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  1. oh, I didn't think about eldar aspect warriors. They are in the threat cards, so it would fit that they could be playable characters. Also, it opens the door to all sorts of chaos enemies: daemons and marines... It will be a whole lot easier to come up with homebrew once we figure out how this enemy system works. Nice, nice nice...
  2. @Gryps, I would think so. Although, I could almost accept if FFG said "to reduce the price of the expansion from 39.99 to 34.99, we have decided that players can use the assassin and sniper busts for the two new character" Although I would like to have the ability to purchase the busts separately if possible. However, I am pretty sure they are not even going to open that can of worm, and instead give us 2 new busts. But if I were them, I would keep the pictures for a future news report and a little article about how these 2 new characters play.
  3. Amazingly I feel FFG didn't streamline Relic "per se". What they did was add more depth and complexity but not more difficulty. For example, talisman characters only have 2 attributes: strength and craft, whereas Relic has three. there is also Fate in Talisman, which is a number of dice re-rolls, whereas Relic has power cards. There are no power cards in Talisman, therefore you must use the dice for all your rolls. You can use Fate to reroll a dice but that's it.The power cards in Relic give you that extra level of control over the game. You have a power card with a 6 on it, go after that nasty monster, you should win and get great rewards. you can't control Talisman that way. In talisman, when you kill 7 pts of strength creature, you level your strength and when you kill 7 points of craft creature you level your craft by 1 but the creatures and monsters are in the same card pile. Have a few bad draw and you may take a long time to upgrade your strength. In Relic, the level track is going to dictate how you level up. But when you play different character, they will level up very differently. In talisman, all characters develop in only 2 ways: strength or craft. In Talisman, the outer tier corner spaces can be good or bad. You roll a D6 and you see what happened. Since you cannot control the rolls, only reroll them, you are always at the mercy of a bad roll, and you can become a toad for 3 turns. It is funny, but never when it happens to you. In relic, the outer corner spaces are there to help you, get more gear, heal up, change your missions, they don't do anything bad. Relic has the mission cards, which give you a goal to play for. The base Talisman has 1 spot on the board where you can get missions, and that is in the middle tier, and you roll a D6. On a 1-2, kill a monster, on a 3 deliver one asset... You only have 5 kinds of mission. Talisman is now full choke of expansion which has made the game quite a beast, but it still very much plays like: roll a D6 and see what happens. In relic, you are more able to control your journey on the board. You have more choices to make because there is more control. In Talisman, you move around the board and hope for the best. In Relic, you can go to specific spaces and you wanted to go there because you want a specific end or you need to go there for a mission. Talisman was created 30 years ago and it has retained a lot of its flavor and mechanic. Not surprisingly, the gaming community is not the same as it was 30 years ago. There was nothing like Talisman 30 years ago. Now, we have miniature games and pretty brainy board games therefore players are used to and accustomed to complexity in a game. Talisman lacks a certain modern complexity which is why the game is often thought has being too slow and random. Relic added complexity and depth and made a faster and less random game to the delight of all of us out here.
  4. yes it is interesting to see that the enemies are playing differently than the normal character. They seem to level up by collecting "infamy" points but only have 9 levels. Therefore, we could conclude that it was deemed harder by the developers to collect infamy than it is to collect trophy points. Also, with 2 attributes and a range of special abilities, it appears that these enemies may bring an asymmetric play to the game, that is, in a 2 player game, one player plays the enemy and uses a different system of play compared to its opponent. All in all, this is very very interesting and may add a little complexity to the game which will be most welcome.
