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  1. The corner spaces are spaces. They just do not have threat icons, therefore you do not encounter threats card, unless, as zealot12 has pointed out, a threat cards is on the space. For example, the Cannoness can draw 1 card from any threat deck and place it on her space at the start of her engagement phase. If you are on a corner space, you could decide to draw from any deck instead of resolving the corner square ability. As far as the ability of the corner spaces is concerned, you can only resolve those text boxes when you have successfully landed on the corner square. You cannot have these text boxes resolve any other ways. You must be on it to "activate" them. If you are finding it too hard to land on particular squares, for example the battlefleet Antias is a good square to land on early on to gear up your character, I suggest you roll 2D6 for your movement and choose 1 of these die as your movement roll as a house rule. This gives you a bit more flexibility to land on particular squares that you want.
  2. There she is. My first Relic character painted. The lips were actually the hardest thing. I didn't want her to wear lipstick and I wanted a warm pink glow as well. I went with fairly natural skin and hair tones. I only have a few paint pots, one of which was purple, so I went with a purple armor scheme. I am pleased with it. Not ecstatic, but pleased none the less. Besides, I paint miniatures for a 3 feet distance which is how far I and most of my friends enjoy the painting, that is when we are playing.
  3. guillaumetexas

    House rules

    So far in the dozen or so games I played, no one has died early enough to warrant a new character. So far pLayers die when they are in the inner tier or facing "corruptis" or "Kairos". The house rules I use are: 1) roll 2 for movement and choose one as your movement die. 2) I shuffle the encounter cards with battle value of 9,11 and 12 into a half of each threat cards deck and put that half in the bottom, so that early encounters are a little more manageable, especially for new players with big threats coming later in the game. 3) we find the basic scenario a bit too basic so we made up a daemon with 16 strength/willpower/cunning with 4 lives and no special abilities. Whoever kills him win. This works well since my friend has a games workshop daemon prince. It makes for a nice center piece. So far that's it.
  4. Yeah, I think we had kairos draw some serious power cards. We had Kairos pull over 20 battle points almost all the times especially when Kairos was drawing 5 cards.
  5. In the whirlwind that is boxing day, my friend and I decided to take on Kairos Fateweaver after a game of Relic on Christmas day. Needless to say, we failed and died. I was playing with the inquisitor and I had Hectius Storm and STC fragment relics. My friend was playing the Tech prinest Enginseer and had Magna Mysteris and Litany of Protection relics. We both got to Kairos "relatively" unscathed. I was a bit more corrupt, and out of power cards. For both of us, the first two rounds of combat with Kairos were fine. I was maxed on strength with a chainsword and my friend was maxed on cunning and he had a needle rifle. Still, by the time each of us had 2 tokens on the confrontation, we just kept losing. There was no way we could come close. With 3 tokens, Kairos had essentialy 5D6 battle value. My friend came close to putting a fourth token but in the end we died. Anyone has any strategies to deal with kairos? I feel that a particular combination of relic/asset might be needed to take on Kairos. Maybe we should have waited to get 3 Relics, but I made a go early on for the win. I can see that having the Relic: Soul render and the Golden Armour would be a powerful combo against Kairos. The first 2 rounds should net 2 power cards with the Soul Render which can then be used in conjunction with the Golden Armour for round 3 and 4 to increase the battle value to a high value. Still we feel that Kairos is no easy task.
  6. ...okay, so in the spirit of christmas, shall we all ask for world peace, FFG forum peace and a wee expansion for Relic. After all, that's why we are on this section of the forum for. In fact, I have been playing with some new endings and I'll try to upload them in the coming week.
  7. Well, 2 expansions for Talisman in 48hrs... Whoa. I really like the idea of the small expansion: a couple of cards and a few ending scenariors. No new characters or anything. Simple, print on demand... Please please FFG, give a PoD expansion for Relic. Surely, with the vastness of the 40K universe, it can't be hard.
  8. guillaumetexas


    Well, no, but Talisman just got an expansion. And actually, looking at the Firelands expansion for Talisman, there is a new mechanic for token space where players can change a space into a new space, which got me thinking about chaos players and whether they would be allowed to use the corners to move into the middle because they are Imperial spaces. If this new expansion was chaos based, there could be 4 Chaos token corners where after a series of event (or a series of chaos missions), a corner becomes corrupted by chaos allowing chaos players to move up into the middle tier. This new chaos corner would not be usable by imperial players until the corner has been purged of its corruption somehow. Still, good news for Talisman, still hoping for some better news for Relic.
  9. woah, this looks like fun. I did not expect an expansion at all, and certainly nothing that looked like this. Congrats FFG! Still, makes my copy of Relic even more expansion-less.
  10. guillaumetexas


    They have done it with Battlestar Galactica where you discard 1 of the card in your hand, so I don't see why they can't do the same. Perhaps pay 2 influences to move to a new sector/small planet/humongous star cruiser, that would a pretty obvious way of dealing with it. It has now been 8 months since the release of Relic, I would think an expansion would start to be announced right around....now (come on FFG work with me here)...now...now.
  11. guillaumetexas


