those abilities. I've wondered whether it would be more plausible if there was just a vibrosword-dueling tradition in Tapani. That solution ruins some of the flavor of the Tapani setting, but it also maintains some of the flavor of the Star Wars setting as a whole.
  10. The Firefly analogy seems pretty sound to me. (It also reminds me that I would be more confident if Joss Whedon were directing Episode VII rather than JJ Abrams--but that's a whole different subject.) I can see the point about a Tapani supplement working better in the AoR line, but I would like to see it reserve at least a few pages for the fringe. High ideals aside, the Rebellion might have a hard time supplying itself or covering its tracks without some fringe connections.
  11. The Tapani box set said that there isn't a big fringe presence in the sector (probably because the nobility has its fingers in most of those pies too!), but that could make for some interesting situations for the small number of fringers actually operating there.
  12. If you duplicate another ship's transponder code, it's probably a good idea to do a little slicing and find out how much is owed on that ship and whether any amount of it is delinquent. It would be a real shame if some skip tracer mistook you for a delinquent owner....
  13. All Mon Calamari don't get the talent; Ackbar had to buy it on his own.
  14. Not sure there was much in ROTS to show that Owen approved of Kenobi...we only know that he accepted the responsibility for raising Luke. Family duty aside, maybe part of the reason was that he didn't approve of Obi-Wan.
  15. I'm going to call it "Corky," because despite my entreaties to the Vatican, it doesn't seem that they want to call a Pope that.
  16. I can call it Betty--and Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al.
  17. Just as long as you're angry at the Empire, soldier!
  18. It wouldn't surprise me. After all, Han can tell us all about how Obligation doesn't go away when you join the Rebellion.
  19. Don't make me get all Utinni! on your ass.
  20. The Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook covered material from all three of Daley's novels. WEG never did a sourcebook on the Lando Calrissian novels, but there was a questionnaire in the back of the Star Wars Gamemaster Handbook that asked readers to rank such a sourcebook among other possible future titles.
  21. It does make you wonder whether anyone in Mos Eisley ever heard of a health code, doesn't it?
  22. The Han Solo novels really are fun, and I might have to track them down again since they are good fodder for EOTE stories. I didn't enjoy the Lando Calrissian books as much; I felt that they introduced too many elements that fit better with other science fiction than they did with the Star Wars setting.
  23. I really haven't tried to keep up with a lot of the EU stuff. I enjoyed the WEG development of the setting and the Thrawn trilogy, but I wasn't much impressed with most of the books after that. I'll use ships, planets, and other setting material from the EU if I like it, but I basically ignore the storylines and all but a few characters...and IMGFFA, the bounty hunter guilds remain after 0 ABY.
  24. For players who envision themselves as the next Lando Calrissian, The Sting would be good viewing. Heck, it would be good viewing just for the sake of seeing it.
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