  5. Just like x-wing, they will probably release a separate dice set for Battlelore: link
  6. I do feel that Relic has the better gameplay and mechanic compared to Talisman. I wish for FFG's sake that the Talisman 5th edition would take the key design elements of Relic and apply it to Talisman with the three different deck of attributes and the power cards which can be used to roll a particular number. There is no reason Talisman cannot have a third attribute: Intelligence which would complement strength and craft. After all, in the real world of Epic Fantasy, you can have all the craft abilities you want, if you are an idiot, you will not make the best of your magical abilities. With a third attribute, the board can then redesigned with threat spaces just like Relic. When I play Talisman, i often feel like I am wondering aimlessly at the beginning, or that I am trying to land on the ancient ruins so that I can draw 2 cards instead of 1, try to get some gold, go buy a weapon or two and start making my way to the middle. This strategy is fine but it is one which many players may adopt. With the current Relic game, the missions give each players a different path and it is interesting to watch their character develop. Many of us now have extensive gaming experience (role-playing, miniatures and board games) and are used to complex rules and strategies. Talisman as it is, does not tickle my brain hard enough. Relic does that to some extent: "Should I change my mission" "Should I go and get gear first" "what attribute should I increase if I play the sister of battle". These are simple questions that require simple answers but at least they are there. I feel that Talisman is just too light. Finally, I would like to see a Relic-Talisman because I know that the Talisman universe is a lot more approachable than the 40k one. Every one knows a dragon is bad and everyone knows what a Sorceress does. However, not everyone knows what a Tech Priest or an Eldar Dire avenger is all about. FFG can reach to a lot more potential players with a light Fantasy theme than a heavy Dark Sci-fi theme like 40k and in the end, I want FFG to do well so they can continue to produce great games like Relic and Talisman and people can keep playing them for years to come. So get on it FFG, give us what we are clamoring for, a 5th edition Talisman which includes threat decks and power cards.
  7. I would like to disagree with what you say, but the more I think about it, the more I think that it may not be about new players being required to have knowledge of 40K, but more about players with knowledge of 40K get far more immersion from the game than non-40K players. Talisman being so fantasy-broad can appeal to anyone. IF Talisman was "Lord of the Rings" Talisman, I could see that those who are into Lord of the Rings would get much more out of Lord of the Rings Talisman. But I guess, being able to play Relic does not require 40K knowledge. Having that knowledge makes the experience a lot more immersive. So I agree with you in the end. So not sure why I wrote all of this.
  8. So now that I have stopped jumping up and down in my office and got to read the description, we are actually getting TWO new ways of playing Relic. 1- the olde way, i.e. we are all working together but we are trying to achieve the same goal first. The two new characters add even more diversity to the game. Nice. 2- the Apostate Vs Devotee game mode which means that we can use the Imperium characters against one and another, and depending on how the game goes, we can either choose to be Apostate or Devotee. 3- And, now we will have The Enemies of the Imperium game mode which will allow us to fight Xeno/chaos versus Imperium. So, 1 expansion, 2 new ways of playing... Awesome expansion me think.
  9. The length of "Talisman"-like games are always going to be higher than other board games. BUT I do not see this as a problem. Just like saying that a game like "Jungle speed" is too short. These are not problems, they are part of the identity of the game. However, you can shorten the gameplay considerably and increase player enjoyment by doing the following: 1- roll 2 dice for movement and choose whichever one you want. This will allow you to complete missions much faster and you are less likely to die because when you are low on life, rolling 2 dice and choosing 1, you are more likely to land on those corner spaces where you can gain more life. 2- lower the trophy level from 6 to 5 to get a relic and upgrade level. You will then find that in a few turns, players get their first relic. Especially with 5 players, within 1h30, most players should have 2 or 3 relics and be at level 6-8. Change #1 or #2 on their own reduce the length of the game. Choose the two options together, and watch the game length halve. With the new expansions Nemesis, we are looking at 6 players and more player vs player combat. So we are probably looking at longer games too. Hope this helps.
  10. Very cool Lord Aries, I am sure you saw this: link Looks like FFG had the same brilliant idea as you and gave us an Eversor assassin as a new character. With your characters and these new ones from the expansion, there is going to so MUCH content for this game.
  11. Thank you FFG, I absolutely love the look of this. THANK YOU so much for maybe having listen to us. Thank you thank you. Where is the pre-order button?