    5-6 players? whoa, a 4 players game takes a while already. I can't imagine how long a 6 player game would take. The more I play the game, the more I am finding the inner tier very irritating. You're just moving 1 space at a time, losing life over skill test which have no impact on your progression. Winning Relic doesn't feel good enough to me. I am not super excited and don't feel like I deserve the win. I struggled throughout the outer and middle tier until I get a relic, maybe 8 influences and/or 8 trophy points and enough life to make it (at least 6, 7 is better), and then I am off to the center. The outer and middle tier is all about exploring and dealing with very different threats. The inner is just skill test that one can't pass most of the time, and then you move 1 square. Let us fail in the inner tier with consequences, not just -1 life. I am really looking forward to an inner tier expansion like a space hulk/hive where you keep encountering threat (maybe have a different deck for those) so that it feels like you are continuing with your story and delving deeper into the scenario. It should also come with various end-bosses to fight rather than the sometime confusing winning condition that some of the current scenarios have. They are fine for players with experience, but with first time player, I never use any scenarios because they are too complicated. Just give us big-A** monsters to fight in an epic finale.
  12. Just finished a game tonight with my best friend and it was a blast. I took the game to board-game meet and played with 3 novices and found that there can be some down time in between turns waiting for your turn to come up, especially with 4 players. 2 players means that both players are rolling dices every turn since your opponent rolls the ennemy dice for you. A great game regardless but start great at 2 players. I have played it solo with 2 characters and it plays well like that too.
  13. guillaumetexas


    Well, to be fair, it has now been 6 months since the release and we know that some games from FFG have gotten expansions within their first 6 months of release. I would have thought that GenCon 2013 would have been the time to get the rumor mill going for an expansion, but I guess they are quite busy with X-wing and Eldrich horror and the new games that FFG is releasing. Still, something for christmas would be nice.
  14. That would be so fantastic that I would probably wait outside of my LGS for its release just like back in the days of Star Wars episode 1. However, I find that Relic does not get accepted very well by either board gamers who think "this is just games workshop in disguise, and therefore on principle, I won't play this game" or miniatures gamers who look at it and think "wait, are we fighting each others? what's with all these cards and tokens...lame". I love it, and would love a fantasy Talisman, but I fear that Talisman is such a beast now, that changing the recipe would only lead to a massive backlash by gamers. After all, a 5th edition Talisman with tuned rules would get widespread acceptance by the community. A "warhammer fantasy" Talisman, and no sorry we won't support 4th edition anymore, would go down like a lead weight in water all the way to the bottom. At least, that is my feeling.
  15. Besides, there is now a Space Hulk computer game which renders an app a bit obsolete. Although the death angel game is slightly different to the space hulk game. http://www.spacehulk-game.com/
  16. What I would really like is some kind of board to put the cards with a space hulk illustration in the background. Problem is, with 12 marines, this would make for quite a wide board. But a Deluxe edition, with a board and "relic" style bust to use as token to place on action cards that have been used up that turn, as well as as a Tyrannid lord bust and busts for the adrenal and other special tyrannids would be great. Finally, a campaign system, or a bunch of scenarios to add more breadth to the game. Yes, it is always different, but I feel that I am just waging endless battles after endless battles with these tyrannids. It really feels like: We have found a space hulk, we will go through 4 locations, with 6 marines (i only play solo). The emperor protect. Maybe have a mechanic to split the teams up into two location to get to the end faster (although it is more dangerous since there would be less support).
  17. This bugged for a really long time and until yesterday, I used to spawn GS from the deck, not from the blip piles. Then I read this topic, went through the rules and found this: p21 for spawning rules. "whenever a genestealer is spawned, the current player takes the top card of a blip pile and places it faces up in the appropriate position and side of the formation" Also, on p21, it says " note that some card abilities spawn genestealers. These abilities may spawn genestealers in positions that do not contain terrain cards". Finally, p22 " Important: Spawning genestealers are always drawn from the blip pile on the side on which they are being spawned. If the blip pile on that side is empty, then the genestealer is not spawned". All in all, this tells me that the action of the event cards "they're everywhere" and "Out of thin air" count as regular spawning action and are therefore handled like regular spawning, which to me means that spawning comes from blip piles. Which is good, because with "they're everywhere", I use to spawn from the GS deck, which would result in a seriously difficult turn.
  18. Dypaca: And so then, once you are finished travelling and deal with the "upon entering" action if any, do you or do not draw another event card? I started to play where when I moved to a new location, I would draw another event card. But now, having read the rules inside and out, I am presuming that I do not draw another event card, and instead deal with the GS that were spawned when the blip card became empty. Is this correct?
  19. Ah, that's good to know. It does say "during a battle", which to me wasn't precise enough since there are so many steps to a battle. I always played it as a wargear, i.e. you have decide to use during it your prepare battle step before the ennemy rolls a die.
  20. guillaumetexas


