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  1. Ok, cool. I am looking forward to it
  2. The silencer NOT getting a medium base is a bit wired ... ... maybe because the model itself is oversized and not meant to be in a IG-2000ish size ... I always found that there is something wrong with that ship... ... yeah that bugs me.
  3. top: Tie Bombers! Tie Punishers! flop: I think the Gunboats are missing a natural cannon slot Darth Vader is missing a talent slot ?
  4. Not so rude! He has a point. We'll see after official clarification.
  5. Do linked actions count as single actions? I wonder if it is possible to execute the linked aktion if you use Advanced Sensors, which reads that you cant do another action...
  6. I assume FFG considered their abilities as too strong in 2.0 ... but Winged Gundark? What happened to him? You could have easily fix him up to be useful in 2.0 ... use the bullseye for his crit...
  7. Any modification thinkable to fix the X-Wing S-foils? Like adding a bit of clear matte acrylic paint into the hinge to make movement a little harder ...
  8. The E-Wing will be a very potent attacker, indeed. It is quite easy to set up TL+Focus attacks without help from support ships. The E-Wing fits into the imperial 2.0 pattern. As I am an imperial player, this is the only rebel ship I am looking forward to test drive.
  9. Your are not to play 2.0 before the 2.0 core box is available! It bugs me a bit that there is no 'little missile icon" on the torpedo card, which means that range bonus wont apply, like Alex stated there will and shown in the preview videos... so how many versions of basically the same cared will be there, once 2.0 is a thing?
  10. Yeah. Thats the feeling when you fly with the Tie Bomber in TIE FIGHTER the computer game: Fly towards your targets, lock them from far, then try to soften them up or destroy them with Proton Torpedoes or Concussion Missiles, before entering the brawl. With LRS you needed to get distance to get a lock for a second attack, assuming you have Extra Munitions, ... with your idea its similar, you cant just fly away and lock, you must face your target. Which I like pretty much. This feels quite imperial to me. Straightforward and sophisticated! LIKE!
  11. If the pilots would have access to a talent slot, Saturation Salvo would be the trick. Does reload refresh one charge of a single card or one charge of all cards equipped?
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