  12. I house rule that you roll 2D6 and choose your movement out of the two. This way you achieve your missions a lot more quickly and it means you are more likely to use power cards for their effects or their number for combat rolls rather than using them when you REALLY need to land on a particular board space. All together, we found it speeds up the game where with 4 players, a game is done in 2hrs from set up to finish. I have been thinking about reducing the trophy level from 6 to 5 to go up a character level, but now many of us are "veteran" players and we can try to strategize our movement and combat to level up more quickly than just by random chance. Still, I may try it to see how it plays.
  13. Good point Zealot12 about the relic and the power cards. We did go in way too soon with barely 2 relics and some life. I think Kairos demands a bit more respect. We have been playing the chaos spawn homebrew ending that has been posted here and there is also a high level of randomness there which is great fun. We will fight Kairos again. And then, we will dominate.
  14. We need pictures... When all is said and done, you need to show us your work, even if it is crappy. We are a community and FFG will only take notice of us if we spur this game on. I am working on the space marines. I am going with a Tyrannid veteran look with a white helmet.
  15. So we all know there is this massive Event Center in Roseville and it looks awesome with food, tons of table for playing, memberships...etc. This is all fine and dandy for those who leave nearby. But let say, for someone like me who lives in Texas and can't go to Roseville every weekend, are there any rumors or solid thoughts of opening FFG Event center in the rest of the country "a la" Games Workshop? or would that undermine LFGS too much?
  16. The librarian v2. He was played at the same time as an ultramarine and his growth was a little faster than the ultramarine. We were playing the Chaos Spawn of the rift homebrew scenario. The librarian finished with level 12 at 9 strength, 12 willpower and 6 cunning and 3 relics (Hammer of +2 battle rolls, Nameless blade and Hectius Storm). The ultramarine finished with level 10 and 12 strength, 6 willpower and 4 cunning and 2 relic (a +3 strength and a +3 cunning relic). Throughout the game, the librarian got some crazy amazing mission combos: For example, at turn 13, the librarian resolved the Bombard ability on Fortress world for his mission (m1), he then drew a new mission which was "kill an eldar". He then used the reward from the previous mission to have another turn, where he killed an eldar trophy of battle value 6 completed his brand new mission (m2). He then turned the trophy to move from level 6 to level 7 where he drew a completed mission (m3). He then turned the 3 completed mission for a relic and drew a new mission card (m4). All in 1 turn which meant that he probably progressed a little faster than normal. However we felt that by level 8 he had strong strength and willpower and good cunning. The Ultramarine at level 8 had strong strength, good willpower and weak cunning. The librarian was able to encounter more enemies that he could kill than the Ultramarine could because, for the librarian, both strength and willpower were options for combat. In my opinion, I would reduce the strength of the librarian perhaps from 4 to at least 3. This way, he would be at strength 6 by level 8 and at least willpower 9 which makes for a very good rounded character still able to use 2 attributes to fight. Add a relic or two, and you are sorted. Starting at strength 4 felt a bit high in our opinion. His power was a little bit of a problem especially when he got to 3 power cards at level 5, and then he was using power cards left and right to win combat and replenishing his power cards after winning every combat. With the relic Hectius Storm (treat any power card as a 6), he was a monster in both strength and willpower combats. We really liked the "gain a power for passing a skill test". This happened 5 times during the game and didn't feel too overpowered. However, with the combat wins, it did feel like he was gaining a lot of power cards, especially as he was also gaining power cards when going up a level (level 1, 5 and 9). I would prefer his power if it was restricted to drawing a power card only "when winning a skill test", somehow this feels more thematic as he is not supposed a beast of combat. Also, we felt that the +1 for battle roll ability made him look like he was trying to be a space marine, but he was too weak. Many of the relics offer combat bonuses, so getting +1 doesn't make that much of a difference. Perhaps he should receive a +1 for skill test. This would make him quite good in the inner tier where every points count (and combat bonuses offer no substantial advantage) This would also make him feel more like a different character than just a space marine in disguise. Finally, I would change his life from 5 to 4. I know he is a space marine, but his stat line is already quite good. The Ultramarine can get away with it because his willpower and cunning are so low, he is likely losing life early in the game. If the librarian has 4 for both strength and willpower, he is less likely to lose 1 or 2 life early on. In our game, I don't think he was ever below 4 lives all the way through mid game. So, in summary, we felt he was a good to very good character. Our changes would be: -1 to his strength, -1 to his life, the +1 bonus to skills tests instead of combat and his special ability changed from "draw a power card when you win a battle or successfully test a skill" to "draw a power card when you successfully test a skill". Our 2 cents. Many thanks Lord Aries for these awesome homebrews by the way.