    Well, if we think about it, there are currently 4 ennemy types: Daemons, eldar, orks and tyrannids which could make for 4 themed corner expansions. For each corner expansion, you would introduce new human characters, and a themed character that acted like "death" in the Talisman expansion "the reaper". This way, you could have an ork character which would wonder the board in search of trouble. That could be fun. Eventually, you could have an ork, an eldar, a tyrannid and a daemon roaming the board. It could be as simple as : when you land on a space that has one of those character, draw a threat according to the character (so red for ork, yellow for eldar, blue for tyrannid, and choose 1 for daemon) Still, i think it might be while before we see an expansion. The game was released in March.
  21. Ah, so nice to have a definite answer, well done Dam on spotting it. I must say that this particular sentence is amazingly ambiguous. After all, I looked at the card again and there is plenty of space on it. They could have written: If you win this battle, you may choose 1 of your Corruption cards and discard it. If you do not (discard a Corruption card), draw 1 Corruption card. That cannot be ambiguous. Four measly words... Still, nice to know that there are people out there who are interested in this game.
  22. Except 2d6 and choose is NOT what that Navigator does. The card says "may roll 1 additional die for your movement roll." Nothing about choosing one die or the other, so that extra die is added. Further, you can't even roll the normal die first and then decide to use the Navigator because: "If an ability allows a player to roll additional dice, he must roll all dice simultaneously." (p. 20) So Navigator is roll 2d6, add the results together and move that many spaces, turning 1-6 into 2-12. Great with Ancient Orrery (move up to your roll instead of full roll), but otherwise, discard bait. Indeed you are correct. I only realized my mistake after I posted the topic. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to change the title of the post. In any case, rolling 2D6 and choosing 1 for your movement changes the strategic aspect of the game quite substantially. I am now much more likely to finish a mission in 5-6 turns and progress steadily towards my goal. When I first played with 1 die, there were times when I spent 6 turns just praying to land on the right space. Especially tricky when a player is out of power cards, or the power numbers do not correlate with the rolls needed to go on a specific space.
  23. To me the answer seems obvious: 1) if you win, you can choose to discard a corruption card if you have one. If you have no corruption cards, you do not discard anything. If you have corruption cards but do not want to discard them, you are allowed. You DO NOT pick a corruption card if you win and you have no corruption cards already. NOWHERE on the card does it say you can do that. You can only draw corruption cards when the card tells you to. 2) If you do not win: that means lose or tie, you must (no alternative) draw 1 corruption card. The text is actually pretty clear. Losing a life is a separate step of its own. Lose battle and lose 1 life, tie and win, do not lose life (unless the card trumps the rulebook).
  24. After several games, I have come to the conclusion that changing the movement to "roll 2 D6 and choose" makes for a very streamlined game. Essentially everyone has access to the yellow threat card "Navigator". This lowers game time dramatically. Games with 2 players take up to 2hrs from start to finish with scenario endings. By 1hr of gameplay, players have at least 1 relic if not 2 and are moving in the middle tier. It means you have less of that unpredictability that a regular D6 would give, but all in all, the players preferred this option. What happens on a double? Nothing. you just move the roll indicated. That way the movement rule is easy to remember for everyone. With 3 players, this change makes a big difference to the game. No more players b$$ching about not being able to land on a space to finish a mission for many turns. Herego, players are happier, the mood around the table is better, everyone has fun.
  25. I was able to create several endings with 40k special characters based on an ending from the talisman game. I used the Demon Lord ending from the Sacred pool expansion. You can easily create 3 characters (each with strength, willpower and cunning only abilities) to fight over when you reach the final square Just change the wording of the Demon Lord card to fit Relic. the demon Lord from the Talisman game states: Craft: 12 Life: 4 Ending RulesA character on the Crown of Command must attack the Demon Lord using Craft. Each time he defeats the Demon Lord he must remove one of the Demon Lord’s lives and immediately attack him again. If a character is defeated or has a stand-off, his turn ends and he must attack the Demon Lord at the start of his next turn. If a character removes the Demon Lord’s last life, he wins the game! If there are no characters on the Crown of Command, the Demon Lord heals all his lives. Characters may not cross the Portal of Power to the Plain of Peril while a character is on the Crown of Command. ___________________________ Now change that to: The Swarmlord. Cunning 15 Life: 4 Ending Rules •A character on the Relic conflict must attack the Swarmlord using Willpower. Each time he defeats the Swarmlord he must remove one of the its lives and immediately attack him again. If a character is defeated or has a stand-off, his turn ends and he must attack the Swarmlord at the start of his next turn. •If a character removes the Swarmlord’s last life, he wins the game! •If there are no characters on the Relic conflict space, the Swarmlord heals all his lives. •Characters may not cross the Guardians of the Rift while a character is on the Relic conflict __________________________ I found lots of easy ways to create new endings using the Talisman expansions. Have fun with it. You could create an ultimate end boss with strength, cunning and willpower 15, and allow the players to choose what battle they want to engage in.
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