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  1. Han was in a good mood. He thought he'd give those stormtroopers a fighting chance.
  2. Most of the illustrations out there would suggest that The Wheel is much, much more than 4.4 kilometers across. I'd be putting in a Death Star neighborhood of bigness. If it has a resident population of 300K, it would make me think there's a very uneven density distribution, and very possibly that large chunks of the station are uninhabited.
  3. And it doesn't bother me a bit, because for those of us who aren't card gamers, it's a chance to see some of the best Star Wars art yet commissioned.
  4. Of course, you could buy the same thing if you play a droid...but it won't be as good!
  5. Currently SoT is available only through third-party vendors on Amazon (so, no free shipping for me). Be careful of the vendor that you see first; they charge $32-something and then claim that shipping is "free." You can get better deals from the other listed vendors.
  6. We don't know that thing is an astromech, do we? Maybe it is a head on a rolling soccer ball. Maybe all soccer balls are droids in the Star Wars universe (because they make such a nice squealing noise when you kick them).
  7. *shrug* The teaser really didn't tell me much one way or the other. My main concern is the same: whether veterans like Kasdan can exert enough influence to prevent Abrams from turning Episode VII into another one of his plot-and character-free high-octane action fests. After he and his crew got done with Star Trek, I felt like my best friend had been dismembered before my eyes, so I'm not really happy at the prospect of him murdering the rest of my childhood.
  8. "Why do you sound like you come from the South?" "Lots of planets have a south!" +1 for gratuitous Doctor Who reference.
  9. Okay, two reactions. First, the title is perfect, Second, "Shut up and take my money!"
  10. Dealer, I'd like to put 500 Quatloos on gripe please.............. Quatloos?!?! Some tottyhead is mixing genres!
  11. All the EotE books (including the Beta), the EotE Beginner Box, the EotE GM screen, and two extra sets of dice, plus the AoR Beta. The AoR core book and GM screen are on pre-order. I don't have any plans to buy the AoR Beginner Box or the specialization decks, though.
  12. Did I mention that I just got a 24% salary increase, retroactive to January? There's a copy of Far Horizons already burning a hole in my pocket....
  13. Ponda Baba must have been a regular customer at the big-and-tall shop that Mendel Baudo ran as a side venture.
  14. It's spelled "Sa Nalaor," but it's pronounced "Throatwobbler Mangrove."
  15. I've never been part of the "hate-the-Ewoks" crowd. Yes, there is definitely a commercial angle, but considering that they were getting ready to munch down on other sapient beings, I can't say they're all that cute and fluffy.
  16. About the only thing that might (might!) present an issue is the difference between the EotE Obligation and AoR Duty mechanics, and the AoR Beta update PDF offers several options for dealing with that.
  17. Donovan: "...some GMs prefer to stick with the officially published material." Besides, more officially published "PC-starter" ships means more models to work from in statting ones that haven't seen print yet, or original designs if that's your taste. By the way, I haven't been able to get the "quote" button on these forums to work for a couple of weeks, and I can't paste copied text either. I can see that others aren't having this problem; anyone have any idea what's going on?
  18. I pawned my watch to buy a set of combs for a Wookiee for Christmas, only to find that she sold her pelt to buy me a chain for my pocket watch.
  19. May your Christmas be full of blessings and free of flashbacks to the first airing of the Star Wars Holiday Special (if you're old enough to remember that).
  20. I see nothing in the EotE mechanics that requires you to adopt a "set-piece" approach to encounter design. No matter what the hosts of a podcast may say, or how they may run their games, a game is linear if the GM and the players make it linear, and nonlinear if they make it nonlinear.
  21. Well, the WEG supplement Galaxy Guide 10: Bounty Hunters gave some guidelines for bounties posted by the Empire. They ran like this: Imperial "Most Wanted" List: 200,000+ credits Galactic Bounties: 50,000-100,000+ credits Regional Bounties: 20,000-75,000 credits Sector Bounties: 3,000-50,000 credits Local Bounties: 100-15,000 credits The same supplement distinguished three kinds of bounties: Imperial bounties (government-posted), private bounties (legal bounties posted by a corporation or individual), and illegal bounties (like Jabba posted on Han and Chewbacca). Private and illegal bounties are a lot more variable. I would guess that illegal bounties would have to be competitive with Imperial or private bounties on the same individual to get attention from bounty hunters.
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