  17. So, without further ado, a friend and I tested the Chaos spawn of the rifts ending by Lord Aries here and the we tested the Librarian v2 and the Vindicare assassin. My friend was controlling the space marine and the librarian and I was controlling the Callidus and the Vindicare. The idea was to compare how the two space marines characters and the two assassin characters changed over the course of the game. First of all, the scenario Chaos spawn of the Rift: Some caveats: We did not play with the "you must encounter each square one after another" special rule. I don't like the mechanics of the inner tier as it is, so we bypassed that. Second, we did not play with the "After fighting you character get sent back to the Blackstone Fortress Space" special rule. We were running out of time, and for the sake of trying out the scenario, we just played that you remained on the scenario space until you died. The battles against the spawn were epic. I really liked the mechanic of drawing enemy cards for its battle value. The librarian and the ultramarines got lucky on some draws and were able to draw squigs and ripper swarms (battle value 1) whilst the two assassins kept drawing bloodthirster and Fabius Bile for their battles. It came down to the Ultramarine he drew 5 cards (2 tokens already) for a strength battle total of 33. With its strength 11, he played the power card Furious assault (doubles strength) for a base of 22, added the relic Reverend fist (+3), then played an iron discipline for his combat roll (+6) and rolled an extra dice (from the 6 from the card) and rolled a 5 for a massive strength 36 which crushed the spawn. That was Epic fun. However, some questions about the ending: We played that even if you had a red card with a different battle color, it was still a red combat. i.e. You roll a 1 to decide which battle form the spawn will use. A 1 means it will be from the red deck. I draw 3 cards: Chaos tech priest (red 2), Warboss Deffsnagga (red 10) and Evil Sunz warbiker (yellow 3). The combat remains a strength combat at combat value 15. We did not differentiate between the colors. We just added the numbers. Is that correct? We also felt that the characters had no ways to mitigate bad draws. I am not sure what mechanism could be put in place to deal with the very high randomness of the scenario but we thought we would add: "you may spend influence to add or subtract 1 to your result for each influence spent when determining the chaos spawn battle form". That means, I can force the spawn into a combat that would be more beneficial for the player. It then forces the player to think: "Do I want to pay the 8 influences to move 1 space over in the inner tier or do I keep my influence to make sure I get the battle form I want when facing the spawn". It also makes influence a bit more useful even through to the end game. However, to avoid the fight being too easy, I suppose you could change it to: "You may spend only 1 influence to add or subtract 1 to your result when determining the chaos spawn battle form"
  18. Oh my God Oh my God, this is like a Relic expansion without models. It is a POD expansion, just like the last one they published for Talisman, although smaller. Many many thanks Lord Aries. I seriously just don't know where to start with this. A question about the chaos spawn ending. Do you mean that every time we fight the spawn (whether we lose or we win the combat), we are thrown out of the inner tier and onto the blasckstone space? or does it happen only when we lose. Also, is that why the scenario says "encounter every space in the inner tier"? It seems to be quite hard, The games we have are fast paced games with players making into the inner region at level 7 to 8 with maybe 2 relics at most.
  19. Oh I like the corruption for power card trick. Somehow him being a criminal, I feel he should have a steal ability. Still, Lord Aries, you are spoiling us this new Year. I now have 3 characters to try out this coming weekend. Would you recommend that all three homebrew characters can be played together, or should they be played with the rest of the basic characters to even out any problems with these new ones?
