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  1. I thought as much. You are right that the "at the start of the engagement phase" is the critical point. In a sense, I defeat the daemonette during the pre-battle sequence. That makes sense. Thanks.
  2. Landed on Eldar Falcon squad where I draw two yellow threat. Frist threat: Alluring daemonette "At the start of your engagement phase, you may draw 1 corruption to immediately take this enemy as a trophy" Second threat: Emperor children's noise marine: "You cannot use armour during this battle & if you win this battle gain 1 influence" My question: They are both yellow therefore I battle these together. BUT, how can i use the Alluring daemonette ability? This would split the combat into 2 actions: first pick the daemonette for free (with a corruption card) and then battle the Noise marine. Not sure. I battled these two together and won the combat, so it was a mute point. But still I would like to know how to handle Alluring Daemonette when there is another yellow card on the space. Many thanks.
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    Just wanted to revive this topic, for lack of things to do, and the fact that I purchased this game recently and had a blast with it and my friends. However, as I was reading through the earlier posts, I noticed that players stated that games like Gears of War and Middle Earth Quest didnt get expansions. Might this have been an Intellectual Property problem? Gears of War gave FFG the copyright to do 1 game but FFG may not have secured further copyright. Talisman, although a Games workshop games, does not really use any warhammer fantasy IP. FFG may not have had much problem in obtaining more rights for expansion either. Talisman 1st, 2nd and 3rd edition (which were created by GW) came with expansions, therefore expansions would have been on the discussion table early on. Relic uses Orks, eldar and all sorts of insignia which are GW copyright. After all, the Warrior in Talisman 4th edition is not GW copyright nor is the card "magical wand". Relic is a brand new game and has no history of expansion. Yes, FFG mentions pvp but that could be a PDF release. The real question should be, would have FFG bought the rights for further expansions without knowing how good Relic would do? We hope so, however, I would be happy with the current game. It is very pretty, there are many cards, many different characters. Talisman has 160 cards, Relic has 204 threat cards plus mission cards, power cards, asset cards…. that makes Relic a lot more long lived than Talisman ever was.
  4. Roy68 said: Hi,I'am a bit confused about this topic and I hope you will help me. At page 15 of the rulebook it's said that a vanquished/corrupted player Discards all of his Power cards and Trophies (step n.1 ) but in the sentences after the steps it's written that "The player keeps all others cards and tokens. Any characters tokens on the game board, assets or Power cards remain". What's the right thing to do? I believe it was a typo. When you are vanquished, you discard your power cards and your trophy. However, your assets/ally or mission cards stay with you. Think of it as all your gear and followers stay with you whilst you are "rejuvenated" and your missions remain the same, but all of your powers and trophies you earn through combat are lost because you had to be re-birthed. I hope that clarifies things.
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