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  1. The game is perfectly strong as it is, and is a welcome break from other games from time to time. It is well designed and rules make sense. I would happily own this game for years to come, and re-play the campaign once or twice a year without getting bored. This is one of those games that doesnt do well, I think, when it is played every evening, in all combinations for 6 months, relentlessly going through ALL of the combo of characters/locations as possible. It is very similar to Elder Sign (without expansion), as a once-a-while game. Now, if and when FFG releases expansions, the game will certainly have more replayability power. But as it is, it is perfectly fine for what it was designed as.
  2. Failed miserably because i didnt read the sentence that says" Snak starts in the shadow". As I started playing, I was completely at loss as to how I was going to do 12 wounds on him. Went through the quest, exploring, finding a couple of good items, and ultimately being swamped by elite enemies. At the end of the game, did I realize my mistake. I will try again. These quests are exhausting, in a good way though.
  3. Got the aforementioned game recently, played the tutorial, and stories 1 and 2, and I must say, I really enjoy the game. I have played all three campaign of that other Adventure Card Game where you play as a Pathfinder , and awkward card combos are therefore nothing new to me. Regardless, I feel that WQACG is a lot more thematic than many other Adventuring card game. I especially like the constant threat of enemies, even when I try to Rest, that **** orc boy is hitting me. Love it. We throw FFG plenty of flak when we have problems with games (often resolved by reading through the rulebooks mind you), so for once, those of you who like the game, let Adam and Brady Sadler know that they have done a great job of it. Many thanks for a great game. Can't wait for expansions and new campaign settings (Chaos, Lizardmen, Undead, Elves...)
  4. guillaumetexas

    House rules

    This does look like fun, and sure will speeds things up. Will try it soon.
  5. Looks like the extra board will cover the central region of the original board, just like the Dragon expansion for Talisman. Also, I have a question. This new expansion has another nemesis character. Does it mean, Relic owners MUST have the Relic Nemesis expansion to play this new "Hall of Terra" expansion?
  6. I can't find the game's page nor the forum page. What happened to it? Is it no longer printed by FFG? Thanks.
  7. yes, another "great game" thread. Just wanted to say thanks to FFG for this game. It comes in a big box, but is actually a very small box game. In fact I feel that you could probably reprint the artwork of the" prototype" on a box the size of "Death Angel", and all the components (Cards and tokens) would fit. I love the tension in the game, played twice so far, and we never managed to make it out alive. We bumped into Harris while we were on the second floor, and we desperately looked for an elevator but found none... We were trapped. Love it, love it... I will not breach the subject of expansion, because I am just discovering the game.
  8. Just because FFG isn't actively working on it, doesn't really mean it is dead. It is still available to buy and the print on demand system means that FFG could carry the game forever. They just need to put the game, as well as the expansions, on print on demand. This way, the game will never go away. In terms of expansion, I wish for a Grey Knight reskin, with chaos demons instead of tyrannids. With 4 demon types out of the box, enemies could be widely different strategically.
  9. Dear FFG, I saw a shooting star last night and I made a wish: for a campaign supplement to Death Angel, where my space marines can earn experience, move through more dangerous Space Hulk and get rid of the tyrannid infestion in the sector. Thank you.
  10. Dear FFG, can you please add an automatic english spellchecker to the X-wing mission control. Most missions I have read are riddled with spelling mistakes and it makes for a very annoying reading. Plus, it doesn't look nice once printed. Many thanks.
  11. To be fair, I wouldn't care either way. I and many others have discovered this game after it was out of print. Therefore, FFG could just do a reprint of the game and many of us would get it. Now that Talisman has gotten its final expansion (there are no more corners FFG, let Talisman go), the expansion for Relic is out, so is the expansion for EH, they have new diskwars coming out, I am not sure what else they have on the backburner. Very likely an expansion for Battlelore 2, that is due pretty soon I would imagine, and that woould put people's interest back on Terrinoth, and Runebound. Ah, to wait and wait, but then the game will be even sweeter when it comes out, because it will... won't it?
  12. Indeed, after all, with Relic, Death Angel and Horus Heresy, it's not like Fantasy Flight Games would release a warhammer 40K based card game... that would be too much However, I realize that Dungeon Quest, Descent and Runebound are "kind" of similar games. So FFG may decide not to expand their "exploration type" game too much. Relic, Death Angel, Horus Heresy and the upcoming Conquest have nothing in common mechanically. However, having played Mage knight produced by Wizkids recently, I am dying to play Runebound especially as a solo experience.
  13. Now, these are my opinions and my opinions only. I play Relic about once a month and Talisman about once a month. So I am getting a pretty good picture of player progress. Some of these games are with 2 3 or 4 players. In Relic, you really don't need to level up to 12 to travel to the middle. In fact, I would advise not to. It takes too long. Someone will have a go at the center by 7-8 because by level 8 you automatically move 1 more space when you enter the inner tier. You don't need a fairly rounded character either. In my many plays, I find rounded characters to be annoyingly slow and difficult to upgrade. With a Strength based character, I try to land on a red square most of the time and I will likely be increasing my strength rapidly through level upgrades. So what if I suck at willpower? I will loose a life in the inner tier, but if I have enough lives, I can soak it up very easily. When I play the sister of battle, my favorite character, I choose 2 attributes to increase and let the third one untouched. That to me, is a great tactic for Relic. Choose 2 attributes, let the third one, your weakest, remain the weakest and focus on 2. You want two strong attributes because you want some flexibility when it comes to fighting. One attribute is too narrow and it will be difficult to always land on the spaces you want. Three attributes is too many and your progress will be quite slow, Besides, very few characters give you the opportunity to upgrade all 3 attributes. I feel 2 is the right number. Power cards can become silly, especially with powerful relic interactions: the one that gives you a 6 all the times for example. But I agree that power cards are far more useful than Talisman spells, and I love, love, love the fact that you can use it as a dice roll. For your movement, this is unbelievably critical. You have a strong willpower and a blue tyranid enemy worth 6 pts is waiting face up 3 squares away and you have a Power Card of 3 in your player area. Forget the dice, use the power card to immediately travel there, kill the bug and earn a level up. Power cards are not all about "sixes".
  14. Well, I got myself Mage Knight from Wizkids because I was looking for a solo fantasy adventure game. Certainly a head scratcher, but this will do while I wait for Runebound 3rd edition.
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