  20. Very nice looking. I am trying this for the new year!
  21. To me, this example would fall in the category of using 2 power cards for the same battle roll. Therefore it is not allowed. As far as this is concerned: If a player substitutes a die roll with a Power card, it can explode following normal rules (see “Exploding Dice” on page 20). A player can substitute additional die rolls caused by an exploding die with a Power card." (p. 16) I completely agree. The difference to me is the difference between "a die roll" and using "a power card". Die rolls are made with die and using power cards is... with a power card. So mechanically speaking, a player is using 2 different items. i don't think that whether or not rolls count as separate is an issue. When you start your battle or test rolls, you may only use 1 power card per battle or test. I believe that the die rolls are separate because a lot of wargear/allies allow you to re-roll a die roll. There is no wargear or relic that I know of that allow you to re-roll your "battle value roll". In which case, i would argue that if you could re-roll the "battle value roll" you could re-roll all the dice you rolled for that battle or test. I have been playing Pathfinder the card game from Paizo recently. There is a lot of debate as to what represent a die roll in this game. Whilst the use of power cards may be convoluted in Relic, I am glad it is no way near as complicated as Patfinder. In the end a game can be played whichever way players want. I have house rules for this game and I feel that using only 1 power card for a battle or test remains in the spirit of what the game is trying to achieve. Until we get Relic tournament with prize money, I think we can play the power cards however we want (within limits obviously).
  22. 18 turns in 2 1/2 hours...pheww! that is a long time for not many turns. May I suggest you cut down on the expansions Otherwise, fun to read other people's adventures.
  23. I have never played the Timescape expansion but I have Talisman and Relic, and rather than shoehorn Relic into Talisman, I feel that Talisman should imitate its younger brother and have some craft/strength threat icons on the board. I know that Talisman is loved (and I like it a lot) and when I play it now that I play Relic more often, my friends and I muse about what Talisman 5th edition would look like. Presumably, creating craft/strength threat icons would not be "terribly hard" (I say this in inverted comas because I know that TalismanIsland has in fact designed for Talisman, and I get the feeling it is very hard work).
  24. A bit late, but here is my take on it: 1. Not sure what you mean "during the warp rift". When you enter the inner tier, you move 1 space and you encounter the text box during your engagement phase. When you move to the scenario space, you encounter the scenario card in you engagement phase. When you are traveling through the inner tier, you have a movement phase. You move 1. Once on the scenario space, you cannot move anymore (p.21): "and you must resolve the scenario sheet's confrontation during your engagement phase each turn for as long as you remains on the scenario space." (p 21). As I understand it: no you cannot use a second power card, because that first power card you use for a Battle roll, and as you rightly pointed out, you cannot use a second card for a subsequent battle roll. So you have to roll a die. Otherwise it could unbalance a few of the character (I am looking at you psycher). What's the question? Some people house rule the psyker by saying that Psykers cannot gain a Power card using his special ability if that would bring him over his limit, nor can he voluntarily discard Power cards unless they exceed his limit; he must use Power cards validly(for a battle/skill roll or special property). This is from zealot12 here: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/89381-house-rules/ The psyker can quickly get ahead, but I mostly play with 2-3 players and many times with new players. I generally steer new players toward the Ultramarines and the Inquisitor. These are 3 very good character which can deal with Corruption very well. I hope this helps.
  25. Jorli584: It is just one of those things, for game balance purposes, the Daemon Prince Corruptis is not considered a daemon, otherwise, it is true that the Inquisitor would have an unfair advantage. I may be wrong but I seem to remember that in the Warhammer 40K game, back a few edition, the soul grinders, which were a unit in the daemon of chaos rulebook, was not technically a daemon, even though it was a daemonic vehicle. Or something along those lines... Sometimes, for the sake of the game, you have to make abstractions of the rules.
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