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  1. Well, if WotC turned that nonsense that is Force Unleashed into a sourcebook, I could see FFG turning that stuff into a sourcebook. *shrug* And if I don't like it when I see it, I'll ignore it and do it my way. I don't have any great attachment to EU material, I'm not under contract, and notwithstanding my generally low opinion of Disney as a corporation, I don't really expect them to be bugging my living room and sending out a hit squad if I don't use their stuff in my game. Truthfully, I doubt I'll ever see an episode of Rebels anyway. I don't have cable, so I've never seen a minute of Clone Wars, and I've never felt any obsessive need to buy the DVDs.
  2. I think it can be justified. When you add in the supposed performance of some of the Clone Wars-era starfighters, it doesn't seem that the A-wing and the TIE interceptor are really the fastest fighters ever--the fastest of their generation, maybe, but not the fastest ever built in the setting. As it turns out, the A-wing may be a little less notable for its raw speed (impressive though that may be) than for the circumstances under which a fighter of that quality with that kind of speed capability was put together. A generation before, something like that was achieved only with the full backing of the Republic during active wartime, not by a relatively small, underfunded guerrilla force.
  3. Not at this point. I think you've done your usual great job overall; I just wondered whether the Speed ratings were a little low. (I'm perfectly willing to listen to different opinions, by the way; I didn't try to do any real research before I commented.) The Eta-2 is a TIE predecessor, but if I remember right, it's also supposed to be stripped down to the wires to be the lightest, fastest ship possible for Jedi pilots with Jedi reflexes, so it's not outrageous for it to have a speed edge over a TIE/ln.
  4. It may be that you're trying to give some pride of place to the A-wing and the TIE interceptor (but maybe not...do I recall that you don't have the AoR Beta?). I might go so far as to give the Delta-7 a Speed of 5 and the Eta-2 a Speed of 6, though. I was under the impression that the Eta-2 really is supposed to be on a par with an A-wing, and the Delta-7 is no slouch either.
  5. The only real "problem" I see with Series 1 is the obviously low budget, but that was par for the course for BBC programming for decades.
  6. Besides, when the thread was started as an exercise in crapping, it takes a bit of chutzpah to complain that someone else is crapping on it. I guess Our Hero didn't like seeing the focus turn away from him. Can't you just see him jumping up and down and waving for attention? In other news, what's everyone's favorite Red Dwarf episode? I haven't seen Series 9 or 10, but my vote goes for "Polymorph," hands down.
  7. You ask that like it would be a bad thing.
  8. Fiji. Fuji is a little too highbrow for Dave Lister's tastes.
  9. Yes, he did. This has been another episode of "Simple Answers to Simple Questions."
  10. EU sources peg the Millennium Falcon as having been manufactured 60 years before Episode IV. I'm not sure that tells us whether she's an "old" ship by in-universe standards or not, but I have a hunch that CEC wasn't making its credits by building its ships with planned obsolescence in mind.
  11. No adventures after Beyond the Rim have been announced at this point, but there's no way to know what FFG has up their sleeve until they choose to release information about it.
  12. Deep7 certainly did (Rimmer's stats include a lot of 'em, and of course none of the other main characters are slouches in the personality flaw department). In fact, it might not be too hard to adapt that system, but it does include advantages as well.
  13. It's not just you. The threads were all the products of a one-track mind; it's all just a feeble attempt at diversification.
  14. Looks like you can still get a copy of the core book at a sane price, at least by current standards. It's ten years old now, but the style is very appropriate, and the core mechanic is a suitably simple 2d6-based arrangement. (I'd say more, but I'm at work, and I'd need to refresh my memory before I tried to add any detail.)
  15. That's because Lucas never intended to simulate the real world....
  16. Considering how he thinks Star Wars works, that's one scary twisted view of real life that you're alluding to....
  17. Good grief, do we really need another thread that's basically a variant excuse for ErikB to indulge his favorite straw man? He's like a guitarist who claims to play dozens of chords...all of which coincidentally involve the same two strings as all the others.
  18. "My" squabble? I never wrote a word on the subject before, and if this is the attitude you're going to cop, I never will again. Have a nice life.
  19. I don't know why you guys bother trying. If he hasn't figured this stuff out by now, he's not likely to do it any time soon.
  20. I agree here. I see no reason why I should adopt a 21st-century naval classification system for kilometers-long interstellar warships "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." Besides, I think Vader's assigned purpose would logically have warranted a force a little more substantial than an escort group.
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