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  1. Other than a logo change and maybe a different color scheme and ship silhouette, I'm not sure there's anything that really requires changing. Certainly the stat layout doesn't have to be different.
  2. Whoops! Missed the Rodians, Mon Calamari, and Duros. And the Duros are one of my favorites, too. So much for that long-term memory.
  3. I don't have Enter the Unknown yet, but the EotE core book and the AoR Beta contain (in the order they randomly pop out of my long-term memory): Humans Bothans Droids Gand Gran Ithorians Wookiees Trandoshans Twi'leks Sullustans
  4. It's a nice idea, and the art in EotE (and the AoR Beta, such as it is) is far and away the best I've seen in any iteration of a Star Wars RPG. I don't think I'd actually buy it, though, because my gaming budget is stretched enough buying the stuff that I think would have a direct impact at the table. I also doubt that FFG's license covers something that can't be clearly defined as an RPG or minis game product.
  5. Good idea. I hadn't considered Destiny Points in my response, but I agree with whafrog: if they flip, they commit.
  6. Do you mean after you see the number and types of dice but before the roll, or do you mean after the roll? Personally, I'd allow a player to change his/her mind before the roll, and think of it as the character weighing the odds and thinking twice. After the dice roll, though, it's a matter of actions having consequences, and dealing with the consequences is part of playing the game.
  7. I figure Leia just expressed her Force sensitivity in a different way than Luke did.
  8. We must have the stats for the Opee Sea Killer. (That's also my vote for the silliest creature name in G-canon--what does it do, kill oceans?) "Big gooberfish! Huge-o teeth!" --Jar Jar Binks
  9. Good question, since we never saw an ordinary blaster disintegrate anything in the movies and none of the RPG iterations have given them that capability. I'd say go with the disruptor hypothesis.
  10. That would be a good change. Something less killy and more Odo (DS9) would be nice. I'd buy it. It's an archetype that fits the setting but hasn't really been explored in the movies or the earlier RPGs.
  11. While on the subject of art mistakes, what's going on with the port nacelle on the Y-wing in the illustration that accompanies the stats in the core book? (Sorry, no book handy right now, so no page number.)
  12. I probably will too, depending on what my group would like, but I'm going to hold off until Force & Destiny comes out (more likely after whatever Force User supplements come out). I don't want to mess around with Force Powers and Lightsaber stuff, better to have something as powerful as these play tested then just make it up. Yeah, the limited (so far) scope of the official Force rules is really the main constraint on a campaign set before the Empire. (It would be perfectly possible to run an Old Republic game and never have the PCs run into a Jedi or Sith, but if you want the option, waiting for F&D might be a good move.) You'd have to scratch-build some gear and a lot of vehicles and starships, but at this point in the line's development, I know I'm doing plenty of that anyway.
  13. Not clearly defined, although the core book refers to the destruction of Alderaan, so some time after Episode IV. It's not all that hard to set it any time after Palpatine declares himself Emperor, though.
  14. IMGFFA, there is only jatz. That other...thing...no. I won't do that.
  15. The IPV-1 is statted in Beyond the Rim. I've done homebrew stats for the Guardian-class "light cruiser" (as SFS perversely classifies a 42-meter customs ship with no capital-grade weapons). You're welcome to use them if they suit your fancy. I've been planning on doing stats for the Imperial Customs Corvette, but they haven't happened yet.
  16. In a masterpiece of evil irony, Palpatine arranged for Jar Jar to be impeached for calling a vote on an extraconstitutional proposal.
  17. I guess I don't see a substantive difference between a GM-free RPG and some kind of low-tech MMORPG--which I don't bother with precisely because of the limitations a software-based format places on player choices. Round robin is another thing entirely, but I think that can be handled by the gaming group with little need for system provisions. Some GM advice for round-robin games might be nice, but that's as far as I feel the need to take it.
  18. Wookieepedia mentions that the ISB sometimes uses the Vigil-class corvette as a heavy transport. Beyond the Wookieepedia entry, there are stats in the Age of Rebellion Beta.
  19. We'll have to agree to disagree about rudeness--I find his brand of push-poll "discussion" questions inherently rude and obnoxious. I don't know if it works differently across the pond, but I get plenty of that kind of approach around election time, so I really don't care to deal with it on a forum I visit for recreational purposes.
  20. Some... Those are stormtroopers in their underwear.
  21. No, yes, let's let a doctor with a flashlight field this question, and see the previous answer.
  22. I'm with Ghostofman on this. The starship combat rules don't deal with firing arcs, but I think they're just too narratively useful to leave out completely as WotC did in the Saga Edition.
  23. Simple. Han shot first, last, and only. Greedo was an idiot and a lightweight who jumped in way, way over his head.
  24. Good stuff, but certainly in need of some retconning since the prequels. Do they? It's been years since I read them - did the new three change the backstory in places? Source of the clones, limitations of cloning tech. Zahn also suggests that the clones were the Republic's opposition in the Clone Wars (Pellaeon apparently had some experience fighting against clones), but since he doesn't--and probably wasn't allowed to--state that explicitly, that's a little easier to work around than the points you mention.
  25. Good stuff, but certainly in need of some retconning since the prequels.
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